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Added Feb 11 2018

Born and raised in Chicago.Ive seen an ironing board out there.

  • .. and I thought a stroller was weird.

  • Stroller is funny too,Fran!!

  • Little Tikes toy car . That’s the best one I have seen .

    The worst , garbage bags filled with snow

  • @danny, lol I seen a little tikes car too, was it pink?

  • a vacuum cleaner

  • Someone by me had a nativity scene last year. If you’ve got baby Jesus saving your spot, no one will dare steal it!

  • @inactive user , no it was a a very faded , yellow and red .

  • i seen a pick one, so maybe it is a trend.

  • Betsey in Kilbourn Park Belding and Schurz Alumna

    I have seen something different this winter -- dibs without the sweat equity. People just pulling their 4-wheel drive vehicles out of a space without shoveling, and then sticking a chair in the spot where their car was. Not good dibs manners, in my opinion.

  • Christmas tree, with a single ornament.

  • As much as I hate Dibs, this is really fun!

  • Glad u like it!!!

  • Last night I was walking down Sunnyside and there were heaps of trash everywhere (dibs items) between Kimball up until Central Park- it was so ugly and embarrassing, I can’t believe some people are okay with this. I was... actually shocked. Anybody else see this stretch? Man...

  • I'm particularly offended when the "dibs" spot is in front of MY house and the junk is not mine (this is not something I would ever do). Then, to make matters worse, when they park in their special spot, they put the junk on the parkway in front of MY house! If I want to display junk in front of my house, I'm perfectly capable of supplying my own.

  • DebbieM - I live in a corner house. One winter I had a person from across the street and four houses down, clear out a spot by the side of "my" house and save it with some junk.

  • Hilarious.Yes keep your junk to yourself

  • Fisch Web Developer / Musician

    Just came home from work. Haven't used my dibs (2 lawn chairs) since the big snow we got last week but apparently, someone came by and swiped them all??? Was there some kind of "move it or lose it" policy in place that I'm unaware of? Would have been nice to not completely lose 2 of my perfectly fine lawn chairs!

  • Yea the city accounced they were going to clear out the dibs stuff. Saw it on the news.

  • Fisch Web Developer / Musician

    Thanks! Wish the alderman would have posted it or something as I don't watch local TV news. Oh well, 2 less lawn chairs in my life. Thanks again!

  • ld2

    Probably shouldn't have left your trash just laying in your front yard for a week Fisch

  • Fisch Web Developer / Musician

    It wasn't my trash (that goes in the waste bin in my alley). It was 2 lawn chairs. Thanks for your concern though, Id2 - much appreciated!

  • ld2

    ...that you left laying around your front yard for a week. It never ceases to amaze me that a group of people (dibbers) that purport to be so hardworking by shoveling out parking sports for hours and hours and hours can't pick up after themselves after the snow is gone.

  • Fisch Web Developer / Musician

    I aspire to achieve your state of enlightenment. One day.... one day. But it's ok, continue to be amazed at my ineptitude.

  • ld2

    You said your chairs have been out there since you took a spot for a day. That storm was over a week ago. Maybe I'm missing something but the point is, pick up after yourself, it's not a concept that requires much enlightenment.

  • Fisch Web Developer / Musician

    The vast majority of the block on both sides still had dibs markers placed on their lawns in front of their respective vehicles (and they, too, appear to have all been taken as well). But it's ok, tell me what I'm doing wrong if you find joy in that sort of thing. I lost 2 lawn chairs - it's not the end of the world, I'd just have preferred to be aware that was coming.

  • ld2

    I'm just curious what you consider to be an appropriate amount of time to keep garbage sitting in the parkway? We haven't had significant snowfall in over a week. This is what a lot of people hate about dibs. The rest of us have to look at chairs, buckets, pieces of wood laying around until May. And a lot of dibs folks are so crazy about their garbage holding their spots, no one days take it to the ally for them out of fear. I take no joy in having to point out the obvious fact that you're being inconsiderate to your neighbors and the neighborhood as a whole. As I said, its simple, pick up after yourself.

  • Fisch Web Developer / Musician

    Sir, yes, Sir!

    I'm done going back/forth with this. I got it, I'm a disgrace to society. Hopefully one day you can find forgiveness for a disorderly vagrant such as myself.

  • Kapel Local Resident

    Best idea I've seen a neighbor come up with for Dibs is a large trash bag filled with Snow!!! When the snow starts to melt, he takes them away. If the city takes them, nothing is lost except a bag.

  • the trash bags would be too heavy to move when you have to park

  • If the city doesn't come by to pick up your empty trash bags, maybe the spring winds will catch them and "distribute" them on other peoples' front lawns, shrubbery, and even back yards. Thank you. One of my favorite pastimes is picking up other peoples' garbage--in fact, I look forward to the opportunity.

  • So glad the pouring rain today is not snow.... I can't stand any more bickering about dibs... :-)

  • What's wrong with lawn chairs on the parkway? That way when it gets warmer, you can sit out there and watch people throw real garbage on the street- you know, fast food bags, wrappers, cups, etc.

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