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Added Feb 07 2018

Greetings, Neighbors-

Calling on neighbors part of HOAs, and where laundry is in the building and not in the unit(s). What is the standard cost per load? What is the standard? An increase from .50 cents to $1.25 per load reasonable? Thank you in advance for your input.

  • Brian Parisi Logan Square Homeowner

    If you're asking whether a 150% increase in the cost of doing laundry is reasonable I can assure you that the member of the HOA will say it is not.

    What you need is the electric bill for the past few years of the HOA and a statement of upkeep, cleaning, and repair estimates for the laundry room and equipment. Use the overhead cost to calculate what each load should cost based on how many loads, on average, a household washes per year. You also need to decide if you're going to factor the replacement cost of the machines over time into the fees. Do you want the machines to pay for their own replacement over time?

    I would expect an HOA treasurer to do that amount of supporting work if they were proposing a 150% increase in a fee. If your treasurer is not willing to do that or does not know how then they should not be treasurer.

  • Melissa Stanley local realtor and business onwer

    $1.25 is below market laundry prices (if there is such a thing) I am mostly seeing new machines asking $2+ a load with card readers so you dont need quarters. I think it is reasonable. If there is extra money from laundry it should be going to the condo association. I would just try to get some accounting. If someone is getting quarters a few times a month it does make a good opportunity for stealing.

  • I'm in an HOA with laundry shared between 6 units. Two washers and two dryers are free (by free I mean we don't put any money into the machines, the cost of maintenance, replacement etc. are part of our assessments)

  • LD

    I'm not trying to be snarky but I don't think it matters what anybody thinks about cost increase. Are you renting a condo there, an owner or are you on the BOD? In our building, decisions like these are made by our BOD w/out input from the rest of the HOA (this would be considered a very minor decision for our building). If you are a renter, perhaps you can ask your landlord if there's anything that can be done to offset the cost. If you are an owner and I was the treasurer and was asked to justify the cost increase with the "supporting work" a responder mentioned I would invite them to the nearest laundromat and suggest they run for treasurer at the next BOD election.

    For the record, $0.50 seems incredibly cheap and $1.25/load less than average and completely reasonable.

  • If this is a building of owners that are already paying monthly HOA fees then the laundry should be part of that cost. You should not be charging anything for each load.

    If you're managing a building of rental units then charge whatever you want.

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