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Added Feb 19 2018

There have been shootings in this area before, but this week on 2/15 and 2/14/18 a couple of cars, one being a black Honda Civic, with their lights turned off have openly shot at the house second to last from the alley near Ridgeway and Milwaukee. If I had to guess, it’s the house with the 2984 address that got shot at.

The guys that live at the location are bad news. They attract violence. I don’t know if the shootings are gang related, but I’ve seen drugs and guns at that location and now they are being shot at. It’s really scary and there are a lot of little kids in the area.

Does anyone have further info or has anything to add to this post? I want to contact the police and anything neighbors can add may be helpful.


  • This was previously posted under crime, reposting here.

  • I had lunch with friends in that area a week ago and I couldn't believe the amount of graffiti you have there. DEFINITELY the gangs are tagging that cr@p out that area.

    You can photograph tags and upload the photo to 311 and the city will soda-blast it, typically within a couple of days. Take back your community. Good luck.

  • Kapel Local Resident

    We have neighborhood watches, we attend CAPS meetings, we call the Police when something suspicious is noticed, the Police have special detectives specifically for gangs. But we still have an epidemic of gang crime. What is being done wrong???

  • Kapel, sounds like there are things that can be done. I moved to the area than a year ago so I wasn’t sure where to start. So I posted here to get some ideas.

    As far as why the gun violence is going on in th le first place, I think drug altercations sparked it in this particular situation. Many of my neighbors are aware of it, but I’ve also learned that with kids jobs and busy lives, they assume other neighbors will take action and don’t really do anything, sadly.

  • LarryB Dog owner / wine sipper

    Thanx 4 the info. I often walk that block. I will definitely change my route. I have CC but not into pushing the envelope.

  • I walk dogs on that street frequently and have been yelled at incoherently by people in front of that house multiple times. I avoid that side of the street, and now it all makes sense....

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