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Added Feb 28 2012

Hi all,

I am actually the owner of "The Big Cheese". We are doing some major work on the place but we are shooting to open in early to mid April. We will have a grilled cheese centric menu but we will also be serving breakfast on the weekends for those early risers! We are really excited about the endeavor and we are sure it will become a staple in the north center community. Everybody that is a part of this project has experience in the industry. We are also major grilled cheese sandwich fans!! We are sure you will love it!! We are currently still working on the menu but if you guys have any suggestions on a sandwich post in the comment section.

The Big Cheese Team!

  • Adrian H. Web developer, NW side

    Sweet, thanks for the info!

    Here's some context for people who didn't see the previous post:

  • Are you guys fully staffed already or conducting interviews for open positions?
    I know a couple people who have amazing creative creations in the kitchen and who are currently looking for new jobs.

  • Bill 4500 N Wolcott 30 year plus resident

    Great looking forward to your place - if you have handouts leave them at Welles Park I will be happy to post - Best day to drop off is Saturdays
    Best of luck

  • I live across the street and will likely be one of your regular customers. Cannot wait!!

  • Mike The Big Cheese

    Thanks for the support folks! we are looking to be a full part of the north center and surrounding communities!

  • Gregg Jaffe Owner, Big Teeth Productions

    I live nearby and work about 2 blocks away. I too hope the curse of that corner is over. Grilled cheese in the hood sounds great. I think the sign said something about soups too - I hope so!

    Welcome to the neighborhood, stay cheesy my friends.

  • I can't wait for it to open! We live just a couple of blocks from there. My only suggestion is to have a kids grilled cheese with a side of fruit. Seems to be most toddlers favorite!

  • Mike The Big Cheese

    Thanks Melanie! We are definitely thinking abot the kids. Your idea sounds great.

  • MMOC 12 yr LS resident & active neighbor

    This is an awesome addition to the area. One word....sauerkraut. Never underestimate the power of cabbage. Cheers Mike!

  • DFlo Homeowner in Peterson Woods

    I'm glad to hear about your new venture. I have been to The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco ( and fell in love with the concept. I love their execution and commitment to top-quality ingredients and very innovative sandwich combinations. One of the neatest things about this restaurant was that they made their own fountain soda (they actually made their own syrups) and changed the flavors daily. Not that you should copy them, but I think they would be a good source of inspiration.

  • Best wishes for your new business. I suggest you do a Saganaki grilled cheese sandwich. Having fire involved will be amazing. Plus it can be marketed as your "no carb" option! Opa!
    Another suggestion is having a great, home baked bread that the customer gets to dip in a cup of molten hot cheese...

  • Do something with that front window! One previous business kept it covered most of the time and another had it filled with clutter. Both made the restaurant look uninviting.

  • Mike The Big Cheese that is our facebook site. Its still lacking content but we will be posting up pictures to keep everybody updated on its status and I will post the opening date within a couple weeks!

  • Louie Just your friendly neighborhood blah blah blah

    Have you looked into vegan cheese for those of us who are watching our girlish figures?

  • Great idea. Welcome! Am looking forward to your place.

  • Inactive user

    Yes, I agree with Anne - that front window always gives me the creeps. It's ugly and I feel like I can't ever see inside, to see what's going on in there. It's the main reason I never checked out the last incarnation of restaurant. But, yum, grilled cheese!!

  • Very exciting news! Can't wait to be one of your first customers. Good luck!!

  • Any update on your opening date, Mike?

  • Inactive user

    If you can pull off a good weekend breakfast you will have a home run I think. Golden Apple/Nugget should be condemned and we need a good neighborhood breakfast place!

  • Link Lincoln Square Resident

    Mike. We're excited to have your restaurant in our neighborhood! I'm glad to hear you are planning to make the menu kid-friendly -- and I noticed you recently rehabbed the front steps -- but is there any chance you're planning to add a ramp? The stroller crowd is huge in this neighborhood and potentially will be a large part of your large clientele. But without a ramp, we won't be able to get in. :( It seems like a silly thing, but I really think that the addition of a ramp could be the difference of your restaurant being a booming success....or not. And as a stroller-pushing-grilled-cheese-loving mom, I certainly hope it's a success!

  • When I was in the south of France years ago almost every place served a sandwich that was just goat cheese, thinly sliced tomatoes and fresh basil leaves on crusty bread, smashed and toasted in a panini press. Yum.

  • CJL ...

    " is there any chance you're planning to add a ramp?"

    Haven't been in the space ever, but it looks small--would there be room for anyone else once a double-wide stroller gets pushed up said ramp? (not that you would be doing such a thing Link!!)

    Note: we have kids; we take them wherever; I get mad if someone gives me a peremptory evil-eye about them; will push the envelope on where they are "welcome" and not care too much. *Still* hate it when a giant stroller is in a too small space. Hypocritical? Maybe, and I don't care.

  • Mike The Big Cheese

    Our restaurant will be handicap accessible so that includes building a ramp which should be wide enough for those moms with double wide strollers. We are waiting for bulding permits andthat takes a bit but we hope to be opening in june folks. Wish us luck!

  • This thread is making me HUNGRY!

  • George F in Ravenswood displaced New Yorker

    I like my grilled cheese on garlic bread. By the way, where are you located?

  • Tracy C domestic engineer, COO of the family

    Brie and raspberry jam on sourdough! Nutella and bananas on whole wheat! Can't wait!

  • Matthew Kollar Lincoln Square Business Owner

    Welcome to the neighborhood! Can't wait to try the grilled cheeses!

  • Pete F. Lifelong Chicagoan, Proud Democrat

    If I remember correctly, it will be located at Hutchinson and Lincoln. So, what is that? 4227 N Lincoln? Somewhere right around there...

  • Inactive user

    So whats the update?

  • Inactive user

    Maybe the Grilled Cheese people were blind-sided by the openings nearby of a PB&J restaurant, a Breakfast Cereal Bar, a Toast restaurant, and a Cole Slaw cafe.

  • Inactive user

    Still no update?

  • Inactive user

    Are you guys ever going to open?!?!?

  • Inactive user


  • Inactive user

    Would be nice if this place ever opened...

  • Rachel writer, indexer, editor, researcher

    It looks like they're still working on it. Just slow, I guess.

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