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Added Feb 24 2018

Woke up to a house that wreaks of a skunk blast!

  • I'm more worried about the two legged skunks.

  • Christine Nusret Resident of Richmond St. 22 years

    You are certain the scent is skunk??

  • krw

    I smell pot, especially skunk weed, everwhere now. I don't recall it being legal but its everwhere in powerfull doses. Our entire office smells of it when people are in the alley. I walked on the bus the other day and that even that reaked. I wouldnt be surprised if it was just someone outside standing there smoking that caused that level of odor.

  • With the recent rain and subsequent yard flood, our under the garage skunk evacuated. We’re hoping to get the entrance patched up, so it will be looking for a new home. Sorry everyone.

  • Tim 20+ year Avondale resident

    Does it smoke pot?

  • I hear them mating at night by our alley. It sounds like high pitched waling. Worst sound ever!

  • So they smoke pot and then mate? Dang Hippies.

  • Ward, where are u again? I never see skunks and I'm close to the river

  • Julie Bean heavy coffee drinker

    Ward, I am so sorry. This happened to us last year. It was late winter so I couldn't open the windows. I bought an air filtration machine at Ace. The majority of the smell went away quickly. It ran for a few weeks, tho, to get it all.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    George, Central Park and berteau.

  • ward greenleaf Smokey and the Bandit, Hooper, Cannonball Run...

    100% positive it’s a skunk, I’ve seen it a few times.

  • Albnypkres SJC

    Why do you use Everyblock as your own personal (inane) journal entry?

  • Wow albnypkres , aren't you a treat?

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