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Added Jan 02 2018

Seeking a place that can install snaps on a rucksack. Have already phoned a number of tailors and shoe repair shops with no luck. If you know of a place, please share related info. Thank you.

  • IU, that's looking like a great option. (Had envisioned something with some tactile nubs on the snap head, but can do without.)

  • @IU, went poking around from that link and rediscovered another, potentially better option -
    Had completely forgotten they existed.

  • Check Joann Fabrics online or go to a local Joann Fabrics and look there, Joann has a wide assortment of these type of snaps and I've personally used the ones where I basically used a hammer to put together the snaps. Joann also has the tool to assemble if the material is thick and you don't think a simple hammer would do the trick. There's even complete kits with snaps and tool together in a package. Plus, there's always deep coupons at Joann, there's a current 40% off right now.

  • Thanks AS50. Going by product ratings, the Dritz #10 sew-ons look like a good first pass. If that's a fail, will go for the "hammer" and snaps.

  • ch1cag0rob 20+ year City-zen new to Wildwood neighborhood

    Brilliant stuff all. I've been looking for a solution for a backpack whose velcro is wearing out, and it looks like I could also use snap solutions for some of the tarps I use to cover things. Very useful!

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator/Local Artist

    I need to get those sew on snaps for my hat strap, the buckle thing isn't practical, otherwise it's a cool hat.

  • ch1cag0rob, et al - Got the #10 Dritz snaps sewn on. Like them so much better than the "velcro" that would catch-on and snag woven textiles, I removed the velcro.

  • Sher Jeff Park resident since 72'

    Or you can try Kanello's. 773-774-5549. They mainly do belts and satchel repairs, so Rucksack repair should be no prob for them. Just call before you go just incase. 6325 N Central.

  • The Chicago School of Shormaking and Leather Arts is awesome. Located in Ravrnswood, they have a large studio. Create your own pieces and learn how to fix your own piece. Another option is Shoe Drop. They have locations around the city to drop your piece, fix it and text you the price from their app which you can communicate with them about your repair. I’ve used shoe drop once to repair a handle on a blue backpack and they did an awesome job with the strap and lining. Looks new.

  • Thanks Sher & Keebs. THIS is where EB Neighbors excel -- seeking and sharing information!

  • I had no idea The Chicago School of Shoemaking and Leather Arts existed. They've got quite a long list of offerings, and their "Date Night" class would be fun...

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator/Local Artist

    A meet up about leather.Ok.

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