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Added Jan 09 2018

Has anyone else experienced this? Ever since I moved here from Detroit, I started experiencing honking at a person, because they are about to hit me, and them instantly getting pissed, when it's very obvious I was not in the wrong and just saying , "hey I'm here I don't think you see me! Ive had multiple people do this, almost get out of their car, one did once, screamed at me and threaten to beat me up...the last two people have just gotten in front of me anyways, then slowed down or pulled over...opened their window up and throw some hard object at my car.

It is very dumb, dangerous, and traumatizing.

I can't help but wonder ever what the other person is thinking.... especially since they usually have another person in the car watching them throw a temper tantrum baicslly...when they were in the wrong...

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  • Unfortunately there's a lot of angry people here

  • Lol, I took a swipe with my newspaper and a guys car after he made a right turn and almost took me and my young daughter out as we were crossing the street. He slowed down as was you g nuts because I hit his car with a piece of paper when he almost hit us with a two ton piece of machinery. Boy I was hoping he would turn around.

  • Where has this happened?

    I’ve never experienced this. I’m wondering if you’re still adapting to driving in a different city. I drive pretty defensively and assume everyone else is going to do something wrong or stupid. Works for me, I rarely have to lay on the horn.

  • Riley Cat Whisperer

    This has happened to me multiple times. I am an aggressive driver...I've lived here about 8 years and driven here about 7...
    The one where the man got out of his car, and screamed at me, banging on my window, was off of Ashland and Fullerton...
    Another time, this woman was upset that I was coasting to a red light...decided to ride my butt, then go around me, almost getting herself into an accident, then she proceeded to slam on her brakes.....a lot in front of me...then pulled off to the side so she could make a right turn, then threw something on the hood of my car. That was off of Lawrence and California.
    Last night, I was turning left out of a shopping center, onto Addison, near Addison and California, and there was a car behind me...
    Since traffic was bad on the side of the road I needed to merge into, I pulled into the center lane, and put my blinker on, because I still needed to get over, and the guy behind me....pulled out behind me, then started to merge...and usually if you are a nice person, I slowly pull in, and let the person who was just in front of you also get in the lane...and he wasn't having it, so I honked my horn, and then got behind him....and he got half way out of his car...then got back in...started to roll down his window...then waited until traffic cleared up..pulled over...and then threw something hard at my car...
    Hope that makes sense!

  • Riley Cat Whisperer

    Being from Detroit, I'm used to drive bys, but this is different...and they almost always have a passenger in their car, and I cant help but wonder why I am ever in the wrong, I always try to see it from their perspective.
    It may be that, I am trying to see a reasonable action from a person who is unreasonable...

    I mean I just dont get it...
    not to mention, my car is small, and that I cant even retaliate...because if they came after me, I'd be in major danger.

  • Riley Cat Whisperer

    It's almost like they have to prove isnt like a gang related thing...

    It's like...a...I gotta show this person who's boss.

  • sad. just sad.

  • RaleighsMa Not fauxraged but may contain typos.

    It seems extremely odd to have such over-the-top road rage incidents happen so frequently. Not to excuse the bad behavior of other drivers but the reported frequency of it in response to how you're driving may be a hint to consider approaching your driving habits differently. You're obviously doing something to get that kind of reaction out of other drivers pretty regularly (or, enough times to ask what the deal is). Road rage happens, of course, but it's not a regular thing for most people.

  • When things happen to you over and over it usually is because of your behavior.

  • Riley: sounds like you haven't discovered "aggressive driving" the Chicago Way. You are being too courteous for the maniacs that drive our streets.

    I am definitely a 'granny driver' as I don't have to commute via car and usually don't need to be anywhere in a massive rush.

    The amount of people that ride my bumper, try to go around me with illegal tactics, etc are high in number. But don't honk at them, that is asking for trouble sadly. I just chuckle at whatever misfortune has caused them to be in such a rush, or maybe they are a horrible person to begin with and try to realize it's them, not me.

    Honking in Chicago gets people very offended so likely that is something that is very different between Chicago and Detroit driving.

  • JC in North Center Homeowner in North Center

    Riley, This has never happened to me and I'm sorry this is happening to you. But one suggestion, if you do have to honk, try to make it a short beep, like a warning. Don't lay on the horn unless someone is about to hit your car. Also, if someone gets out of the car and threatens you or throws something at you, pull over and immediately call 911!! This is important. What they are doing is illegal and they should be arrested. Try to get their license plate number and color/make of the car to report to the police. Good luck with it all and hopefully you just happened to have dealt with the bad people/drivers recently and from now on it won't happen.

  • I wonder if you aren't doing the light tap honk? There is language in the type of honk you apply, and Detroit's light tap might be heavier than we're used to in Chicago.

    The best thing I've done in Chicago is take a defensive driving approach. You want to cut me off? Sure. Do it. I missed my turn? Instead of inching over and holding up traffic, I just take the next turn. Someone holding me up? Fine, I'll just listen to my music and wait. Crazy person driving too erratically and almost hitting a pedestrian? I steer clear and let them lose their minds.

    The result has been most pleasant. I might lose 1-2 minutes of overall driving by being less aggressive, but I've noticed that people don't honk at me, don't throw things at me, and don't ram into my car.

    It's a good system.

  • Deb R 60641 resident 40 + yrs.

    I totally agree with the type of honk, as silly as that sounds, being the cause of the negative reaction. Just a light tap, the type you do when exiting an alley, has never gotten a negative response for me. But I can understand where a “H O N K” would really challenge someone who’s tightly wound. If you think you’re giving a light toot now, lighten it up a little more. I think that might help.

  • Riley Cat Whisperer

    Thanks for all the advice everyone!!! I REALLY APPREICATE IT!

    Because it's terrifying when it happens, and I don't like it.
    In fact, I usually go into shock when the more craizer ones happen and can't even think to write down persons information.
    All I can think is how crazy people are, and how I really don't ever want to go outside...this doesn't solve the issue, it may even attract more of that energy towards me on the road.

    I'll try to not use my horn unless completely necessary, and when I do, I will be very very very very light with it.
    And maybe even try to slow down and let the wackos pass me....

    I just wasn't sure if this was a common thing here, or if it is just happening to me more often then it should.

    Thanks for all kind words, and new perspectives.


  • Just be safe, Riley....

  • In Chicago:

    Drivers speed..
    They bang right turns at a light when a sign is clearly posted "No Turn On Red."
    They tail gate.
    They cut around your car at high speeds and then get in front of you & slow down..
    They run red lights.
    Be aware of the pedestrian lights and the count-down to your red.
    They swear at you & give you the finger.
    Some try to use their car to push you out of a lane.
    They drive in the bike lane.
    They ignore the cross walks with the stop sign that says "stop when a pedestrian is in the cross walk."
    Too many of them are busy with their cells, talking, texting, etc., looking downward, not paying attention... In IL it is state law since 1/1/2014 - no use of a hand held electronic communication device is permitted while driving (unless you're police or reporting to 911). At this point, I'd have no sympathy if such a driver crashed into a pole, etc. (not hitting any other vehicle or person).


    Just drive safely and be aware. And if the offender cuts in front of you, and you both are at a stop light, take a photo of the license plate, remember the make/color of the car and the time. and what the driver looked like (gender, long or hair short hair....whatever).

    I never talk on the cell when I'm driving and I don't use it. That's what VM is for; it's present on the passenger seat only in case of an emergency. But, on two occasions, a true, dangerous bozo has done crazy, hazardous things and then pulled in front of me and we've been stopped at an intersection. I did the above, put the cell down quickly and reported the fool....with photo, with plate ID, with make/model of the car and with a description of the driver. I went to court on one of them; he screamed at me in front of the judge, threatened me and he was arrested in the courtroom. My name, etc. was not disclosed.

    Chicago has the WORST drivers that I've ever seen.

  • JC in North Center Homeowner in North Center

    I disagree with the comment that Chicago drivers are the worst. I don't find that at all .

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    I have become a dedicated user of the acronym FIDO as in FORGET IT - DRIVE ON.
    Don't get involved in exceedingly minor traffic "discussions" with strangers. Patience 007. As the old saying goes: "Man who f*rt in church sits in his own pew". I'm not sure if that applies to this discussion but it can be funny if you have never heard it before ;-)). Peace on!

  • Hi JC; what I said was "Chicago has the WORST drivers that I've ever seen." To MY eyes....I've travelled a lot for biz....and I drive a lot in the 'burbs. LaSalle is a disaster for speeding, LSD also, 90/94 also, 290 also....N. Sheridan is crazy often times heading north. But, anyway, everyone has to be alert. Be safe.....okeedokee? Bah (bye)... Larry, that's funny.

  • Riley Cat Whisperer

    wow, i honestly cant believe the police actually did something....

    i just figured they wouldnt.

    im def going to always keep this in mind.

  • JC in North Center Homeowner in North Center

    You're right, Larry, let's all be safe

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  • I made what I would consider a minor error driving one time (no one's safety was an issue, just inconvenience) and this guy spit on my closed passenger side window - it was gross and funny at the same time.

  • Tabitha B Neighborhood hopper

    I know a lot of people are questioning how you drive. But I can confirm that this happens to me pretty regularly and I rarely even drive my car, happens more often on my scooter or bicycle but that may be me being sensitive as I tend to have a heart attack when people try and run me off the road because they are mad that I exist.

    As far as other drivers, if you put your cell phone up like you are recording (even if you are not as it takes too much time to get to the camera sometimes) they will drive away VERY quickly. If it's really bad and they get out to bang on my car, I call the police and report their licence plate. I've also had pedestrians do this, mostly on Addison when passing that bar Brudder's that has the WORST clientele late at night. People literally RAN in front of my moving car and I slammed on the breaks and honked at them so they stopped crossing and came back into my lane and 4 of them were slamming on the top of my car and my windows and trying my door handles to try and get inside. I called the cops and filed a report but CPD seemed to not care, it took awhile before I could get someone to even TAKE a report. But then again my neighborhood is going to hell with shootings and robberies and stolen/damaged vehicles and packages being stolen so when I call the cops for something they rarely even bother showing up.

    I called because on Pulaski there was a dude at night running out into the street as cars would pass trying to get one to hit him. I called the cops and waited for them to show up for an HOUR. No one ever did and no one ever called me back even though I called TWICE and they said they were sending someone out.

  • Left lane slow drivers oblivious to the congestion they've created behind them.

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    Left lane slow drivers happen. Kinda like "manure occurs". Remember FIDO.

  • Citizen Pain Citizen Pain

    too many uncivilized drivers.

  • K in North Center longtime North Side resident

    From the Illinois Rules of the Road (

    Avoid Aggressive Driving
    Aggressive driving is the operation of a motor vehicle in a manner that endangers or
    is likely to endanger persons or property. Persons doing any of the following may be
    committing acts of aggressive driving and pose risk of a crash:
    • Speeding.
    • Running red lights and stop signs.
    • Tailgating.
    • Passing on the shoulder of the road.
    • Cutting off another vehicle.
    • Slamming on brakes in front of a tailgater.
    • Improper hand or facial gestures at other drivers.
    • Yelling.
    • Repeatedly honking the horn.
    • Repeatedly flashing the headlights.

    Here's when the Rules of Road call for using the horn:

    Head-on Approaches
    When a vehicle is approaching head-on in your lane, slow down immediately. Pull over
    to the right and sound your horn.

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  • I've been driving in the city over 30 years. Never happened to me...I generally give just a quick honk and don't "lay on the horn". (Not saying that's what you do)

  • Melannie Bookworm

    The only power some people experience is behind the steering wheel of a car.

  • Kapel Local Resident

    This doesn't only happen in the city. I had someone throw their Coke from McDonald's at me in Naperville. It was their loss, their Coke and I was driving an old car at the time so no big deal.

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  • Riley Cat Whisperer

    Honestly, I've been driving now for 12 years. I understand that isn't that long, but it wasn't until I came here, that I experienced this...Sure I experienced someone with road rage, but not to this extent.

    I guess the fact that someone would get so mad, at me using my horn differently then that person would like me to...or not driving how that other person the point where they get so mad, they take the time to then pull over...throw something at me...or physically get out of their vehicle to scream at me and bang on my scream stuff to me threatening my just blows my mind...

    Cause that other person is literally throwing a temper tantrum, like a 2 year old, but getting violent about it...towards a stranger...I'm always left thinking...THAT WAS A GROWN ADULT! DID THAT REALLY JUST HAPPEN?!....

    I am going to use my horn a lot lighter, and try to just let the crazies stay away from me. I will get out my cell phone, in hopes it'll make the other person think twice, but I hope I never experience it again...

    I just wondered if it had ever happened to anyone else and if this was a normal thing here.

    I also wonder if I were a different race/sex/age if people would chill out, but I honestly don't know.

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    Try not to honk. Just remember FIDO.

  • K in North Center longtime North Side resident

    I've been driving in Chicago for decades (more than 25 years) and never had anyone chuck anything at my car that I know of. I generally try to drive defensively and use my horn sparingly. Of course, now that I said that, I've probably jinxed myself.

  • Kapel Local Resident

    Even though road rage can be triggered by honking I don't really think the honking is the problem. I live in Belmont/Cragin near a busy intersection. On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon there is so much honking coming from the intersection that if every honk created road rage there would be a brawl out there. In the summer from my back yard you can pretty much tell when the light has changed just from the honking, but seldom do I hear the yelling.

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    ...... if every honk created road rage there would be a brawl out there. ......

    Realistically, honking p***es some people off , not everyone not every time not everywhere. I try to ignore people who honk me "aggressively" and then apply FIDO.

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  • Eric Pepeson NW-side deplorable, based-stickman, commie-crusher

    I remember the good ole days when road rage on the northwest side was fun for the whole family. Not anymore, mooks and neighborhood cretin will just pull a gun out and shoot at you. Back in the day, hand gestures and well thought out expletives would suffice, now not so much.

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    I'm hep to those vibrations daddy-o.....evil is as evil does..

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