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Added Feb 11 2018

Hi Logan neighbors! My fiancee and I moved from Brooklyn to Chicago a few months ago, and we've had a really hard time finding any decent Chinese food delivery here. We've tried a few places on Caviar and Grubhub, but all have been pretty bad so far. Do you have any recommendations of places to go / order from?

Thank you!

  • I go to Lee's on Diversey just west of Western (2415 W Diversey Ave, (773) 938-2268). I don't know if they deliver.

    To tell the truth, I haven't gotten anything from there for a while now, so I don't know if the food is still as good as it used to be. But it used to be pretty decent.

  • heard good things about new goo goo on armitage but have not yet tried it.

  • Alex Webb

    We've struggled to find good delivery Chinese ourselves. Ten years ago Friendship was amazing, but the quality has gone significantly downhill. Cheng's Chopsticks is fine if you want the traditional "too sweet, too greasy" delivery Chinese; at the very least it's better than Eat First (yuck) or Three Harmony or Mon Lung. I used to have delivery from Lee's, which Beeb mentioned, and it was always fine but a few bad experiences made us mark it off the list.

    In other words... I'm not help. Try Googoo's Table!

  • Peter W. 20-yr Logan Sq Resident

    I hope you get a great recommendation here. I have not found any Chinese food in Chicago that is anywhere near as good as it is at most restaurants in New York. I don’t know why it is, but Chinese food in Chicago is very disappointing.

  • Benjamin Lipsman 37 y.o. Logan Square resident. Web designer.

    New China Station on North just west of Western. Even gets praise from the LTH Forum foodies in the area

  • LL

    Lee’s is the best we’ve found, but that’s not saying much. We moved here from the east coast 3 years ago and I miss our options back home.

  • Alex, can you pet us know what places you have tried to help narrow down the choices?

  • I'm going to have to agree with folks who say there are no good options - I don't know what it is with Chicago. The best was Thank You in Lost Lake but then it had the fire, and now we've got nothing. We also moved from the east coast about 5 years ago and you're just going to end up pining for the good stuff back there. The last we tried was Lee's on Christmas Day and it was literally inedible, plus it had hair in it - save yourself!

  • JLM60 Visual Artist resident of Logan Square since 1986

    If you want really authentic Chinese food in Chicago , you have to go to Chinatown. Too far for delivery. Logan Square is better for Mexican, Polish, or the newer trendy places.

  • Golden Chef- best fried rice and FAST delivery. Also just tried Gen Hoe on kedzie- really good

  • I like New China Station--not in Logan but they do deliver here. The Chinese places I have tried in Logan are terrible. 2411 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

  • Gil Jimenez Private Investigator; IL concealed carry trainer


  • My wife and I always go out of our way for Chinese, I cant compare it to NY Chinese food as I have no experience with that. But what we like the most is Mon Lung on ashland in Noble square.

  • G

    I have yet to find good quality Chinese takeout in this area for at least 15 years now! So I make due. I do go a little pricier and get Thai Lagoon when I'm in the mood for Asian Food and want better than average quality.

    Don't get me started on Tacos...

  • Dea MLNW student

    I tried blue willow on Fullerton (&western) I’ve gotten shrimp in lobster souce and Mongolian beef (in regular and combo platter) and egg drop soup and was not disappointed. That’s all I tried so far. They probably deliver but I always picked it up. Food was ready to pick up 10 min. (It doesn’t look nice inside, but who cares if the service was fast and the food was good). For the Mongolian beef and large egg drop soup I paid like $13.

  • We go to Van Fat on Kimball from time to time since we're so close. It's tough because some of their stuff is great (like the fried spicy beef or their Chicken wings), but most of their dishes are meh.

    Blue Willow is pretty good, too.

    If you haven't gone to China town yet, you should. You'll get a sense of the best in Chicago and set your expectations for the neighborhood places accordingly.

  • It's more Malaysian, less Chinese but Serai has awesome food and delivers to Logan.

  • is the way to go. They deliver from pretty much every restaurant in town. I can't live without it. Some of our favorite Chinese/Asian are Lee's Chop Suey, New China Station, Thai Thai, Kimberly Sushi.

  • #1 chop suey 2550 w. Addison. They deliver, great food.

  • I've lived in Ravenswood for 20+ years and always went to the Shanghai Inn for Chinese. If you check with Yelp, it received 4 stars and does delivery if you want to try it. I agree with one of my commenters here that the best Chinese food you'll ever find is in Chinatown. Why don't you go to one during the Chinese NY celebration? At least you get the full experience. I love that restaurant across from a funeral parlor there for dim sum and other delicacies. I can't remember the name because I went during lunch hour, but I sat on the 2nd floor in that beautiful restaurant overlooking a funeral parlor across the street where I saw one afternoon a bunch of men in black suits ala mob bosses. Still, have that memory stay with me.

  • Might have to brave the cold and grab some carry-out from Duck Duck Goat.

  • Strike that. Duck Duck Goat is on Caviar.

  • carrie 40-year Palmer Square resident

    Friendship Chinese in Logan Square. Very yummy.

  • Mon lung is my favorite outside of Chinatown . Lee’s for chop suey :)

  • sally v concerned

    Not in Logan square but I like Lo's on irving pk and california

  • Elo

    Golden Chef on Grubhub is the best I’ve found so far.

  • Jodi in Logan Square mom of four

    I also like #1 Chop Suey on Addison across from Lane Tech. They never disappoint!

  • Serai on Milwaukee. It's Malaysian (the only Malaysian in Chicago) and it's delicious! Try the 3 chili chicken - not as spicy as it sounds, you won't regret it!

  • That’s a dilemma - having moved from San Francisco I have to agree that Chinatown is the only place to go. The rest are just sad. Do Blue Apron and make it yourself - better than most restaurants!

  • I second Friendship on Milwaukee just north of Diversey. If you don't want to venture all the way to Chinatown head to Uptown to the Argyle St area. Lao Sze Chuan, Furama and Sun Wah are amazing. Plus there are a lot of great Vietnamese restaurants there.

  • kim helping beautify OIP one plant at a time

    Lee Hing. We love it and everyone who comes over to share with us always wonders where the heck we got it.

  • Friendship used to be good, they have faltered lately. Argyle is great as Aldona said, worth an adventure up there, it is a great area to eat, shop and enjoy the culture.

  • new china station has excellent dry chile fish filet and potstickers. plenty in chinatown, i.e. go 4 food, dolo, homestyle taste, sze chuan cuisine...

  • Cheng's Chopsticks is pretty good for typical, Americanized Chinese ... otherwise, go to Chinatown! Or, if you work downtown, a lot of the restaurants in Chinatown deliver, so sometimes I get a bunch of stuff, eat a little for lunch, and take a ton of leftovers home ;)

  • catlady for the love of cats, lets get along!

    I order from Lees Chinese Garden on North Ave and Tripp. I love their lo mein and lunch/dinner specials!

  • Dawn Downing Just livin' life

    I always order from Eat First. 3337 W Belmont. I'm picky with my Chinese food, and I haven't been disappointed in the 10 years I've been ordering from there.

  • Try Lee's on Diversey. Especially beef dishes & egg rolls.

  • Does Hong Huh deliver to the area? If so I most definitely recommend them.

  • Thanks, everyone! Looking forward to trying some of these recommendations soon 🥢✨

  • Used to love Friendship (they don’t deliver though). I haven’t been there in a while, but it’s been “ok” the past couple times I’ve been there. Tuesday night is “cheap” night with all dinner entrees at 8.95 or 9.95 (whatever the going special price is now) — dine in only. I tried Von Phat Kimball - meh. I love the sweet sour chicken at Eat First and their vegetable egg rolls! Good size chunks of chicken breast.....some times can be a little greasy. Not a fan of their other dishes though.

  • Dee's in LP on Armitage. Use GrubHub/DoorDash and don't feel limited by what's in your immediate surroundings. Chengdu Impression also good for szechuan.

  • Just ordered from Lee's this week, they have the best egg rolls, the crab rangoon and Cantonese chicken chow mein were pretty good too. It may not be authentic, but it tastes good to me.

    Not in the neighborhood, but Takie Outit on Chicago between Leavitt and Hoyne in Ukrainian Village is my favorite. Maybe Grubhub will deliver from there. I miss it since I've moved.

    Like anything else, the best Chinese/pizza/etc. is a mattter of taste. Especially pizza...if you want to start an argument, ask who has the best pizza. Thin vs pan vs stuffed vs NY style adds another element.

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