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Added Feb 15 2018

Anybody know what the deal is with the sleeping guy on Cortland and Mozart? The cops tell him to move and then he comes back. He is a Hispanic man in his 30s with a large black backpack. He tends to wander around the neighborhood aimlessly and laugh maniacally at things that are not there. I’m also convinced he was in my back yard today. But that’s another story in itself...

  • I’m not trying to sound insensitive. It’s quite obvious this man is mentally ill and needs help.

  • But when there's no "help" to be had, what does one do?

  • Honestly id call 311 and ask for assistance. If this individual is not a threat to you, but definitely a concern, it wouldnt hurt to have someone check in on them.

  • Some crazy dude on your property? Geez. I'd call 911 immediately and file trespassing charges. Probably time to revisit your fencing/security site plan and make amendments to keep the homeless and mentally ill from wrecking your home and causing you mental anguish; many assaults happen due to opportunity so make yourself a difficult option. Sorry to be NIMBY here but my backyard is my backyard. Put up a no trespassing sign immediately so you can enforce the trespassing law.

  • Agree, call 911 and report the situation. The guy won't leave unless he starts getting bothered by the cops.

  • Missing man with Alzheimer's reported from 3400 W. Evergreen. His pic is in post on everyblock. Is it him ????

  • No. The man sleeping on Cortland doesn't look like the missing gentleman. The man sleeping on Cortland and sometimes Mozart is creepy but, as far as I can tell, not a threat. I have spoken with him several times to be sure he is okay, and he answers yes. But it's still creepy and he must be freezing lying on the concrete sidewalks.

  • I would still call Arian North Victims Unit at312.744.2866

  • What is 'Arian North Victims Unit'?

  • @Mass, you might have been pooh-bombed in your backyard. All it takes is a minute for these guys to present you with a real gem. Take a survey of your property before we get additional snow or rain and look for what you wish were dog turds. Look especially against your garage, tree trunks and fencelines as they often push their back against something and pop a squat and release. We had a problem with a few roving homeless dudes that absolutely refused formal assistance and they used to sneak in anywhere to drop a deuce, oftentimes immediately following a shoot-up with heroin. All of that debris was left for the homeowners to clean up. Not nice no matter how sympathetic you are to the plight of homelessness. Eventually we had several vacant buildings torn down and that thinned out the zombies.

    Early last year one of my neighbors confronted a homeless dude that was squatting against a garage in the alley with his pants down. The dude had a dirty heroin needle hidden behind his back and took a swipe at my neighbor, who fortunately was not harmed. Cops came, charges were filed, court attended, and the pooh musketeer did a month and a half behind bars for aggravated assault. Hope he got clean. I hope he also got re-acquainted with proper etiquette and use of a toilet. My neighbor was legally armed and would have been justified with self-defense but managed the situation differently.

    Secure your property or be ready for the swarms of feasting flies that will clean up the mess for you come Spring.

  • So where do you suggest that these guys have a poo?

  • Meggg I want to pet all the dogs

    Is this the guy who always hangs out around the 7-11 at California and Armitage? Might be late 20s, talks to himself a lot but will pick up a conversation with anyone and not shut up. He kind of has a flatter nose and wide face

  • John from Cincinnati, somewhere/anywhere in a toilet?

  • Had there been a toilet in the back yard I'm sure he would have used it.

  • John from Cincinnati, according to § 8-4-081 a toilet in the backyard would be an illegal Chicago john:

    Public urination or defecation

    No person shall urinate or defecate on the public way, or on any outdoor public property, or on any outdoor private property. Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b), any person who violates this section shall be fined not less than $100.00 nor more than $500.00, or shall be punished by imprisonment for not less than five days nor more than ten days or by both such fine and imprisonment.

    Other schi%%ies I mean cities are concerned about this:

  • Dhe

    His name is Edwin, his family lived on Mozart st. He grew up in this neighborhood, He is 35 years old and homeless. Troubled kid most his life, now a troubled young man. Is he a threat? Can’t tell, but he has never shown aggression to anyone that I’m aware of, but he is not well, so I would use caution.

  • Calling 911 would result in him going to jail. 311 might be the better way to go, at least as a first step.

    Jail is not the best place for someone who is mentally ill. Here's a segment from "60 Minutes" on Tom Dart's plan to get non-violent mentally ill inmates out of Cook County jails:

  • Dhe..thank you SO much for the information and putting 'a name' to the situation.
    If we see him, will he let us speak to him? Just a conversation. I'll he take 'homeless bags' of socks and water, etc...$?

    Just checking...(It is a shame it doesn't 'take a village' anymore...)

  • Dhe

    He is approachable. I speak with him frequently.

  • Should we give him $? Will he accept it?

  • Or maybe gift cards for Burger King, Mickey D's, etc

  • Dhe

    I'm sure he will. He's asked me for $. My heart is burdened for those with mental illness.

  • If you feel obliged to give him your own money, that is up to you. But, I would advise against it. If you are truly concerned about his well being, provided him with food/food gift cards and connect him with the services he needs. Providing a man money, will not only allow him to possibly spend it on items detrimental to himself and our community, but also keep him roaming the area.

  • Agreed..I have a bag I give out with socks, gloves, food, etc and there are quarters & a few dollars in it. The gift card work well.I also pick up the cost for those in dollar stores buying ..usually hygiene products.
    We all need to research services but some won't stay in them because they don't feel safe.
    (Back to elected officials again...)

  • Was he in the military? They can get housing.

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