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Added Jan 08 2015

Wish we had a backyard so we could have a couple chickens but since that is not an option we are always on the lookout for anyone looking to sell fresh chicken eggs. Ideally a dozen a week. If I make it to the farmers market, in most cases they are already gone.

  • my friend in the burbs keeps chickens...but hers stop laying or stop laying as much during the winter, unless they are kept indoors in a coop where they artificially make the lighting conform to spring/summer conditions.

  • Did you check the dill pickle food co-op on fullerton?

  • Lindsey Albany Ave. resident

    Most people who have backyard chickens, probably produce just enough for themselves. A chicken lays about 1 egg a day, so they would need a huge flock to supply other people. I would check dill pickle and or the Amish store on western and Thomas.

  • David Lightman Part time head turner, full time jaw dropper

    no advertisements on eb please. rules are rules. the grocery store has eggs. good ones too. maybe the brown kind you are looking for, but white for sure.

  • mike

    That wasn't an advertisement, it was a question about where in the neighborhood they can buy something. There's a world of difference.

  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    Thank you, this is not an advertisement in any capacity and there is a HUGE difference between even organic free range eggs in the supermarket compared to farm fresh eggs

  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    Haven't tried dill pickle yet. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • David Lightman Part time head turner, full time jaw dropper

    ^ coordinated post for Dill Pickle I think. I've seen this done for hotdog stands. that time too I told the poster that hotdogs available at the grocery store. 8 pack Oscar Meyer at jewels right now, limit 4, $1.50 a pack.

  • Lindsey Albany Ave. resident

    No advertisement, just telling people where to find good fresh ethical eggs.

  • mike

    Oh wait nevermind, it's obvious from David's post history that he's a troll, my bad.

  • Pardon me, David, but that's bull. I am a regular at the farmers market (now the indoor market) and never had heard of Dill Pickle before one of the vendors there turned me on to it. I have only been there twice so i can't say for sure if they have eggs but the food-coop i belonged to previously in the south suburbs AD: SOUTH SUBURBAN FOOD COOP carried free range eggs from local chicken raisers, so i am betting dill pickle does to. but as i'm not a shill for them, i can't say for sure. (ugh another eb spoiler).

  • Carrie K Chicago Public School Teacher

    Recently learned that Miller's Amish Country chickens are feed GMO corn. If this is a concern I would stay away from any eggs produced by this company.

  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    Mike is right, he's a troll. Muted.

  • David Lightman Part time head turner, full time jaw dropper

    wow. such name calling and judgement on someone who just stated the EB rules and shared a hotdog deal offer. Veronika.. are my dear, frankly... you having been muted.

  • ErikaM Blue-Line identified

    1/2 Italian has farm fresh eggs. I chatted with one of the staff about it: he went on a site visit.

  • Beth G 15+ year Bucktown resident

    FWIW: generally the only difference between brown eggs and white is the color of the hen that laid them (in response to the comment that OP was likely seeking brown eggs).

  • Keep it light in here people. We're all neighbors and there's no reason or cause to be rude. Veronika, my wife and I keep chickens. We have 3. Right now it's really hard with the egg legging, but my two rhode island reds are pretty steady even through winter. That being said, we probably produce about a dozen a week in the winter. We want to get more chickens and if that happens, we'll let you know! Then we'll have plenty to supply.

  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    Scribner, OMG thank you! Fingers crossed, If you ever want to want to donate or sell any of their naturally shed feathers I would love to take them off your hands too.

  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    Erilka, thank you for the suggestion. I will go check them out!

  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    Erika, where is 1/2 Italian? I can't seem to find any info? Thanks

  • We also keep 5 chickens. In the spring, summer and fall we get 4 to 5 eggs daily from them. But right now when it is cold and there is less natural light, we are lucky if we get 4 to 5 a week.

    And for a bit more info, the color of egg depends on the breed of chicken laying it.

  • Tomorrow is another day New resident in North Park Village

    Scribner, I believe there is a 4 chicken limit in the city. Know this b/c a neighbor keeps them.

  • Lindsey Albany Ave. resident

    I don't think there is a limit. I have friends who have a flock of about 50-60 chickens and the city has no issue. Although selling eggs is where it can get complicated and super technical. Maybe a limit for smaller spaces/apartment buildings.

  • Hey guys, Lindsey is right - there's no limit.

    In Chicago, keeping chickens as pets and for eggs (humanely, cleanly, appropriately) is not prohibited in residential districts. There is no specific prohibition on livestock in residential areas, but slaughtering, nuisance, sanitation, and humane treatment and housing ordinances apply. - See section 7-12-100 of the city code.

    In addition:
    There's no limit on numbers of chickens, nor is there a ban on roosters (but again, noise ordinances can be enforced)
    Keeping ANY animal for the purpose of slaughtering for food is prohibited. Permitted slaughtering facilities in Chicago (like "Live Poultry" establishments) are monitored by the state under biosecurity protocols.
    Excessive animal noise like crowing (and barking) is prohibited.
    And there is a state ban on selling eggs as you need an Illinois Egg License as defined in the Illinois Egg & Egg Products any selling would have to be done covertly.

  • Tomorrow is another day New resident in North Park Village

    OK, good to know. Thanks for the info! Perhaps it is because their space is quite small. How do chickens thrive in this kind of weather? I mean, I know their feathers keep them warm, but what about their feet? I feel for the birds in this kind of weather. Saw a pigeon this morning land near some slush and thought that their feet must feel awful cold on such material. Yes, I feed the birds. A bit difficult this morning to find bare grass (I must do it clandestinely---shhh!)

  • Ours fair better in the cold of winter than the heat of summer. They keep together for body warmth and sit with feathers covering their feet. Ours are all cold weather hearty breeds.

  • Mine seem to enjoy it as well LSanne! The summer really gets to them and they walk around with their wings stretched out so they can reduce their body temp and look rather unhappy at times. Don't get me wrong, I think they prefer 30 over -30, but the girls seem to really hunker down in the winter. Plus they get extra treats, so they probably think winter is awesome. With any outside family member, you have to make sure you take extra precautions and take care of them. Plastic on the coop, extra bedding, petroleum jelly on their comb if it's looking like it's getting dry/ know, be proactive. Make them as comfy as you can. Can't stress enough though how rewarding it is to have my girls. When the wife said she wanted more, I knew it was a victory.

  • ps. Half Italian is located near the Chase at Logan/Milwaukee across from the Logan Theatre.

    2643 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL 60647
    (773) 227-5600

    ... Just a neighbor who enjoys the store ;)

  • Veronika Fashion Designer,Gallery Owner,Web Designer, Muse

    So I stopped in Dill Pickle yesterday for the first time (we wrongfully heard you had to be an owner to shop there) and was blown away! Not only did they have a great selection of farm fresh eggs but they also had watermelon radishes which I have been looking for since last winter! Super friendly and helpful with a great selection. Thank you!

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