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Added Feb 16 2012

I just couldn't help myself...once I got a look at your awesome paper signs all over the alleys of Bucktown I just HAD to start collecting them.

You see, most people collect trading cards, figurines or even those nifty plates with Elvis or James Dean painted on them.

But me? I collect signs like yours. Paper AND plastic!
I think your signs will be worth something in the future...well, maybe not as avant-garde pieces of minimalist expressions - but more valuable in terms of what the City of Chicago will fine you for each illegal posting pursuant to ordinance 10-8-271.

Please post more signs so that my collection will grow- we the taxpayers will benefit greatly once I cash these all in as fines levied by the City...

Love, Steve.

ps: see my other collectibles here, gaining in value everyday!

  • Nice collection Steve! How do we go about getting these businesses fined? I'm sick of seeing these things littering my streets.

  • Steve J -A Chicago original since 1968-

    Gather a large pile of these fine art pieces (may take you a few months) and take 'em to your Alderman's office and ask that the company listed in them be fined by the city.

    A smart city lawyer would fine them for each offense...

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Grrrr. I hate those flyers found one stuck to my garage today.

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    The only problem I can see in giving them a fine is how to know if these were posted by someone who is a competitor or has a grudge and posts for YOUR business as they subversively want YOUR business fined!? How do you remedy this issue?

  • Steve J -A Chicago original since 1968-

    City ordinance states one would need a permit, then publish said permit # on the flyer.

    Also, low-budget operations like these have other avenues in which to advertise their services, the posting of bills on peoples' garages is just plain LAZY.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    I would say that it is disrespectful, callus, prevalent public nuisance, and a insult to anyone who cares about the trash in their neighborhood. But I wouldnt say its lazy. If so many companies are doing this crap, it must be effective advertising. I like STEVEs idea of taking piles of fliers to the alderman.

  • Naprapath Works at Lakeshore Integrative HealthCare

    I didn't know about the permit issue. But still, if one is to be fined, the permit issue doesn't prevent a competitor or someone holding a grudge to post a flyer with your name or business on it hoping to get YOU fined.

    The permit thing is important so that those who are doing it LEGALLY can still post according to their approval. But I think proving responsibility is still problematic. I think one solution is getting the graffiti-busters to go around and pull them off. Oh wait, they've all but done away with that program - or curtailed it. Maybe we should all just do like Steve and pull them all.

    Hopefully the Alderman's offices are reading these posts and maybe we can organize the next "Clean and Green" neighborhood clean-up to include flyers too

  • Ben

    I've gotten two of these flyers by Proco Joe and Anne Shaw in the last few days. Anne's didn't have a permit number, not sure if Joe's did. I doubt it.

  • I also go around and collect the "club" promotions that they stick on cars. I live near rednofive and Funky Buddah, so it is usually a weekly occurance. I then take them to the Alderman's office.

  • @WendiChicago Interested in local news

    Thanks to your comments, I now know about the need for permit #, so I gathered up a whole bunch of Sarpino's Pizza door hangers littering my neighborhood, sent them to Sarpino's w/ a cover letter and cc to our alderman.

  • @WendiChicago Interested in local news

    Here's my note: Dear Sarpinos:  I am a resident of Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood and the 32nd ward.  You recently distributed door hanger advertising throughout the neighborhood.

    The city of Chicago requires a permit for this type of distribution and that the permit number be printed on the flyer. Your flyer does not include a permit number.

    More importantly, grateful customers have not grabbed your coupons and rushed to their phones to order your pizza. Instead, they have ignored your highly valuable deals and, quite literally, left them as trash to join the post-snow dog poop pile-up in the streets and yards of Sheffield, Armitage, Willow, Clybourn, Maud, Kenmore, Bissell, etc.  What wonderful positioning for your brand!  Your marketing people must be thrilled with this cost effective, highly efficient tactic to drive ROI.

    Thank you for giving my family and my neighbors more trash to pick up.  We were wondering how we were going to use our free time over the holiday weekend.

  • Alisa DNAinfoCHI Wicker Park/Bucktown/WestTown reporter

    We got the Sarpino menu on our doorknob. Maybe I am in the minority here, but I stuck it with my pile of take out menus.

    With phone book advertising not working anymore, media desenfranchised, and billboards being too expensive, it can be tough for the small businesses to get their word out, however, I always warn people that doorhangers are finable and it's not a good idea. The WP Insiders Guide did doorhangers last year to advertise itself and they were wet and all over the snow and slush. The idea of a blog or website doing that was very odd. At the end of the day, I think the city has more important things to work on than fining people who are just trying to get their word out. Politicans are the worst offenders, but frankly that I how I've learned about some of them like Derrick Smith.

  • Alisa DNAinfoCHI Wicker Park/Bucktown/WestTown reporter

    Um, I meant "that is how." Typos! Yikes. Anyhow, I learned through a flier (saw posted all over windshields of cars on North Ave.) that there is a meeting in Logan Square tonight about the topic of concealed carrying of arms. Fliers on windshields are the worst. Not sure if they are finable like doors are. Steve, do you know? And good seeing you at the Caps meeting. :-)

  • Steve J -A Chicago original since 1968-

    all these instances are 'finable'- its just that there are no inspectors walking around doing it.

    Dept of Business Affairs won't tell me the number of inspectors they have on the streets. That bothers me.

  • hateeecs 3 year bucktown resident

    Beyond the government angle, give them a negative review on yelp. Small businesses are very sensitive to it

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