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Added Jan 06 2018

I just wanted to give an enthusiastic shout-out to the non-profit group, Do The Right Thing - Recycling ( They just came to my 3rd floor walkup (yes, at 8pm on a Saturday!) and did an exceptional job removing my tree and taking it to be recycled. Well worth the door-to-door $25 donation/charge. (It's only $15 if you meet them at the curb.) Check them out and schedule away your worries of the schlep.

    Tree Recycling Program - Do The Right Thing! Recycling
    Do The Right Thing! Recycling is offering holiday tree pickup services for the north side of Chicago. We pick up your tree directly from your living room floor. We come equipped with reusable tarps and cords, and all we ask is that you remove all decorations from the trees including lights and tinsel.
  • Phill Lucille, give me strength.

    How is a Christmas tree recycled?

  • sheila clerkin 4th Generation Rogers Park

    What an incredibly beautiful community service this "Do the Right Thing" is carrying out right here in RP.!

  • Phill Lucille, give me strength.

    If it's non-profit, why do they charge $25?
    What do they do with the trees? Turn them to mulch? Do they sell this mulch or do they give it away for free considering that they're non profit?

  • Phil, The $25 is a donation to help the group promote recycling in Chicago. They're a registered non profit. The trees get taken to Warren Park where the city collects trees every year (you can drop your own tree off as well). The city then mulches the trees and the mulch is free to pick up by city residents. DTRT is providing a great service to help those who can't get a tree to the park themselves while promoting recycling over all.

  • Maire in Rogers Park Have lived in RP for 25 yrs

    Do the Right Thing website explains it all for you.

  • Phill Lucille, give me strength.

    It's very suspicious.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    What is suspicious about a non-profit recycling trees?

  • Phill Lucille, give me strength.

    They charge you $25 just to take it from point A to point B. The recycling (mulching) is actually done by the city with our city taxes.

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    So what? It's a donation! If you disapprove, then don't use their service.

  • Phill Lucille, give me strength.

    But do you see how it seems more like a little business and not so much a non-profit? Someone is banking some Christmas cash and not paying taxes.
    Once again, a "feel good word" (In this case Recycling) is being used to generate profit.

  • d3 NOH

    Someone is banking on the electronics recycling too potentially but it's still a needed service

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Phill -you call it profit (capitalism), I call it fundraising (charity).

    Girl Scout cookies are sold at a profit. Do you object to those, too?

  • fyi- moah's ark is happy to take your xmas trees.
    we will be building a few new hugelbeds this year, and xmas trees are a perfect middle layer in the process.
    drop them off at 1839 touhy, on the alley end of the lot.

  • Phill Lucille, give me strength.

    I love capitalism and free enterprise. This one looks shady, though.

  • Citizen Pain Citizen Pain

    There are designated city tree piles all over town. I use the one in Clark Park (behind Lane Tech). Just take the decorations off and throw it on the big pile. They send the trees through a wood-chipper and use (and offer to the public for free) as wood mulch.

    Map of piles:

  • Yogurt Just plain Yogurt.

    I agree with Phil, very shady. They may be hoarding trees for next year, a little spritzing up and schellac and good for sale next year !

  • Michael Archangel Truth is NOT whatever you can get away with!

    @Yogurt - Use the Schwartz!

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator

    Just make sure you remove the tinsel.

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