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Added Feb 27 2018

Does anyone know who I can contact regarding the neighborhood flyers tossed on our front yard. Sometimes there are three in one day. I always throw them out. I want to take my address off the delivery list. It's almost like getting unwanted calls and hanging up.
4300 block of Kostner ave

  • OParker Native Chicagoan

    Wished I knew, I find them in the bushes, on the lawn and sidewalk .

  • I typically call them to come out and give an estimate, and then ask them to pick up their litter.

  • that idea

  • JSK

    If it’s red plum or hoy, you can email the Chicago tribune and they will remove you from the list. I did it about 6 months ago and for the most part was successful. At one point they’d drop two or three of the exact same one in my front yard! I think they’ve mistakenly dropped one or two times but skip me otherwise. I used this email and got a pretty quick response -

    La Raza I haven’t quite figured out how to stop yet. I’ve read you can call them but haven’t tried yet. If you have any success stopping this one let me know! I’ve also heard if you can catch the delivery person and ask them to stop delivering to you they stop but I’ve never seen the delivery person myself.

  • Apparently you have never seen them being delivered they do not walk around with a list of addresses of who to give to and not. They are either throwing them from their car, a bicycle, or a bag that carry around their neck they don't have the time to read a list. Good luck!

  • Portage Park Neighbor D. Min., BCC

    I have contacted the Red Plum person since 2010 and have been promised that they will stop delivering those papers...they are always thrown in puddles, etc., and I do not read them anyway. For what it is worth here is the email address:


    Good luck! I just made another contact 3 weeks ago...there is still a Red Plum in the mud in front of my house...

  • Those papers and the garage door paper fliers that are applied with masking tape to my brand new garage drive me nuts!

  • Sue Portage Park-er
  • I like to check out the sales and they have some good coupons sometimes but I hate how they deliver them. Half the time they are under my bushes or scattered all over the sidewalk.

  • Sue, thank you a million for that link!

  • If you mean the ones in the red plastic bags then it would be red plum. At one point I did get them to stop delivering them but then I started getting them again. Our block gets them randomly, some weeks yes and some no. I have actually seen people stealing them around here. I am including a link. Hope it helps.

  • I see someone else put this link up before me, and also I read where people said the Tribune delivers these, which I believe I called them also. It couldn't hurt to try both. Good luck.

  • PPP Portage Park Person

    I emailed several months ago and he responded that they would stop delivering Red Plum but that it might take a couple of weeks for the order to go through. A week after that we got the last Red Plum and haven't received one since last June. It's definitely worth a try.

  • Praise the Lord! Sure hope this works~wish I could stop for my entire block NO BODY picks them up or throws them away (except me) They pile up in front yards, parkways & sidewalks, then the plastic bag rots,& the papers are blowing around the neighborhood. Sometimes the carrier dumps his remaining papers on the parkway corners. The Trib should be fined for 2nd hand littering

  • Thank you all for your suggestions. I did call the phone number listed on the back of the of the add. They are suppose to take me off the delivery list. I will keep you posted. Let's hope it works.

  • Sunny mango you might want to collect the Flyers tape to your garage door & take them to your alderman. Supposedly my Alderman calls these contractors & advises them they're not allowed to post Flyers without listing their contractors number. I even have a "no soliciting" & "post no bills" on both sides of my 5 yo garage door but to no avail.

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