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Added Jan 08 2018

I would very much want them on 71st in Jeffery. Have lived in the area for over 50 yrs. There are stable people that would like to shop in our community, rather than drive a distance North or South.

  • I rather have a food for less store. Like the one on 87th Danryan. Cause Mariano's too fancy and much too expensive. A food for less store opening at Jeffery plaza mall on 71st.would be a munch better choice for our south Shore community. And also for their food store chain they would really benefit and profit a lot from our community. Because they really would get great business from us. I live here in south shore too all my life and it was really hard when Dominick's close and also the delivery guy s. Had too leave. And now it been a very long time since we had a good food store I'm our area. Yes there jewels ascription and alda near bye. But not the same as having a good store close in your neighborhood walking distance. I think a food for less store would be the best choice. I sometime travel too 87th and Danryan from 71st Yates just too go shop at food for less. Cause their prices are great and u get good food as well. So I really would prefer them coming too 71st southshore. So the people can get their money worth on gorceries.but I suppose just having a big food store put back in 71st mall were Dominick's use too be would be great for the community cause we been without a decent big food store way too long now and it really don't make any sense if this was the suburbs or any other high class area they would have been had a store up and running their yrs ago. Why do we have too settle for less all time our community deserve the best as well. Please get it together thanks have blessed New Year. A south shore resident for 47yrs.๐Ÿ˜€

  • Hassan Non

    @Cliniette, Mariano's is not no more expensive than Dominiks when it was there and you spending all that money on traveling to 87th & the Dan Ryan, time and money wasted when you can just go up there street. It pretty much balances out and the food is fresher and better. Even a Pete's would have been a good fit, Food 4 Less did have a lot of outdated, rotten products.

  • Mr. Hassan I did go down the street for many years and shopped at Dominick's on 71st.for many years while they were here in the neighborhood and yes their food prices had become very high also I believe that is one reason why they were losing Business and closed. Because people started shopping else where like Walmart and also food for less too get same brand of products but at less cost and I been shopping at food for less now for awhile since they haven't put a new food store in our area on 71st Jeffery I'm about 4 yrs or more now. So yes I go elsewhere now too shop and some times it can be very costly transportation wise but what else am I too do I don't care for jewels on 75th stony the store too small and crowded all time and everything thing also out stock and pick over and there prices are just ridiculous too high especially the fresh meat. Alda and save a lot is ๐Ÿ‘Œ for some things. But when I really want food shopping for me and my family I go up on 87th and Danryan too Food for less and stock up for weeks on food for me and mine. And I never had a problem with any thing I ever bought there at all. I save money and get my money worth and my family stock up with food for weeks and they are feed well. So I would like too see a food for less store put there on 71st.jeffery.cause I believe they would get twice as much business there from this community then a Mariano's would but that's just my opinion. But no matter what any store replace there would be welcome and greatly appreciated and needed. Cause it been too long not having one there Now. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • Hassan Non

    @Clinette, I'm with you 100%, at this point any grocer would be welcomed. Karriems and Stop n Save supposed had come to this location but I don't know what happened. Maybe if Leslie ran the ward right we'd have had one by now

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