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Added Jan 05 2018

Anyone noted that there has been no mail delivery in the Jefferson Park area since Dec 28th? I am told that the post office is very short of help. I offered to pick up my mail and was told it would be delivered yesterday. That didn't happen. Wonder how mail can be retrieved at this point.. If you are having a problem, best to contact MIKE QUIGLY at 773-267-5926. You can also contact the post office at 708-667-4696 but they are not very helpful and rather rude.

  • I've had mail every day this week...don't know what's happening on your block!

  • Well the blocks of Sunnyside and Laramie had no deliveries... and the post office has no clue what's happening. Apparently they are shorthanded...

  • We have had mail everyday too. But maybe a different carrier. That is ridiculous!

  • Our post man has been around for over 30 years and for the last couple of weeks he has delivered the mail very late. Asked why he’s out so late in this very cold weather,,, he said that so many ( younger) carriers were calling in sick that he’s worked other’s shifts but not all areas are covered due to the shortage of workers. This is not the first time he’s done this throughout the years. When we have extreme weather it seems only the older ppl are working. Everywhere there seems to be a lack of good work ethic. Doesn’t seem to be taught by parents, no matter what neighborhood. Prevalent everywhere.

  • This is a part of the problem. Not enough people to cover for those calling in sick. Unfortunately, people still need to receive their mail on a regular basis. I even tried going to the post office to pick it up and was told I would have to PAY for a box if I wanted my mail. This is not the first time that my area has had no mail service for several days. This is something that is not acceptable. This also happened around the 4th of July as so many carriers were "on vacation" or sick.

  • No mail on 5500 block of Sunnyside since Dec 28th. Yesterday (1/5) we received 2 large bags of mail. Not sure if this resulted from my 3 hour phone call to the downtown office where I have a incident number on file for reporting this lack of service.

  • Please ensure you call Quigly and report this as well. I want them to realize how understaffed the post office is. Tax documents will be mailed soon and I want to ensure the mail is delivered


    Don't forget to file a complaint with the main post office as well. This is completely unacceptable and if this gets to the right people changes will be made.

  • Brushman4 Serving the best since "53"

    That's why all my payments are automatic and online, my utility bills, credit cards, and insurance premiums. No more late bills or payments, no stamps on them, easy peasy!

  • Can you post the phone number for the main post office please

  • Big Oaks Big Oaks resident since 1979

    800-275-8777 OR 312-983-8130

  • Klelo Teacher

    On Grover Street, we had he same problem. No mail for a week. This is not the first time. Complaints have been made. When I called the 800 number, the options were for tracking packages I called Jefferson Park Post Office three time and no one answered (yes, it was during open hours). Very frustrating. I agree with Brushman4, pay bills online. Those things that have to go through the mail are the exception. We used to have a very dependable mail carrier and they move him farther south.

  • Please people I posted the phone number. Call and advise how poor services are. Unfortunately it is not just paper bills i need. Death occurred in the family and I am looking for checks as well as other documentation. I am tired of poor services

  • So far, no problems, but, be happy. I have been told that my area is not even on a registered route, so I have a different postman every day. Tho for the last week or so, I have had the same postman.

  • Brushman4 Serving the best since "53"
  • Different carrier daily. All mail is stuffed into one mailbox. Name doesn't matter, sometimes address doesn't matter. Lol. Our postal service is a joke

  • Cheryls0227, in that way I know what you mean. I have received mail from the correct numbers but from South Newcastle, rather then North Newcastle, which is my address.

  • Perhaps a reading exam should be given before it is determined you can be a postal carrier.. Or if everyone having problems calls and tells Mike Quigley at 773-267-5926 they will be more aware of the problems and find a resolution

  • TDawg54 Resident of Old Norwood

    And this is a great time to give a shout-out to our mailman, Scott, who didn't miss a delivery during the 12-day arctic blast.

    So if Scott can soldier through, what's up with the Jeff Park yahoos?

  • paul in jefferson jefferson park resident

    Maybe the mailmen have a overtime shortage and can't be bothered by low pay and cold days.

  • I live on Meade, and my bundled up carrier has delivered every day...guess it depends on what street/carrier u have.

  • Following in tdawg54's footsteps, shout out to Antonio for his great work!

  • Brushman4 Serving the best since "53"

    Cudos to my mailman Louis he works every day and delivers at about the same time daily. If you have a lady mailperson is she called a femaleman?

  • Gardener Portage Park

    A second shout out to Antonio! He hasn't missed a mail in package delivery through all this frigid weather. We've usually been blessed with mail carriers who are reliable and consistent. We had one carrier, Jeffrey, for years and he became a friend, not just our carrier. And yes, we remember our carriers with a holiday day gift, cold water bottles in the heat of summer, a Halloween treat and a "thank you!" if we're outside when he comes by. FYI our mail is delivered out of the Irving Park substation on Cicero near Roscoe.

  • ingleaccident citizen

    Frequent "no-hitters" on the 5800 block of West Wilson. Example: December 26. No delivery yesterday Feb 12 (NO, Lincoln Bday is not a Federal / Postal holiday). Other dates too. The next day piles may be delivered. Online complaining via USPS worthless. Likewise, do not attempt to telephone the Lawrence Ave Post Office. No one answers and some numbers posted online are out of service. In person complaints will result in the standard evasions. When I requested a repair of an out of service letterbox the postmaster gave me a scrap of paper with a phone number on it. Typical bureaucratic attitude of 'its not my job' or "not my department". Trying to lament the neoliberal imperative to privatization, but poor service like the USPS seems to justify the trend....

  • Best way to get results when there is a mail problem is to contact Mike Quigley office at 773-267-5926

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