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Added Feb 15 2017

The new facade looks amazing! Does anyone know what kind of business is going into the old Nite Cap?

  • Anthony Harebrained Portage Park Young Blood

    So... a bar & grill with an outdoor patio? Perfect! Does anyone have a name for this project- or a link to follow it's progress on social media? I love seeing all these changes in Portage Park.

  • Deutsch portage36

    heard its still same owners. just remodeling.

  • anyone know where they are at with this

  • Jermy coffee fuels me

    I walk by this daily. No progress from the outside. Looks the same as it has for months

  • They were installing the signage today. "Foundation Grill"

  • was walking by today, here is a picture of the new signage

  • Giovina Austin & Irving resident since '85

    It is called Foundation Grille and I heard on NextDoor that it is new owners. Supposedly the same owners as Hops and Barley. Not sure when it will officially will open. I hope it is like a Hops and Barley or Sutherlands as that will be a great addition to the area!

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    I hope it's not like Hops and Barley or Sutherlands because we don't need three places, (actually there's more than three) that are basically the same. Restaurants are fun, but so are many different businesses that the neighbors can patronize. Liked the Nite Cap, we need a good bar like that in the area. Had good music too. The bar that Sutherland's replaced was fun. I miss it.

  • Deutsch portage36

    same owners as nite cap. just remodeled. from what I hear.

  • my friend used to hang out there along time ago, he has passed about 14 years ago, god rest his soul ... I miss him.

    and to this day, if I see a black grand prix pull up, I can't stop myself from looking to see if it is him.

  • DarkAngel Lifetime Chicagoan, new Portage Park home owner

    @EBKitty, the distance from Hops & Barley to Foundations and to Sutherlands is enough that it's not like having three of the same restaurants right next door to each other.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    It's still 3 similar choices within let's say 2 miles or so from each other. Literally minutes in a car. Do we have to go to the extreme of "right next door" to make some point? It's basically bar food you can get anywhere including a suburban mall restaurant similar to Chili's. I'm sure I'll go once in awhile, but it's just the same. Every few blocks a Starbucks and every few blocks a burger and brew. One less club or neighborhood bar on the strip to sit back and have some drinks with the guys. That's all I'm saying.

  • Anthony Harebrained Portage Park Young Blood

    Call me crazy but I'm just going to sit back and wait for The Foundation to announce what kind of food & drinks they're going to offer before opening my big mouth.

  • I am sure the places will have different food options and different vibes, people will tend to go to places they feel most comfortable.

    sometimes dependent on mood or company, you may prefer once place over the other at any given time.

  • Sutherland's food isn't dime a dozen. It's delicious. People like to complain no matter what. I just hope they still do live music.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    The food is tasty, but it's salads, and sandwiches for the most part. Few doors down, the same offerings. Big deal. Losing a great bar for another restaurant.

  • DarkAngel Lifetime Chicagoan, new Portage Park home owner

    Between the three, this one will be the shortest walk for me. Judging from the facade, I don't think Foundation will be cheap.

  • Deutsch portage36

    I agree with EBKITTY. Too much of same thing. Sutherlands, Hops and barley, McNamaras, Easy Street, -
    We need something different. Sutherlands is my go to place, because it's closest. Not sure what "Tavern Foundation Grill" will be offering, but hopefully someday we will find out.

  • @deutsch, what do you want to see come to the area?

    i would like to see something like a 24 hour diner, not much to go grab a quick bite late night around 6 corners.

  • You guys really complaining about new establishments coming into the area? This is what people moving in or potentially moving in to want to see. I am glad there are more options to choose now.

  • Deutsch portage36

    breakfast for sure. ma and pap diner would be great. No real steakhouse close, except community (great place) , but I'm talking like a real steakhouse. I think a steakhouse would do well, and I would frequent. No Pizza!!!! too many around us already.

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  • @Deutsch, have you tried las tablas?

  • Also, ellys is supposed to be coming next to the binnys and a little further west a mexican restaurant. I still think we can use more bbq places in the area.

  • I've been to McNamara's and Hops and Barley several times and don't find them very similar at all.

  • Deutsch portage36

    Come to think of it, we don't have a strip club anywhere in the area. None in walking distance. So many empty stores. "tavern foundation girls?" won't even need to change most of the sign. lol

  • DarkAngel Lifetime Chicagoan, new Portage Park home owner

    so has anyone heard any update about this place opening? what's the hold up?

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  • I was wondering this myself. Any update?

  • i have not seen anything new, however the culvers seems to be coming along. probably next month if we are lucky, anyone have any insight?

  • Culver's was supposed to be ready by end of January last I heard.

  • Eric Pepeson NW-side deplorable, based-stickman, commie-crusher

    I think one thing all the neighbors on EB can agree on is the excitement that Culver's is opening. I love the burgers and fish.

  • The current target for Culver's opening is January 29th

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    "This is what people moving in or potentially moving in to want to see."

    So the opinions of residents who already live here are not as important or hold as much weight as these alleged people moving in Duran? Aren't we all equal?

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    Asking if we're all equal gets a thumbs down...that's weird.

  • DarkAngel Lifetime Chicagoan, new Portage Park home owner

    I'm excited about the Culver's and Foundation Grill. It's not a zero sum game as far as I'm concerned.

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