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Added Dec 30 2012

Did anyone just hear them? 12:30 am. I called them in to the police. Wondering what happened.

  • do we have to have an explanation of every loud noise in the neighborhood?

  • I think this is probably what you heard (in case you haven't read this yet):

  • If you would have heard what I heard you would have been a little afraid, treekeeper. No need to be a jerk.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Thanks for Posting Aubrey . I was driving by and thought I heard the same thing . We should all keep our neighbors aware of whats going on and we all should report to 911 any suspicious stuff . the only way we will get more Police for our neighborhood is to report everything . That is if there are any Police left .

  • Don't read the post if you think the topic is irrelevant. I think AJ made the topic clear in the title.

  • chicago girl Resident in Portage park for over 38 years

    @Jedi-Exactly.If it's not reported,it won't be known for their statistics.Despite the 500 murders,don't you know crime is down.Does that makes sense? I thought murder is a crime.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    Chicago girl ... Dishonest , disengenous , and hypocritical rulers like Rahm say whatever they want and the media doesn't challenge them anymore . When Rahm says overall crime is down some of that is a matter of perspective . After all , if you dont have enough cops to make arrests you then report less crime stats . If you reclassify other crimes or lower the charges those are less violent crimes . Rahm is spinning and he knows full well no one in the media dare challenge him or he will cut their access off to that reporter / agency . In essence he Bullies them and they are afraid . The Chicago Police Dept is woefully undermanned .The CPD is about 2000 Ofc undermanned due to attrition . We have the strictest gun laws in the Nation . The criminals love both of these things . . Rahm wont hire cops but he can hire 474 teachers . What good are the teachers if the kids cant make it to school ?. The teachers weren't undemanned they just didnt want to work a standard school day . What is the bigger priority ? Rahm does his spin and expects people to buy that we are becoming safer . Do you feel safer in Chicago ? Me neither . His progressive supporters either buy it or are willing to look past the truth out of loyalty to their agenda / ideology . Wake up Chicago demand more Police , Stricter Laws/Penalties , and for the laws to be enforced . It is our city and we are losing .

  • chicago girl Resident in Portage park for over 38 years


  • Thanks you guys! That's why I reported it. I'm tired of hearing guns and nothing being done. I figured at least maybe we would get a few more patrols in the area as a result. The more we report the better it may get.

  • always report anything unusual - it may be gunshots, it not, the police can come by and make that decision. If you don't report and it is gunshots and someone gets killed, you will blame yourself.

  • AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter Blogger of ALSCB, Block Club captain

    Hello everyone. Yes, Aubrey, what you did hear was gunshots. I heard them too (I live on the 2800 block of Ridgeway) and also called 911. From what I heard on my police scanner, about 20 to 25 other 911 calls were made. The information that CPD gave over the air was that Maniac Latin Disciples from Barry and Central Park were the ones shooting, and they were shooting at the building on the corner of Lawndale and Diversey, 3701 on Diversey to be exact. No one was shot, thankfully, but they did find shell casings and a gas pipe was damaged in the process.

    To everyone here, I don't mean to advertise or anything, but please do link on that Brent provided. I transcribed the activity (and I'm still working on it at this moment) on my blog that was broadcasted over the scanner last night.

    For this New Year coming up, we've GOT to be a more active community and stand up to the bad element that seems to be trying to come in. If we allow this nonsense to continue, someone's going to get killed.

  • treekeeper betsey - yes, every loud noise has a reason, in this case it was gunshots and was reported. To get this 'bad element' out of our neighborhood again, we did in the past, I've lived here over 30 years, we need to keep vigilant and report, report report until our 'elected officials' take notice. Thank you AvondaleLoganSquareCrimeBlotter.

  • msperez809 19 year logan square residen

    Been living here quite a long time and have not heard gun shots in a long time, my 19 year old sometimes gets home from work at around that time! That's so scary, didn't hear those gunshots, but pray that those who did get caught and put away! I will keep a watch on our neighborhood! And everyone else do so as well.

  • Bike Jedi Bike Jedi . I live to bike . Born in the Square.

    This is an interesting take on crime stats and gun laws based only in common sense

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