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Added Feb 03 2012

One of my tenants named the dog "Nickel" since my son's Labradoodle's name is Penny (Lane). Anyhow the first photo was taken this morning at Juneway Beach, the next two were after Guila at Fuzzy Dog gave Nickel a free haircut.

The 4th photo is my son's and daughter-in-law's dog, Penny Lane. I include it because he is my grandpup..

I don't know how to take all the kudos I have been getting. I am just doing what I would hope anyone else in my situation would do. Not a big deal. Nickel growled at me the first evening, but after that charmed his way into my life. He is a very smart dog. If he had continued growling the next morning he would have been destined for the city facility and that destiny. Hopefully we can find a good home in our great neighborhood for a very nice dog.

  • paulina and touhy too many inconsiderate people

    thank you for helping this dog. i hope everyone who reads this post will remember what you did if they ever find themselves in a similar situation. animals can't speak for themselves, they need us. something great will happen for you because you helped this poor baby. thank you.

  • Inactive user

    Nickel is ADORABLE! Definitely use that photo with the lake in the background for advertising purposes.

    If I had more space I'd scoop him up in a heartbeat, but I already have 2 cats and a 100 lb lab in a studio apt. Don't think it would be fair to my other fur babies to try and squeeze one more in.

    Do you mind if I post one of these pics and his story on my FB wall? A lot of my friends are animal lovers.

  • Inactive user

    oops. I guess I should have read your post first, Tom. I assumed all the pix were of Nickel.

    PS Becca, what happened to the 10-minute rule? Once upon a time you said we had 10 minutes to edit/delete a post, but I can't find the button to make that happen. Thanks.

  • maryd Born, raised and remain in East Rogers Park

    Wow! What a difference! The groomer did a great job! Sure your son and daughter-in-law wouldn't like a brother for Penny? :)

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    the 2nd dog idea is under consideration by son and his wife, but they kind of have their hands full with Penny who is still a pup (a 35 lb 5 month old pup).

    Looks like the order of photos above is exactly opposite my descriptions... And yeah if this was Penny up for adoption it would be pretty easy... :-)

  • Andrea Kim Animal Advocate and Animal Care Provider

    You are getting all the kudos because you deserve it. Most people, sadly, do nothing, or maybe call animal control. I have been rescuing dogs and cats for 5 years. You'd be amazed at the ignorance and apathy most people have towards strays. I will gladly help by posting a picture and story on my facebook pages. Also, go and see Joel at D'Art of Grooming at Clark & Arthur. He would help network for a hone for Nickel as well.

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    Ditto to all of the positive comments, Tom. "Nickel" looks great! I can only imagine how happy he is to be cared for. I hope you find a permanent home for him real soon.

  • maryd Born, raised and remain in East Rogers Park

    Wow Tom! You have alot of support here. Andrea is one of the most giving, caring, selfless animal rescuers that I have had the pleasure of meeting. Most of these small boutique groomers and pet supply stores in the area reach out and network for people that find strays.

  • Andrea Kim Animal Advocate and Animal Care Provider

    Wow! MaryD .. I didn't think I knew anyone on here, just joined EveryBlock and have been just reading the posts for a couple months. Thank you for your kind words! :)

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    Nickel is being adopted! One of our neighbors on Eastlake wants to adopt. They met Nickle and decided in about 60 seconds. First they have to sit their daughter's dog for a week and then they will take Nickel.

    She will enjoy life on Eastlake where there are about as many dogs as people. They are experienced dog owners and long time residents on Eastlake and already know most of the other dog walkers in the hood. Nickel will have a happy stable home by the beach.

  • maryd Born, raised and remain in East Rogers Park

    Tom, be sure to give them the chip number and have them re-register him under their info. It costs $20. I would also notify Anti-Cruelty Society about the previous owner so she is put on a do not adopt list or something. I know, I'm really tough.
    Take care,

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    I plan to talk to the anti-cruelty society and to the new owners. I have the chip number and name of person who previously adopted.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    I love stories with happy endings. And how nice that Nickel will stay on the block where you two can still see each other. I am a little confused, though. Above you write: "She will enjoy life on Eastlake...." In the original thread, you said Nickel is a male.

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    Sorry, mispoke. He is a he.

  • brandierenae fashion forward time traveler

    hah! my cats are rescue's & were sexed completely wrong...

    those who rescued them - in observing them chose names that depicted what they thought their sex was.

    the male had been named "Betsy" based on the laid back nature of the kitten. the female had been named "Linus" because it was very assertive - clearly an alpha.

    As kittens - and due to the food change when I brought them home, they had 'issues' ... and in cleaning them up is when I discovered 'Linus" was missing appropriate equipment. Since they were young (about 6 weeks) I assumed "they" hadn't "dropped" yet. ALTHOUGH ... in cleaning up "Betsy" ... I bust out laughing as I noted "oh! you are SO NOT a female!!".

    appropriate name change later -- Lila & Tory have let me live with them now for nearly 7 years.

    I've been "rescuing" my whole life, it seems. Growing up in the country, asshats were always dumping their unwanted pets to fend for themselves. They seemed to know where they could come.

    I think the best pets "choose" us.

  • John D Good Neighbor, Anarchist, Gnostic Christian

    What a wonderful thing you have done, Tom. Thank you on behalf of all animals in need and those who labor to assist them.

  • blueskys

    hey Tom I just came across this lost dog ad on facebook..not sure if it's the same dog but I thought I would add it to this string. -Kevin

    LOST! Chicago (1900 W Greenleaf) Jake, Mini Schnauzer, 2 y/o, 16 lbs, Please co...ntact: Timothy 773 320 8418 or 773 562 5682 email: or, Jake is all white, friendly, neutered, microchipped. Went missing 2/2/12.

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    thanks... we found this dog on 1/31/2012 and the chip identified the anti-cruelty society and a different owner.

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