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Added Feb 28 2012

Terrorist:a person who terrorizes or frightens others...

Our community is being terrorised and the bodies are stacking up. 40 murders in January, up from 26 last year. We've got a serious problem and it's obvious that this current administration is not the answer. How do we organize a march here in Chicago? We need solutions ASAP!

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    We had a couple of famers markets...They were well funded and died for lack of participation. It was never a good idea...just not enough...who are interested in organic and fresh this time.

    There has to be a REAL consumer market before businesses like farmers' market can survive. I felt sorry for the vendors who lost $$ and wasted time.

  • Emjay: All valid questions, You should be asking your Alderman those questions. If they can't answer vote them out.

    At the end of the day you get the Government you deserve.

  • I'm glad that we are having this discussion. We need more dialouge like this. We don't always have to agree but we must agree that we need a solution.

  • Inactive user

    What are any of you willing to give up to make things better. While I see a bunch of hand wringing and self pity, I have to ask the most basic question of all. When's the last time any of you helped the police, news agencies, or other investigative agency find these domestic terrorists in your own community? Underlying all of the layers of crap that have been piled about who's to blame for this disease which plagues our communities, there really is only ONE answer.
    We allow it to happen in about a thousand different ways, including but not all inclusive, fear, misplaced family loyalty, abdicating our community responsibility, poor parenting and discipline, etc.
    It's not unlike a dandelion, growing in your yard. They're here, will continue to be here, won't go away, and will never go away using surface solutions. Nor can we get rid of this plague of gang activity and terrorism by surface solutions either (eg. police, government, social policy, throwing $$ at the problem, vigilantism, pulling an ostrich, making it somebody else's problem..).
    Are we kidding ourselves that these violent perpetrators are NOT known to members of our community. This problem needs to be dug out at the roots, extricated from OUR neighborhoods, by ALL OF US.
    Until family members are willing to expose their own family's criminal members, refuse to harbor them, call the news or police, turn them in or provide information which will aid in their arrest and ultimate conviction; Until neighbors and witnesses who know something don't continue to turn a blind eye and come forward and rat out these vermin; Until there is no place in your neighborhood for them to hide, multiply, operate, and kill; Until the decent law abiding citizens decide that it's worth their lives to end this now, so perhaps their children can live and grow, in a safe and secure environment; UNTIL WE ROOT OUT THIS EVIL OURSELVES, no other solution will ever have any lasting effect.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    In the end Jerry...this is ALL headed YOUR WAY. The gang roundups at Kedzie/Ohio are pushing crime N,S,E, W of us.

    So....this will all be on your doorstep soon; especially if Rey is gone. He has done a great job...

    Lets hear your tune when you have to deal with all of this :-)

    What goes around comes around or some other trite snippets. Where will you go? According to the news Oak Park, Forest Park...are getting the run off.

    There are no rocks to hide under for these cultural meltdowns.

    PS one can ALWAYS opt out and move. That is what most do...demographics say so. Chicago is about 1/3 smaller than 30 or so years ago. So you are totally and absolutely right. People vote with their feet and Chicago neighborhoods can be a GHOST TOWN soon unless people step up to the plate and REINVENT the wheel.

  • Batman, have you done any of this? What you're saying is just one of the many problems that we know the community has. We're talking about our local government and how we can get them to actually work for us. Read up!

  • Inactive user

    Every single day Emjay.

  • Inactive user

    And if you read my item carefully, you'd see that I read all of yours and I think we're throwing good money after bad for services that stand no chance of making any kind of major difference, regardless of how efficient and non-corrupt they are.

  • I'm not attached to Chicago, I will leave when it becomes untenable like many others already have.

    I don't think that will be the case,

  • Emjay, I'll ask again - what resources are you looking for from the city that your community doesn't have that others do?

    And before you get to it, big box stores, retailers, manufactures, etc. are not in business to provide employment. They're in business to make money. They will move to places where they can make money. It's not the city's responsibility to force retailers to provide jobs.

  • Matthew, why are all the entities that you just mentioned elsewhere? Again, our buying power for this year in Illinois is expected to reach 41.8 billion dollars. Believe me when I say the opportunity is there. If they don't provide employment then who will operate the businesses? It's not forcing anybody to provide jobs it's about why do you have a Target and a Walmart and we have Rothschild liqours and a so called Food Mart. Everything that works for and benefits your community is good for you but not me? Now all of a sudden resources is not part of the solution when it's about the African American community?

  • Josh. .

    Again you’re quick to dismiss that cultural inconsistencies and adjustments should be our focal point. Standing by waiting for more government funds during the middle of a budget cutting frenzy is a lost cause and far from the real solution.

    Most people including government realize that investing on the south and west sides of Chicago can be a money pit. Whenever any government funds are allocated to these areas, they’re always in the form of small insignificant amounts of charity never offering any real change. Change has to come from within.
    The quicker society and the police see an honest attempt to tweak our culture striving for a better quality of life, the sooner they will engage to assist us.

  • Josh, Investing in the community is a lost cause? How would they know? The've never invested!!! I'm not dismissing the cultural problems the community has. I'm sticking to the topic at hand. Now we can start another post and talk about culture issues if you'd like.

  • Inactive user

    The issues in communities such as Austin have nothing to do with money and resources. The problem can only be solved from within the community.

    The reality is that many people simply do not want to face facts as to why these areas have degenerated into war zones rife with gangs, illiteracy, and the like.

    Much of the issues go back to the break down of the family structure which ultimately can be tied to liberal welfare policies that encouraged single motherhood some 40 plus years ago. These issues are like two/three generations in the making.

    You cannot have a thriving community when 75% of kids are being born out of wedlock. Single motherhood is biggest causal factor when you look at poverty and crime. Does it mean that all single mothers are bad? No, but when you look at crime almost all criminals come from single mothers with no father figure.

    Poverty is nothing new. What is new is the lack of respect for one's self, desire to do better, and taking personal responsibility for your choices.

    Generations before us not only had to deal with overt and legalized racism, separate but equal schools, and all kinds of other barriers that no one under 60 years old can even remotely relate to, yet we some how were able to have nice communities, solid family structures, get our educations, and show a modicum of self respect.

    However, now that we have free public schools, cell phones, $100 sneakers, WIC cards, and all kinds of other services and luxuries that make our "poor" look rich in most other countries, the best we can hope for is our kids growing up to be in a gang?

    Sorry, I don't buy it.

  • Emjay, I'm sure the big box stores would move to Austin if they thought that it was in their best financial interests. I don't see any connection between their non-investment in Austin and why the murder rate has doubled, which is the topic at hand.

  • Hey Russ, we already know the "within the community" part. Stick to the script. The Emanuel Administration is not the answer. All these single parent and so called liberal traps is for the birds and you sound like the GOP. At what point do you hold city officials accountable? Let's see you pay someone $100k+/year and let them sit on their tail and just collect checks. That's what we're talking about here. As I told Josh, we can start another thread and talk about culture issues if you'd like.

  • Matthew A, it's good for us to go to everyone elses neighborhood and stimulate their economy but ours can't be stimulated with business? FYI I brought up big box stores because I was answering a question. Read up!

  • Matthew, I was answering your question that's why.

  • If there's so much buying power in Austin, open up a store. Simple, right? That's what businesses do. Since they aren't opening in Austin, I'm going to guess that they don't see an opportunity to make money.

    Regardless, the stores weren't there last year, and they're not there now. There's no connection with the murder rate going up 54% in a year and businesses not investing in the neighborhood.

  • Josh. .

    There is an overwhelming connection between crime and culture and very much a part of this topic. You have already started a thread discussing culture issues last week in “bloody and fatal weekend” highlighting the cultural meltdown which only 6 – (six) members participated. This thread has over 60 comments from many more EB members all addressing how cultural differences is a big factor for why Chicago’s murder rate is up 53.8%. You keep mentioning how thrilled you are for constructive dialogue, well here you go… over 60 comments! I suggest you shouldn’t derail the flow of this thread just because you disagree with the direction the conversation takes us?

    Every web forum has a board hog or a control freak, Emjay, DON’T BE THAT GUY!

    FYI: Slapping negative political labels on those you disagree with to make your point will not be productive.

  • Matthew, read up. read the question YOU asked me. I answered it. That's why I brought up big box stores. What don't you understand about ALL the resources are in other communities? They have never tried to do anything for the community so how can you say that they don't see an opportunity. Is it because we're African American? You tell me.

  • Well Josh if their views are along the lines of those certain political labels then they should be called out on it because those views don't resonate with the community. When people on here are telling us to "give up" or "people are beyond salvation' or resources in the community wouldn't make a difference, I have A SERIOUS ISSUE WITH THAT! As you said last week my post was about culture. I can meet you on that post and we can talk about it. I did say I like the dialouge, however, let's stick to the script just like we did on that post. No board hogging here.

  • Inactive user

    Emjay, I just call it like I see it. Yes, liberal traps or more aptly put - unintended consequences. And by the way, I am not a GOP supporter, so you can stop with the Bush/GOP deranged syndrome.

    I drive through Austin every day and it really saddens me to see an area that from what I understand used to be a reasonably solid working class community turn into a glorified third world country. I've seen the same thing happen to areas where I am from in Atlanta. What once were thriving black working/middle class areas are basically war zones taken over by drugs, gangs, and other miscreants. No matter where you go in the country, the story is the same.

    Black culture has been corrupted and until you fix that, nothing else really matters. Continuing to throw money at it won't change a thing.

    The plight of areas like Austin have nothing to do with political graft, corruption, Rahm, or anyone else. It has to do with the people that live in the community. They have accepted that is normal to be a 35-40 year old grandmothers and celebrate it. It is ok to have two or three baby's daddies/mommies. Sports and entertainment are the way out, not education. It is ok to hustle hard in the streets, but it is acting white when you try to hustle hard in school. God forbid you snitch on someone.

    We have lost an entire generation of people to this madness.

    Until the black community stops making excuses and holds your neighbors accountable, puts shame back into being a 17 year hood rat with two kids, demands the black men better themselves, and actual utilize the vast resources we have to better our own community, nothing is going to change.

    We have billions of dollars in purchasing power yet own hardly anything. Where are the black athletes with hundred million dollar contracts? Surely they can fund a much needed grocery store.

    No one is going to step in an save our communities except us. If we won't do it, why should someone else?

  • Josh. .

    Has anyone heard of, or using

    Supposedly you can hear live police scanner broadcast in your district (free of charge) or request recorded broadcast from past events with a paid subscription.

    I was thinking of registering but became concerned when they insisted I enable cookies and permit them to bypass my spam filter. It would be great to hear police activity in my area without tons of spam or malicious malware.

  • Josh. .

    For anyone interested, I just found this link to listen to the 15th and 25th districts police scanner live without registering.

  • Josh. .

    Please disregard my last post. That link is an archive broadcast from last April, sorry.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Guys, lets just do our part to make things better. We don't have to worry about philosophical issues. We just have to trust that we all want the same thing.

    Software rules the world. Everything we do is controlled by the software tree diagrams. Information is included or excluded. Data is valued or not valued.

    We can all get on the FAST data track by HOLDING THOSE ACCOUNTABLE who get PAID to do a job for us the taxpayers. The process of doing that will ultimately flush out the CORRUPTION so prevalent in underserved neighborhoods.

    Cleaning house is a good thing. Dismantling conventional wisdoms that DNA anymore because of the internet and misguided thinking...could fall under just ordinary modernizing.

    We want to get modern, FAST, dump those who bilk us...find NEW residents who come from any darn place in the world. If Chicagoans do not want to live here as the demographic flight indicates; we have to go statewide, national, and international to ATTRACT new PEOPLE and BUSINESS. We have FAILED in even the basic assessment of that being an important issue. We squabble about sect8, race, loyalties...and miss all the BIG systemic stuff that holds us back.

    Guys...just collect your data, publish it, keep a diary that will stand in a court of law. will be useful if we can get our problems elevated to the CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE of today.

    Why did the government FAIL to create jobs, deliver safety, deliver education, to a neighborhood who was given the same benefits for the last 35 years as Depaul and Lincoln Park. Did our benefits migrate to those areas over the last 35 years? ABSOLUTELY. are we going to stop that bleeding and GET what the FEDS gave to us?

    We want OUR FAIR SHARE. And, that also includes quality service from those we pay to deliver services. Enough of the smoke screens and falsehoods that get put on TV with the pretense that results are improving.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Subscribers! Please go to the CanTV link and ask a question for Ervin. The program is live please post a question today for them to air. THANKS.

  • Paradox Don't loiter or litter.

    The murder rate in Chicago correlates quite well with the temperature in Chicago.

  • People; The Gravy Train has left the continent. The G is broke. Its just a matter of time before huge cuts start causing riots in the streets. Thats when we will finally start asking ourselves, "How did we let things get this bad"? The short answer is when we started rewarding irresponsible behavior.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    YES we need to get the MURDER rate down on our blocks. We are working on a new way to get adequate service in the opposed to putting up with the way things are done now.

    Go to, East Garfield Park, Camera 398...and post your comment. We really want to know what people think.

    We are starting to get a little better attention...

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    The video got 300 hits overnight!
    We got police service for the FIRST TIME 2 nights ago! Someone MAY have gotten ARRESTED!

    Yep, throw it out to the world...and things get BETTER.

    We had views from Turkey, Norway, Germany, Canada!

  • Its great that people are watching... but Unfortunately the people from Turkey, Norway, Germany & Canada are thinking what a
    s--- hole Chicago is.

  • Josh, although I don't question your crime stats I have to wonder why you put a link to a pro confederate blog that appears to be very racist and reeks of White supremacy? Why are you even reading blogs like that?

  • Josh. .

    Tired tired tired & Valerie

    With all due respect, don’t be silly! Of course I don’t read or subscribe to confederate white supremacy blogs and don’t really appreciate you insinuating so. When doing a quick goggle search on that day to find data to support my comment, that’s what popped up at the top of the page. I thought I made it very clear in my SPECIAL NOTE that I did not agree with the content from the article. However, if you find joy in playing and clinging to the “race card”, I suppose that is your right.

  • Valerie F. Leonard Lawndale Community Builder and Policy Analyst

    Josh, I don't know what you're referring to. I didn't mention race anywhere.

  • Josh. .

    It is true “you” did not mention race anywhere. However, you did thank Tired tired tired” for mentioning race. That’s why I included you in my response to Tired tired tired.

  • Valerie F. Leonard Lawndale Community Builder and Policy Analyst

    I thanked Tired Tired Tired because she indicated that you got your information from a website that foments racism, and wondered why you would take them seriously. Tired Tired Tired also made the statement within the context of this conversation and his/her experiences on those sites. Tired Tired Tired's message resonates with me. That doesn't translate into my playing the race card. You explained your position, and that's fine.

    I will say that I visit websites where blog participants make racist remarks, including the Sun-Times and the Tribune. Like you, I continue to visit the sites and read articles and comments and sift through the content for what is useful to me. If I see something blatantly racist, sometimes I respond, sometimes I report it, sometimes I ignore it. It depends.

  • Valerie F. Leonard Lawndale Community Builder and Policy Analyst

    I don't know if Tired Tired Tired is a male or female. I apologize for referring to him/her as "she".

  • Josh,

    All I did was point out the fact that you post links to White Supremacist websites, if you see that as "playin the race card" then so be it. I didn't insuniate anything that wasn't true.

    Stating that you don't agree with every single item on the website doesn't change the fact that you directed the readers on here to a White Nationalist website. If anyone is playing the "race card" I it's the author of the racist blog you read.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    The Superintendent and Politicians had a press release yesterday. It was aired on the evening and nighttime news. The Superintendent said ARRESTS are not the answer to our gang problems.

    They arrested 50 drug dealers (out of 80,000 ) and touted what a great job they are doing.

    This is why we have total pandemonium on the streets of Chicago and gangbangers control the streets. Nobody gets arrested/convicted. The bad guys just stay home, on everyblock. They rule the roost.

    I believe the entire US Judicial System is based on Laws. Laws have arrests and fines. So, the Superintendent is practicing the JodyW TALK THEORY...Suddenly they are sociologists instead of enforcement agency/officers.


    While they test that TALK THEORY...more and more are being killed and shot on the streets of Chicago EVERYWHERE in EVERYNEIGHBORHOOD and EVERYBLOCK. We are the ginnie pigs.

    We are now in the midst of a new GREAT SOCIAL EXPERIMENT. You and your kids are the test sample.

  • Josh. .

    Tired tired tired tired
    This conversation is about the murder rate again going up mostly on the south and west sides of Chicago. I have already explained that by using that particular website (perhaps in haste) to support those statistics was not my intention. Deliberately steering the conversation in the wrong direction is counterproductive.

  • Josh. .

    A large part of me agrees with you. Although I’m pleased that they interrupted these two gangs, I also read between the lines of McCarthy’s and the Mayor’s press conference yesterday and became slightly outraged. It sounds like they want us to police the streets now. What’s next, charging us a fee to respond to a 911 call?

  • If it's a way to bring in revenue then you better believe they'll charge for it. Not enough is being done to secure the streets of Chicago. According to police reports, most of the murders have been drive-bys or face to face shootings. Which means that people are DRIVING around and WALKING around with weapons DAILY!. I'm not a big fan of conceal and carry so I don't even want to open that door.

    I believe we need more cops WALKING the beat and doing more sweeps. If you think about it, how many times has a cop driven past a person who is carrying a gun and not realize it. I'm not sure about what you all have witnessed or experienced but it takes ALOT for CPD to pull you over.

  • Valerie F. Leonard Lawndale Community Builder and Policy Analyst

    This Chicago Reader article on the current state of CAPS is not very comforting.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Na nanny na na...told u so...Lets go back to being 5 in our back yards sticking our tongues out at each other.

    This is why we CAN'T continue doing the same ole same ole.

    We have to smash the glass, start all over...using the best technology tools we can muster.

    I encourge less meetings and talking...and more step by step doing.

    We may be up to 200-600 views a day on our video. We also have a COPY CAT on the same block. It's great.

    If all the other duff esses on the block would also video...maybe we could get a NEW COMMANDER who acts and walks and talks like Frank Gross...

  • Chalzy U.S. EEOC-Project Assistant/ADR

    I agree 100% and I've been saying that very thing for years, but sadly, no one is listening.

    Its not hard to imagine what the results will be for not listening!

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Sent another email to ask that CAPS at 11 be disbanded and replaced by the LAW and TECHNOLOGY departments at Aldermanic Monthly meetings. We can be a test pilot program.

    Let a Non-Police department take the orders...and the Alderman ramp up fights with COMMISSIONERS whose feet on the ground do such a horrid job over here.

    This could improve efficiency by maybe 500% the day it goes live. It could save the city budget as much as 25% in labor costs...just with this laptop move.

    The ALDERMAN is supposed to SERVE our interests. We are not supposed to be lap dogs for the CPD who wants us to do their job. They are paid well and have a good pension yet they gripe about their job. Forget this HERO stuff. They are men/women doing a job. Some a FINE JOB and some NONE AT ALL.

    Get rid of the slackers. Bring in FAST dedicated and committed officers who will HELP US. That is what they are paid to do. Everybody forgets that. AND at 40% of the city budget it is a HUGE number we pay.

  • Chalzy U.S. EEOC-Project Assistant/ADR

    Once again I agree 100%. Technology can definitely be employed to replace the slackers in the Chicago Police Department, Chicago Public Schools, Streets & San, you name it.

    These institutions would be far more efficient, effective in accomplishing their missions and their budgets & head counts could be reduced dramatically!!!!! I'm all for it!!!! Let that be a pilot program on the west side!!!

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Some could call this a reduction bureacracy or red tape. Me, it is reducing 50 steps to 3 or 4, or 5. Yep...things can get done much FASTER with BETTER results if we just give up the concept of meeting and talking with NO ACTION.

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