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Added Feb 23 2012

I am new to the Logan Square area and I have been on the hunt for a really good, non-chain, mom & pop pizza shop. I am picky about my pizza because I am originally from NJ, worked in NYC and also lived in Philly. Also, if they make an awesome cold sub, that's even better!

  • Y_2_K I aspire to be who I am.

    I find Philly's Best on MKE just S of Sacramento to be damn good. But if you've lived in Philly, it might not meet you criteria. They do ask, though, "wit or witout." Best Subs 2 on Diversey has a ton of subs, but they're a deep fry lover shop, so keep that in mind. Endy's Deli and a few other polish joints on MKE have a nice set of subs.

    I am a fan of Papa Ray's pizza. I think Vito and Angelo's is good, too. If you're within delivery area for Piece, I could care less how popular or whatever it is, their pizza is damn good. Dante's is supposed to be good, but I've never tried it.

  • tjr

    I'm originally from Long Island so I understand the need for good pizza! Santullo's in Wicker Park - 1943 W North Ave - is the best pizza I've found. It's great! Not sure about subs.

  • Evelyn 14-Year Logan Square Resident

    PAPA RAYS PIZZA on Fullerton and Rockwell (few streets before western). They have pizza and wings, but its delicious :)

  • Evelyn 14-Year Logan Square Resident

    They have monster slices for five bucks and it comes with a drinks, Trust me it is a huge slice.

  • Y_2_K I aspire to be who I am.

    Santullo's is good, you're right. IDK if they'd deliver to Logan, though. Do they?

  • We make the trek over the river to Art of Pizza. We think it's worth the journey. That said, we would love to find someplace in the neighborhood.

  • Dante's Inferno on Armitage makes New York style pizza. We like it.

  • Best place for subs is Heros on Western and Addison....... Family owned and been there forever!

  • Dante's on Armitage is good for pizza. They offer BYOB and have some tables. New Wave has really good sandwiches.

    I like Piece Pizza on North Avenue. They do New Haven style thin crust. They have this delicious salad with pears and walnuts.

    You didn't ask, but Bagel Art in Evanston and Chicago Bagel Authority on Armitage are definitely worth checking out.

    Lula has a great beet and goat cheese bruschetta. They always feature a great soup too.

    Azucar has a stuffed pequillo pepper with garbanzo bean puree that is so tasty.

    Enjoy and report your findings! I'd love to hear about your discoveries. : )

  • Dante's, Marcello's, and The Boiler Room, are the best in the area. Quenchers even has great mini pizzas.

  • Nad

    Boiler Room has good slices - and I like Congress Pizza for delivery. If you are willing to go a little further - Pequods on Clybourn & Webster is the best IMO

  • good luck finding a good sub in humboldt/logan area. great subs on 1120 grand ave. Bari. I have travelled to Elmwood and Melrose park for good subs but Bari is great.

  • Agree with Sher..Bari is the answer but hopefully in a bit we should have something just as good right across the street from the Logan Theatre.....I am from Astoria NYC and I like Piece in Wicker Park on North Ave.....not the triangle fold but consistent and goo.

  • +1 for Bari - and yet I'll raise you a JP Graziano's.

  • tjr

    Santullo's does deliver to Logan. Another New Yorker highly recommends 5 Boroughs Pizza in Old Town but I've never been.

  • Peace, Santullos, Dante's in my opinion for pizza. Is there a Grazianos near Logan square, I love the west loop location

  • Erin newbie to Albany/Irving Park

    My NY/NJ friends appreciate Santullo's the best. I've had terrible delivery service from them, but YMMV. I do love Piece, too, but both of those are in Wicker Park. Boiler Room does a pretty good pie, IMO. I don't think they do subs, but they recently expanded their menu, so if it isn't there now, I wouldn't say never. Beer there is pretty fantastic, too.

  • @lsresident There isnt, but I wish there was one in the LS area. Got sidetracked on a "West Loop is the best for subs" digression.

  • Dante's is good pizza but seems every other time I order something is wrong. Their oven is broken, order got screwed up, or they are closed at 11 PM when their flier says 1 AM on weekends.

    Boiler Room is better but they don't deliver.

  • there isn't one in Logan that is worth it. try Santulos or Piece in Wicker Park, or Pizza Metro in Ukrainian Village or Great Lakes in Andersonville.

  • boiler room ... been meaning to try it, so there is a chance there might be a place in Logan square for good pizza, still.

  • Don't listen to Ray... Dante's and Boiler Room are fine options. Both are better than Pizza Metro at least and Boiler Room is on par with Piece.

  • It's a little out of Logan Square and in Avondale, but you can't get any more mom-n-pop than DiVita's on Belmont, it's a little east of Pulaski at maybe Lawndale. Fantastic pizza, and they even have the old school checkered tablecloths and the little candles.

  • It'd be nice to have a good sub place nearby though. I heard good things about Brown Sack but their hours are kind of limited.

  • I second Bari's for subs and Hero's on Western. 3600 N Western Ave(between Addison St & Waveland Ave)Chicago, IL 60618
    (773) 327-6363

  • Evelyn 14-Year Logan Square Resident

    Metro isnt that good in my opinion, square shaped 'zza, and their "sausage" is actually really crumbled, into ground beef like. Ordered once, and that just really killed it for me.

  • chicago girl Resident in Portage park for over 38 years

    Heros on Western and Addison is really good,I agree with that.It's not too far from Logan Square either.
    Papa Rays on Fullerton has the HUGE piece of pizza and is really good.Alot of choices there too.

  • I'm surprised no one mentioned Ciao pizza - right across from the Logan Square blue line!

  • T-Bone you read my mind. Although not by-the-slice their Bufalina blows Boiler Room's equivalent ("The Minimalist") out of the water.

  • L_W

    We like Marcellos and The Boiler Room!

  • LK

    I have to agree on DiVita's, and would also recommend heading north on Pulaski to Lawrence for Marie's Pizza and Liquors. It's my favorite in the city.

  • This might not be actually helping, but my gf is from West Orange, and college at Glassboro/Rowan. I've noticed the following:

    1. She's never had pizza here that approximates a normal "good" slice from NJ and environs. I'm from here, and I don't understand the appeal of the greasy, floppy, foldable variety - and I've had it out there many times. She does seem to like Dante's on Armitage, though.
    2. We like subs at Munchies at 3678 N Elston, and Mr. Submarine (which is a Chicago area chain - and their subs feel they come close to her beloved Hoagie)
    3. She often bemoans the absence of stand-alone delis - they really only exist here inside supermarkets - and one normally doesn't go there just for a sub...
    4. Cheesesteaks (I realize you didn't ask about..) Chicago is completely hapless about them. Many places have them, but none can approach Tony Luke's.

  • any such name live, walk, & cook on the northwest side

    there really isn't any great pizza in Logan, I'd agree. there are some ok to good options, though. Dante's has been good in my experience. the pizzas at Revolution are good. Boiler Room is ok, but I've had some majorly slow service there (when there was hardly anyone in the place, no less). Father & Son/Marcello's is way overpriced and hasn't been good for the past several years. for delivery we usually order from Pete's on Western or, *gasp*, Papa John's! haven't had DaVita's or Papa Ray's, so I'll try those next and hope for the best!
    outside of the 'hood, I highly recommend Coalfire (Grand & Ogden), Pequod's (Clybourn & Webster), and Piece (North & Damen).

    as far as sandwiches, I can't believe no one has been to Brown Sack (Belden & Central Park) - they are awesome and fresh, and come with fantastic sides, though they are just a tiny bit pricey, I think their high quality ingredients make it worth it.
    in the sandwich department outside of the 'hood, Nhu Lan Bakery (Lawrence & Rockwell) makes awesome bahn mi - Vietnamese sandwiches with meat or tofu and shredded radish/carrot/jalapeno and cilantro, on fresh baked french rolls.

  • I'm a huge fan of John's Pizzeria on Western (2104 N Western Ave). The pizza is great, and the atmosphere is fun and vintage.

  • I am amazed by the responses I received regarding my question. I took the advice and tried Heroes tonight and I hate to say, I wasn't thrilled (sorry folks). I did pick up a menu from DiVita's and I am looking forward to trying their pizza and plus, they are within walking distance. Keep the recommendations coming!

  • Lisa Hibbard Avondale/Logan Square Resident

    I also like Hero's for subs, but I tried a place on Belmont and Central called A&G Market (a grocery store with full-service deli) and the subs are great as well. For pizza, it's Pete's on Western and Grace. Have fun discovering your new city!

  • p to the h Just moved to Santa Monica in April.

    there are too many posts here to read them all anymore... but Pronto Za was the most reminiscent of a kick ass brooklyn pizza to me 4-5 years ago... they have changed a little bit, but they might still be worth a shot - and fwiw the pizza out here in logan square kind of sucks - nancy's stuffed pizza pepperoni and giardiniera is pretty much my fave for what i can get out here

  • David M. Urban Planning/Community Development Student

    Armand's pizza between Leavitt and Hoyne on Division is delicious. It is a (local) chain however. $5 will get you a delicious slice and a drink. Pequod's is also phenomenal, on Clybourn near Webster. If you are looking for a truly weird freakshow of an experience go to Village pizza at Chicago and Western late at night. John is one of the most insane people you will ever see. Scary insane. Its awesome.

  • KT

    Another HUGE fan of John's Pizza on Western. Everytime we get it for friends they love it also. The place has been there for like 50-60 years and the interior reflects that (in a fun way). They have a huge menu but we only get the pizza.

  • OK, first of all, thank you for this thread.

    Second of all, Dante's is super fantastic. We ordered it twice in a week. It's the real deal and in Logan Square proper.

  • We have tried John's Pizza a few times and thought it was pretty tasty. We ordered Italian Beefs from them last time and were blown away by their awesomeness. It was quite possibly the best Italian Beef sandwich I have ever eaten.

    We also really liked Dante's, but we've only had it once.

  • Has anyone ordered pizza from Letizia's Fiore?

  • LoganSquarist LoganSquare's hyperlocal neighborhood site

    Ciao has oven made pizzas. Marcellos (although a chain) has decent pizza, including gluten free options.


    Do you love thick crust pizza? I love it and the double crust pizza from NATY'S PIZZA is out of this world. They are located 1757 W Chicago 1 312 666-7229. The rest of their food is ok.


  • Bludog 22 years in LS

    The Brown Sack is AWESOME... but, for pizza? We love it for sandwiches, chili and deserts. For Pizza, we go to Father and Son at Milwaukee and Sacramento or, recently, we've been going to Dante's on Armitage, west of Kedzie. We also like Santullo's in Bucktown (North and Damen) for NY style slices

  • Colemeister Avondale Concerned Neighbors

    LaVilla is my favorite! Pulaski, just north of Addison! Entire menu is great but I think by far the best pizza! I like Father & Son's broasted chicken and potatoes!

  • Mmjjd Logan Square resident since birth

    Mariano's Fresh Market on Western has fantastic subs. They also sell pizza but I haven't tried it yet.

  • steve, hermosa neighborhood lifer

    Vito Angelos has excellent pizza.3644 W Fullerton Ave.

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