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Added Feb 26 2012

I'm thinking about purchasing a condo in Avondale, right near the kimball + Belmont intersection. I've read about some of the gang problems in the news, but I'm not sure where the problems are most common. The area seems to be changing for the better, I noticed they opened up a xsport right down on Belmont and there's a best buy also. The fact that the blue line is right there appeals to me as well.
I would really appreciate any feedback about the neighborhood, crime, pros, cons, thoughts? :)

  • DarkAngel Lifetime Chicagoan, new Portage Park home owner

    Avondale is a big neighborhood so when something bad happens in one part, it brings down the entire area. The area you cited should be okay. Probably good from a transportation standpoint, but not very walkable for nightlife/shopping. I don't see a bunch of boutiques opening up down Belmont AVe, though Milwuakee has the potential.

    now if you are interested in a 2/1 condo in Irving/Albany, message me :-)

  • . . .

    Avondale as a whole is fairly safe as long as you aren't a gang banger, get caught in gang crossfire but like any other hood it's block by block and have some street smarts. West of the expressway tends to have more gang activity. Like any other hood there is property crime so make sure you home is secure and the valuables in your car are out of sight or completely removed for that matter.

    What I call "East Avondale" is worth taking a look/walk/drive. (Addison to Diversey, Chicago River to the expressway) Fairly gang free (few blocks here and there), mixed demographics, mostly SFHs. 2-3 flats with a few newer condo buildings and older apartment buildings converted into condos. The northern part has or is near 4 or 5 parks (Avondale, Brands, California, Horner, Clark), Addison Mall (Target), Jewel, K-Mart.

    Let me know if you need any more convincing on my little slice of Avondale :)

  • LeotheOrangeCat Chicago Resident

    There's a thing going on between the MLDs (who are east of the expressway) and the LKs that are west of the expressway. The police are coming down hard on the MLDs because of the two young kids they shot in Avondale Park last year (they were trying to shoot LKs). That makes last week's murder surprising - the MLDs are really bringing the heat down on themselves.

    All of that shouldn't be a problem for you though.

  • no.

  • Gang stuff aside, two different female friends moved out of there recently because they felt constantly threatened by drunk guys who would often yell at, bother and follow them. I agree with the other commenters that it's block by block, though, and most of these problems were by the bars and liquor stores along Milwaukee near Pulaski. Overall, the neighborhood seems to be on the up and up, but I would recommend talking to women in the Kimball/Belmont area before making any big decisions.

  • Colemeister Avondale Concerned Neighbors

    Joanna, there are lots of great things in the area of Belmont & Kimball! As you mentioned, there's Best Buy and the Xport Fitness as well as Aldi and Walgreens. There's a Jewel at Kedzie, Elston and Addison, along with a Chipotle Grill, Dunkin Donuts and White Castle. Milwaukee and Central Pk has Kurowski Sausage Shop, which is a great deli and place for homemade Polish rye bread and lots of ethnic foods. There is St. Hyacinth's Basilica, located just west of Central and Milwaukee Avenue. You are close to I-90/94, the bus and the trains. Grew up in Avondale and moved back !

  • I've lived by kimball and belmont for 6 years now and have never had a problem coming from a woman's perspective. The neighborhood I believe is changing for the better.

  • Francis Resident of Avondale

    My wife and I have been living near belmont and kimball for close to 3 years now. She's had no issues whatsoever..

  • Carter O'Brien Diversey to Belmont lifer

    My wife and I are a 5 minute walk from the Belmont blue line stop & have been there for over 10 years. While there's certainly crime in the area & street smarts are always important, little of the violence seems to be random. My wife has never had any problems, and she feels quite comfortable walking around late at night. There are lots of younger families moving in as the older generation is passing on and their kids have long since moved on to different neighborhoods (and cities/states).

    I love the area, Milwaukee Ave north of Diversey reminds me of Lincoln Ave between Diversey & Belmont in the early 80s.

  • vic From 60632 to 60618

    I just moved to the neighborhood and I love it. I stay near Belmont and Harding. Yes there may be crime and gang activity, but what neighborhood doesn't have that. I visited my friend who lives on Central Park and Belmont many times last year and loved the neighborhood. Coming from a bad neighborhood by Midway airport, here I feel safe walking at night and walking in and out of my apartment. After a few months I decided to move here. I'm still learning the neighborhood and discovering new places. To me this is a great neighborhood with great people.

  • Lisa Hibbard Avondale/Logan Square Resident

    I also live near the Belmont and Kimball Blue Line stop, and it's not bad. Neighbors seem pretty nice. There is some gang activity and a shooting last summer but no one died. Always use a little caution.

  • Wait till Summer then ask this question again.

  • Emily Avondale Neighborhood Association President

    You may also be interested in getting involved with our organization; the Avondale Neighborhood Association. We are work to improving the safety and vitality of the neighborhood, while maintaining its diversity.

    Our website is

  • ht ...

    Fat fingers on small keyboard... Sorry for typos. Put in an offer. Area is changing and as a former resident and still building owner i can say i'd do it again. Looknat the older businesses on the market bow. In the past 5 years there's been a building boom along the belmont kimbal area.

    Nightlife options are expanding from late bar to carol's and the expansion of Logan blvd griwth west all the way to milwaukee and pulaski. Area is what logN blvd area was 10 years ago when places like Lula Cafe were just popping in. Belmont cooridor has alot more commercial area available for further growth.

    Offer 15% less on the asking price. If you have a good realtor, they will probably help you get a great deal since there's about 4 new condo developments from kimbal to Monticello.

  • Carter O'Brien Diversey to Belmont lifer

    You might find this of interest:

    Unsurprisingly, the area around Belmont & Kimball is moving up.

  • Natalie SAHM

    i live pretty much right on the intersection, and i'm going to take a gander that you're looking at the condos right across the street from me. i've lived here almost my entire life (i'm 26) and i've been fine. from walking home drunk alone from the eL at three in the morning (not recommended) to walking with my two young sons to Aldi in the middle of the day, to early morning Dunkin Donut coffee runs, i've never had any trouble.
    that being said, there is definitely gang activity in the area, but that stays mainly in the side streets. unless you want to go for a walk or run, it's all residential anyway, so you wouldn't really need to be in those streets (i'm don't walk there).
    the neighborhood is nothing short of convenient and walkable. when i worked, the Blue Line was a godsend during any terrible weather... so pretty much constantly in Chicago :)

  • Avondale scares me. Thants not meant to offend anyone here, its just that at night, Its shady. Look at the police blotters and you'll see a lot happening west of western ave.

  • Colemeister Avondale Concerned Neighbors

    Lauren, there's also a lot happening east, north and south of Western as well! Some neighborhoods and neighbors are more diligent about reporting crime than others as well. Some people never call the police, hence there is less reported crime. Your neighborhood is basically what you make it. What about all the women who were being sexually assaulted in Wicker Park by the blue line at Damen, Milwaukee and North Ave? That should scare you more than the gang bangers!

  • Thank you all so much!

  • . . .

    Lauren - please stay east of Western One less BMW/Mini Cooper/Jetta/Beetle/(insert popular yuppie car here) to get stolen or broken into for an ipod/gps/laptop. Staying east of Western, which includes Mariano's, Jewel and Toys r Us all on the dreaded west side of Western will also help keep the imaginary police blotter you've been reading short. Really, it's a slum west of Western.

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