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Added Feb 21 2012

Has anyone else been to Publican Meats yet? We stopped by this weekend to check it out. The place was packed (we had a 30 minute wait). I think they're going to start doing takeout soon, but they only had dine-in when we went.

Overall, I thought my sandwich (turkey with avocado) was good but not great. I really wanted the lamb meatball sandwich but by 4:00 it had already sold old.

I would go back, but I'd probably go during off hours to avoid the crowds.

  • Rob

    I've been twice.

    The first time was on a weekend, and I think that might have cut the crowd a tiny bit, as it was crowded but not unpleasantly so. I got some toscano salami and the prosciutto cotto muffuletta, which was outstanding and now one of my favorite sandwiches, to go. Even the chips and the pickle that came with my sandwich were exceptionally flavorful. I came away very impressed.

    The second time was a weekday lunch, and when noon hit they were packed to an absurd degree. They were also turning away to-go customers which may have made matters worse, and certainly seemed inconvenient to people who had walked over from the loop and only had time to walk back not stay and dine. Moreover, I was disappointed to discover that they no longer have the prosciutto cotto muffuletta I liked so much. I tried the tuna muffuletta instead, and it was good but not nearly as good as it's prosciutto predecessor (I was also a bit disappointed in the pickle which lacked the strong dill flavor of my first trip's). My friend got the "better than a gyro" but said that it wasn't, as the sauce was too overpowering, but he thought the chips (presumably made in house?) that came with it were very good.

    I'm not planning on going for weekday lunch again any time soon, but may go back when they're less packed, especially if they bring back the prosciutto cotto muffuletta.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Oh yes! The chips. I forgot to mention how good they were. They must make them there.

  • David J R+D Resident

    I read that they do make their chips in-house. I would go, but my girlfriend is a vegetarian, so it'll probably be a while before I get to check it out :)

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