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Added Jan 01 2018

The Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) in cahoots with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has increased air traffic,noise and air pollution affecting thousands of families in the way we live, learn, play. Homes bulldozed, forests destroyed, cemeteries relocated for additional runways that affect the quality of life for thousands. Aspects to be thankful for:
- No Rats under the flight paths. Mayor Rahm allocated millions to eradicate rats in parts of Chicago. The communities under the O’Hare Flight paths are relatively rat free. Those toxic jet fuel emissions showering our neighborhoods sure do a fine job.
- CDA customer service. CDA police seriously beat a passenger aboard an aircraft for refusal to give up a paid for seat. CDA Commissioner Evans used the treatment of O’Hare community neighbors as examples on how to treat the public.
- O’Hare area Departure Tax. Of the 20 largest cities, Chicago is the only to lose population. As more people leave due to airport pollution and other quality of life issues, Mayor Rahm is instituting a Departure Tax at the airports but on U-Hauls leaving the city.
- FAA, servant of the public. US Rep Steve Lynch dubbed the FAA as the most unresponsive agency in government.
- Lower Property taxes. The Cook county assessor lowered some property assessments due to the effect of aircraft noise on home values. Mayor Rahm then proceeded to increase property taxes for all.
- The O’Hare Noise redistribution program. The CDA and puppet ONCC instituted a runway rotation plan to redistribute night flights over our communities. Now you and your children will know when to expect sleep interruption as opposed to being surprised.
- Loving the IRS. The FAA has beat out the IRS as the most despised federal agency.
-The big engine that couldn't. As O'Hare is touted as the economic engine for the Chicago area, why is it then that local taxes keep rising and services keep getting cut. In the words of many local politicos…Where’s mine.

  • Jeffrey Littleton Sheridan Park Neighbors Administrator/Local Artist

    That can't possibly be true...about the rats.

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  • Just leave. Move. If your not happy take your misery elsewhere.

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  • We live in a flight path and I can tell you it hasn't diminished the rats. We have a huge rat problem.

  • I wonder if O'Hare was near Hyde Park, would our former hometown president allowed for the expansion or would he have stonewalled it???

  • Obama and Hyde Park... Obama and Illinois.... Like as if the guy was even from here. Obama landed in Illinois to use it as a political platform with which the Democrats could orchestrate his placement into the White House.

    In my opinion, Obama was like a Miss America contestant whom the organizers groomed and marketed to Illinois and then the nation, and lo and behold, SURPRISE, the winner! Fake politician. Just a shill for the oligarchy.

    Obama was about as much from Hyde Park as I am from the moon. (Even that Super Moon!)

  • Ellen K. From the far NW side and now back.

    Steve, that was a very clever commentary about where we live. You are probably right about the toxic chemicals creating lines of rat free areas.

  • StephenK Schorsch Village Resident

    Well stated. It is all about the money and the people are secondary to that purpose.

  • It has not stopped the rat infestation. It's worse than ever near Higgins and Nagle. We even purchased a rat zapper from Amazon. It works but it would be impossible to kill them all.

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  • @mute, a lot has to do with time. I have seen a few running in alleys, but like at like @ 12-2am. other than that have not seen much, then again there are not that many times I am out in the alley that late. there may be other factors, but that is to what I would attribute it to.

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  • They are most active in the dark. Our neighbors who go to work at 4 am see them. We set traps and catch them in our yard even though we never see them passing through. They also live under decks and porches. Look around and you actually might find burrows or droppings.

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  • @mute, see a lot to do with timing, and location... yuppie rats in Lakeview and Lincoln park are up earlier.

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  • they probably start the day in the starbucks in the alley and go from there

  • Dan G Scratch and win

    Lol a few more days and I can say farewell to Portshit Park and Chicago.

  • I occasionally hear a jet overhead (and I see them more often), but I get a lot more noise from the streets. Are other blocks so much quieter that the airplane noise is so much more substantial than the cars?

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