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Added Jan 10 2012

Please contact your alderman and tell them to vote NO on Rahm's Sit Down & Shut Up Ordinance. Chicago is still a democracy and we still have the right of free speech. It is time to show Rahm this OUR city not his play toy..

  • diana years in the neighbor

    No, I will not.

  • Marcus CalHeights ; organizer; Cultural Activis

    When and where can one vote ?

  • Marcus CalHeights ; organizer; Cultural Activis

    Never mind.

  • Don

    At least your alderman still gets to vote in this representative democracy. Let them know you do not want Rahn's police state in Chicago.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    Please explain what is the sit down and shut up ordinance you are talking about?

  • Don

    The ordinance is what the Mayor has proposed that he needs to protect the city from demonstrators during the G-8 and Nato Summits. Simply it attempts to limit the right to lawfully demonstrate. When the Mayor announced it he said it would be temporary for these summits. He has since recanted and says once enacted it would be permanent so the next time you want to march anywhere in the city be aware.

    * Doubling fines for resisting arrest to $1000 min up from $25 to $200 (as defined by the police)
    * Allowing deputizing by the police with no oversight
    * Increased regulation on the uses of the sidewalks and streets
    * Mayoral control over all placement of audio and video devices
    * Mayoral no-bid power to dole out G8/Nato contracts without public input or oversight
    * And remember it is still illegal in Chicago to video or audio tape the police

    They are really trying to prevent another 1968 not by preventing the problems but by trying to prevent the world from seeing what happens.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    This makes no sense. We need to be on this ASAP. To get the word out. But what about the alderman. This entire southside will be in danger of all of our alderman voting with the mayor.

  • Don

    The mayor has demanded a quick response. The vote is scheduled for next Wednesday.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    Before next Wednesday, all of us who can compose emails, get the aldermans email addresses and let's inundate them with, NO, TO SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN!

  • Michael Mooningham A Resident on a Mission

    This is horrible... another hair brained scheme by Rahm... what's wrong with the existing protest laws? Oh wait, I'm sorry those laws actually allow protest and Rahm doesn't want that.

    Ironic thing is that for the most part I support the G8 and think the people who protest them are a bit wacky, but when it comes to someone's right to protest I strongly believe in the 1st amendment and that they should have that right to peacefully protest without being silenced. It's what makes America great!

    I seriously can' wait till the next mayoral election... I really hope that Rahm is voted out. I really don't like the direction he has the city headed in in general...

  • Inactive user

    I do not believe in protests. I agree with "shut up and sit down". There is no need for marching and yelling. Marchers need to grow up and get a life. If they have a dispute then make an appointment with the mayor to have a meeting in a school auditorum and not take up space on the sidewalks. Freedom of speech has gone out of control and there should be a limit to what you can say. Too many parents are trying to run the schools. Whatever changes the superintendent or mayor makes they are in charge.

  • Don, this is great and we should be all over it (it is our right). Unfortunately the 8th Ward Alderman will never go against Rahm; don't expect any help from her. Let me know how I can help.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    For the 8th Warders our Aldermans information is below. I did not see an email but I will continue to look in the mean time the fax will do and if you have a mind use the phone numbers to call to say no to this ordinance!

    8539 South Cottage Grove Avenue
    Chicago, IL 60619
    Phone: 773 224-2424 or 773-874-3300
    Fax: 773 224-2425

    Office Hours:
    Mon. - Fri. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

    Constituent Night Hours: Mon. 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

    121 N. LaSalle Street - Room 200
    Chicago, IL 60602
    Phone: 312 744-3075
    Fax: (312) 744-5007

  • Don

    Alderman Michelle Harris's email is

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    Thanks Don, now, will all those that are opposed to this ordinance please email the alderman and tell her we want her to vote no on the ordinance.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    All those that email or contact her office regarding the ordinance, will you please post it on EB so that we can see the power of the people at work!!

  • Rob Lifelong Edgewater, Now in Belmont Central

    Everybody is up in arms without seeing any facts or quotes from the actual ordinance proposed. All I've seen on here is a vague description of it with a LOT of editorial comment added.

    Maybe some real facts should be added to this thread.

  • Inactive user

    I agree with Mariann. I think the protesters need to grow up and learn how to make appointments. Fine them! Arrest them, they are annoying. So sad if people dont agree with me but it is my opinion. I vote YES! Its MY right to do so.

  • Don

    Rob, I have listed the "facts" that have been released. The problem is the mayor is trying to rush this through without allowing public review. You obviously have access to the web so please share with us what you have found that is different from what has been posted.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate
  • Rob Lifelong Edgewater, Now in Belmont Central

    @Don I never said I new anything different or more, my reaction was to the wording of your post. It was short on facts but heavy on personal comment, and generally inflammatory in tone.

    The ordinance may be wrong by "preventing the problems but by trying to prevent the world from seeing what happens", but your tact of throwing around a lot of innuendo is just as bad.

  • Rob Lifelong Edgewater, Now in Belmont Central

    @Denise, you sent me to opinion blog that links to the Occupy Chicago website. I see no facts or wording on the ordinance, but I DO see the Occupy letter, sent to alderman, quoted in almost full.

    This is the impartial fact listing I'm asking about?

  • Don

    Rob, I would like to know why you think Chicago has an ordinance making it illegal to video tape a cop in public. Also have you been able to find any "facts" released by the city that are counter to what you have read here. If so please post.

  • Rob Lifelong Edgewater, Now in Belmont Central

    @Don, no I haven't because I don't have time to go searching through the City of Chicago website for it, right now.

    But I'm not the one imploring people to take a stand on something, you are. I'm a person asking why I should and I don't base my opinions on politically oriented rhetoric. It too often leaves out crucial stuff.

    Like the pro-gun lobby, when they quote the 2nd Amendment, they always trot out "the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" but conveniently leave off the first part, "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,"

  • Inactive user

    Not to get off topic here about 'a well regulated militia', please dont forget about all those who HAVE served ( I am one) and that if it were to come to it, those who HAVE served may very likely search out the nearest military armory/post and sign up. There may not be enough arms to go around, but if those individuals had their OWN arms to bring, I am sure the military would not turn them down. Just because someone is no longer in the military does not mean that they forever give up their beliefs or military training. There is a very high percentage of former military among the civilian ranks right now.
    Look at the soldier who apprehended the 3 individuals who tried to rob a person of their iPhone this last Saturday at the Clybourn redline stop. Hes from my old unit and I know him well.

    I will not comment further on this as I dont want to derail the conversation here.

  • Don

    Rob, I am happy to do it for you. This is the mayors press release. When first released he stated this would be temporary but has since recanted and now says these changes will be permanent and will govern any and all demonstrations within the city. Sounds harmless until you actually read it and understand it.

    December 14, 2011
    Mayor’s Press Office
    (312) 744-3334
    Diplomatic summits will be hosted in Chicago next May
    Today, Mayor Emanuel introduced an ordinance that will allow local, state and federal public safety partners and other public and private entities to efficiently coordinate operations during the upcoming NATO and G8 summits, which will be hosted from May 15 to May 22, 2012.
    "The NATO and G8 summits present an exciting opportunity to showcase our extraordinary city to the world,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Hosting these summits puts the spotlight on Chicago as a city on the move and an unparalleled destination for travel, tourism and business."
    If passed, the proposed ordinance will:
     Clarify the Chicago Police Department’s ability to enter into agreements with the necessary law enforcement agencies to deputize law enforcement personnel;
     Change the fines for resisting a police officer or aiding escape from $25.00-$500.00 to $200.00-$1,000.00;
     Amend the hours that public parks, playgrounds or bathing beaches are open to the public to be consistent with the Chicago Park District’s hours of 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m; and
     Allow the Mayor or his designee to execute limited agreements with public and private entities for goods, work or services regarding planning, security, logistics and other aspects of hosting the NATO and G8 Summits.
    This will be the first time an American city other than Washington D.C. has hosted a NATO summit, and the first time in more than 30 years that any city has hosted both gatherings.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    Thanks Don.

  • The point is that it's our constitutional right to peaceably assemble. If, over time they keep taking our constitutional rights away, this will basically be a communist country. What Emanuel is doing is called Fascism, look up the definition if don't see the connection.

  • Fascism - any movement, ideology, or attitude that favors dictatorial government, centralized control of private enterprise, repression of all opposition, and extreme nationalism. Thanks John.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    You do not mean if they take them, you mean if we keep giving up our rights.

  • Denise Denson Minister/Community Advocate

    The letter from Occupy is powerful and truthful. I hope that all of you emailed or called your alderman to let them know that this is not the way to go. The are stifling our free speech and peacable right to assemble. If you have not contacted your alderman please do so before next Wednesay. This is something we can stop now but it will take all of us to do it! And remember, this ordinance is one that rests with the aldermans decision. Depending on their decision will let you know who and who is not on our side as the people of Chicago, Il. And, should let you know how you need to be voting in the next aldermanic election.

  • @Denise you are exactly right! It's extremely complicated but I think the unawareness has to do with mainstream media. People have been programmed over the decades through television, papers etc. to identify with and concern themselves with such things as football statistics, the weather, making money, dancing with the stars, jersey shore and the 10 oclock news to the point that we are lost in a sea of entertainment that distracts us from reality. These things (media) are not only a distraction but they also influence and form our opinions about what we think and believe without even realizing it. And to your great point, we keep giving up our rights.

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