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Added Jan 10 2013

Any ideas about curtailing the pigeon poop under the jarvis el? The renovated el stop is wonderful -- squeaky clean and bright. However, the pigeons returned with a vengeance and are leaving an incredible mess on the north side sidewalk.

  • Pension Pat

    B B gun ? Slingshot ? Baseball bat ? Handcuffs ? Hawks ?


    Are they roosting above the sidewalk area ?

    Why wasn't screening installed to prevent access to nooks & crannies ?

  • Give them all a one-way ticket to Fl..........kidding aside, last time I checked, I don't think even the ornothological society favors them.

    Critters in Florida can't stand tea-tree oil.....but that wouldn't be cost effective, nor, practical.

  • Tom in Rogers Park resident of RP

    They are roosting above the sidewalk area. A set of pipes, about 6-10 inches from the ceiling, works quite well for a pigeon perch. Nothing was affixed to the piping nor screening put in place to deter roosting.

  • support police 35 yr resident of Edgebrook. Landscaping and photo

    Shoot them.

  • Max

    Its the exact same on the new northern entrance of the Morse stop. Paint is barely dry, and its covered in pigeon crap.

  • Pension Pat

    Do they taste like cornish hens ?

  • joe citizen

    Is it as bad as the Metra bridge at Rodgers and Clark? The ground there is covered, sometimes an inch deep. I witnessed an older couple cleaning it up a few weeks ago. I wanted to ask them are they the same people who throw bird seed on the ground nearby for the pigeons.

  • support police 35 yr resident of Edgebrook. Landscaping and photo

    So you didn't want to help the older couple. Instead you wanted to give them a hard time. Do I have that pretty much summed up?

  • Shellie Lived in Edgewater for 8 years

    Maybe request the CTA put pigeon spikes on the pipes? I've seen them used at multiple el locations and they work well at preventing pigeons from perching.

  • joe citizen

    @support police, I was driving by and didn't have time to stop as I was running late. I would have first asked them if they were the same people that feed the pigeons before offering to help if I did stop.

  • Marc Uptown Sheridan Park

    I think netting is the safest most humane way to keep the pigeons off the pipes that they roost on.

  • John Thomas Longtime Rogers Park/Lakewood-Balmoral Resident

    One would think that the project manager should have added pigeon deterrent materials to the viaduct just to save money on periodic cleanups. Does anyone know what is going here?

  • What happened to the hundreds that were removed from across the street from the lawrence "L" station?
    Someone found a way to remove them!

  • Shellie Lived in Edgewater for 8 years

    Just traveled from Washington and Wells downtown to the Bryn Mawr stop. W&W has pigeon spikes/netting above the platform while Bryn Mawr has pigeon spikes above the sidewalks and street. As Tio said, one would think pigeon deterrent materials would have been put up already. Seems like it's already common practice and an easy fix.

    In case there's any confusion, pigeon spikes don't hurt pigeons. It just prevents them from landing on the surface.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Pension Pat, I made the mistake of ordering squab (baby pigeon) at a highly-rated, very expensive restaurant a number of years ago. It was disgusting.

    When they worked on the Howard Street station, they did a good job of pigeon-proofing above the viaduct on Howard as well as the new station itself. It can be done.

  • Pancetta Dance therapist and Foley artist

    Shady, over-priced places sometimes serve "mock squab". You probably ate Crow (wink, wink).

  • John Thomas Longtime Rogers Park/Lakewood-Balmoral Resident

    I think our alderman would want to know about this. Mr. Moore is this something you know about?

  • Toni B

    Please, call 311.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    They need to invent some industrial strength cleaner or solvent for this crap. And after they clean with it, it would leave a residue that doesn't allow the crap to stick to it.
    It would automatically disolve the second it hits the ground. LOL.

  • Animals were not created to go to the washroom like us. Don't worry about pigeon poop. The snow or rain with take care of it. I feed the pigeons oyster crackers and have been feeding them for a long time. There is a lot more going on in Chicago with shootings and robberies and sometimes our police getting killed. Pigeon poop is minor to that.

  • John Thomas Longtime Rogers Park/Lakewood-Balmoral Resident

    I had a neighbor who liked to feed the pigeons in her backyard. After a while it became like a scene from "The Birds". Her husband had a paint gun and liked to use it for target practice on the squirrels. They moved away several years ago and things have been much quieter by my house.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Having spent many hours under "L" station viaducts greeting morning commuters during my re-election campaigns and "satellite service offices," I'm acutely aware of pigeons and their droppings. When the folks at the CTA gave me a sneak-preview tour of the renovated Jarvis station before it opened last month, the first thing I noticed were potential roosting spots for pigeons. They promised me they were going to address the issue.

    For the life of me, I can't understand why this wasn't addressed before the station opened. It's not like roosting pigeons are an unforeseen problem. Why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a beautiful renovation only to have it besmirched by fowl (pun intended)?

    My office staff last week reminded the CTA of their promise and they assured us they were working on it. I'm going to send them a link to this EveryBlock thread as a reminder.

  • Ӧlïvër Lunt Block Vigilante.

    Bring some natural predators, would be fun to watch.

  • Joe Moore you are so cool. I always love the free coffee/doughnuts things you do!

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Oliver, we have natural predators here. Early last year, I watched a hawk lunch on pigeon in a tree in front of my building. Natural predators cannot begin to eat all of the pigeons plaguing our neighborhood.

  • Ӧlïvër Lunt Block Vigilante.

    @Helen... Oh dear, Ok.

  • John Thomas Longtime Rogers Park/Lakewood-Balmoral Resident


    Pigeons are fascinating to watch. Their courting behavior is quite entertaining. Their affectionate attention to their mate is sweet and romantic.

    Pigeons bring life to cities. Often, pigeons are the only form of life in otherwise bleak urban landscapes.

    Pigeons provide stress relief. Feeding pigeons is well recognized by the medical community as a good means of relaxation.

    Pigeons provide good company. Many senior citizens enjoy spending time with pigeons. Children are often enamored with these friendly birds.

    Pigeons are companion animals. Anyone who has pigeons as pets will attest to their loyalty and affection. They make excellent friends.

    Pigeons clean up our waste. Pigeons eat food we dispose of as litter.

    Pigeons eat weed seeds. Pigeons primarily eat seeds, and some of their favorites are weed seeds.

    Pigeons provide a good role model for society. The traditional doves of love and peace, pigeons mate for life and set a good example for people by the way they care for their mate and their young, share feeding areas, and live peacefully with each other.

    Pigeons provide ambiance. What would Trafalgar Square, Venice, Vatican Square, or Paris be like without pigeons?

    Pigeons provide nourishment. Endangered Peregrine Falcons, for example, would not be staging a comeback without the pigeon as their prey base.

    Pigeons are benign residents. They do not compete with indigenous animals for food or shelter. And, contrary to popular belief, cases of pigeon diseases spread to humans are extremely rare and, in most areas, like Arizona, are nonexistent.

  • John Thomas Longtime Rogers Park/Lakewood-Balmoral Resident

    THE VALUE OF PIGEONS (continued)

    Pigeons have religious significance. Common city pigeons are actually European Rock Doves. They are the biblical dove of love and peace. They helped honor the birth of Christ. They are the same birds as the pigeon that Noah released, which returned with the olive branch to signify the end of the Great Flood. Nearly all religions revere pigeons as holy birds.

    Pigeons are mans oldest domesticated bird. New evidence shows that pigeons have been domesticated for more than twelve millennia.

    Pigeons save lives. To this day, pigeons deliver lifesaving medications and provide valuable messenger service in remote areas, as they have for thousands of years.

    ...but they also POOP and leave a big mess under viaducts.

  • Ӧlïvër Lunt Block Vigilante.

    Rats are sacred in some parts of the world but not in this part, same goes for pigeons. =) bring the hawks!!!!

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Pigeons are flying rats.

  • Tio....great information on our fine feathered friend....I guess we can't blame them for being the consummate survivors that they are today. Their 'poop',, however, is a nasty issse, for they probably carry diseases.

  • Luci in Rogers Park Dog Lover, living in Rogers Park for 26 years

    Pigeons are dirty, nasty, filthy and probably disease carrying rodents. They need to go!!!!

  • Marc Uptown Sheridan Park

    hum some remarks about pigeons sound just like what Native Americans may have said about the White European Settlers when NA were dying from diseases that settlers brought to their shores. I wonder if Rats would be here if the ships would have not sailed here from Europe. It seems that humans who cluster in large urban areas like we do; litter, trash, pollute the environment, dump our trash in land fill would make mother earth say the same thing about us. Well, who knows....I guess it's all in the way we view where all living things stand in the eye of nature.

  • chrisfinn bornagain chicagoan

    Yep, pigeons, rats of the air! Say what you will, they don't control the mosquito or bug problem.

  • Pension Pat

    Oliver & Helen : We have a hawk patrolling the 1700 block of Albion. We can always tell where he had his lunch. A circle of pigeon feathers is on the ground.. ( He always picks off the feathers of his meal before he begins to eat . Ugh ) I only wish he would develop a taste for SQUIRREL. These little pests do more damage than " pooping pigeons ".

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