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Added Dec 29 2012

Anyone else kept up at night by the base of Grandbar? Seems to be worse during the winter than summer, I presume they open a vent or door for air. I'll probably start calling 311 to report noise ordinance violations but it would be more helpful if others do too. I live over a block and a half away and just want some sleep.

  • Why would you start calling 311 for noise ordinance if you knew what area you were moving into? Grandbar is a club/bar and will continue to play their music regardless of complaints... Wake up people.. Ugh

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  • Great response Noyolk...

  • "Wake up people?" I think that's the problem....the music is waking him up. There is noise ordinance for a reason and any business or individual needs to abide by it.

    You're far enough away that you should not be able to hear the music. You have several options including 311, filing a community concern at (left hand column) or going to your CAPS meeting and bringing it up there. But you might want to start by just stopping by in the early evening and nicely voicing your concerns to the manager. As you say, someone may be propping open a door and the manager is unaware. If your friendly approach is rebuffed, then pursue it more formally.

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  • Yes Kel! We live 2 blocks away and can hear the bass also from our home!! I thought my husband was crazy when he said it was coming from Grandbar but sure enough that's the source of noise. We've been making calls as well but to no avail. I agree that if others report the noise maybe it'll help.

  • With all (un)due respect, Santiago, we're not talking Wrigley Field here. If the bass noise is waking people up two blocks away in the middle of the night there is an issue. I'm suggesting a civil way to handle it. You might try a bit of civility in your posts.

  • Hang in there Kel. Keep calling 311, we do - especially Friday/Saturday, we live a couple of blocks away. They need to lower their music or improve their soundproofing and respect the neighbors.

    Santiago - not constructive and unneighborly. We have a right to a peaceful nights sleep.

  • To Santiago/noyolk- everyone has a right to complain against an illegal act whether they have been here for 10 years (as I have- and live next door to the place) or just moved in.
    I would also have a chat with the owner/manager Gene whom is very approachable!

  • Kel

    Thanks for (almost) everyone's responses. I was well aware that Betty's Blue Star was there when I bought my condo but never thought I'd hear pumping base in my bedroom at 3am given where I am in relation to the club. I'm not ready to move to Schaumberg yet but thanks for the constructive comment Noyolk....I've lived in this exact spot 5 years (12 yrs in neighborhood) and tried to deal with the noise so I guess I'm just finally getting fed up. Given how loud it sounds I swear they must have a window or door open. I will try contacting their management and 311 going forward.

  • Ashok Bose chicago family man

    There's no excuse for it to be that loud two blocks away... Was Betty's like that? Or is it something different that Grandbar is doing?

  • Acoss I'm glad 2 hear that you lived in the area for over 10 yrs... I have lived in the area for over 40yrs.. There's something called a "choice" in life and if u choose to live near a bar/club those are things that you have to love with... Regardless of how many people complain about the noise Grandbar is a business and will continue to run their business as format able as they wish... # Happy New Year...

  • Santiago- I know the owner and have spoken to him a number of times about this issue. He has worked with us on this although AGAIN- people have rights and Betty's/Grand Bar MUST abide by all public nuisance ordinances! I know that condo owners in my association have called 311, 911 and complained on the site. Please respect their concerns as Gene owner of grand bar does.
    Happy new year as well!

  • @ Santiago, not if they lose their liquor license for breaking the law and being a community nuisance.

  • Huh Santiago? Well my choice in life is to not accept this nuisance and complain enough that they do not get their license renewed. Clearly you have a financial interest in the place.

  • Ohio Neighbor.. # GOOD LUCK


  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    Chicago has a noise ordinance. If some people dont like that, then they are free to move to a city that has none, such as Schaumburg.

  • I think Santiago likes stirring it up. Suggest we all now just ignore him.

    Good luck to the sleepless neighbors. Keep us posted.

  • CrimeStopper Santiago is a "REALIST" After continuous complaints about the establishment has there been any change? As I can see the answer is "NO" #GO BEARS

  • People need to prioritize what's important in LIFE... Chicago has a crime rate of 500 people and here we are worrying about noise...

  • Wahtever Mann ...for the good of NW-sliders!

    Consider the Broken Windows theory in this case. The rights of residents and businesses in a community are first protected by people acting with mutual regard for one another in a civil society, like stopping at a red light - it's obvious, but regulations and ordinances exist to define expectation of behavior when conflict arises. When residents of a community "don't care" and allow lesser crimes to happen like littering on a sidewalk or some grafitti on a garage door to remain, then more serious crime can happen in that community.

    Crime control and quality of life are very important and go hand in hand. We don't ignore a noise ordinance because more serious crime may be happening at the same time - that is a weak excuse.

    Chicagoans can walk AND chew gum at the same time.

  • Thanks, Mann. "Broken Windows" came to mind as I was reading Santiago's comment.

    Remember that former restaurant/brewery/club on Chicago just west of Halsted? Police officers ended up testifying at the liquor commission about all of the calls they answered there which contributed to the liquor license getting pulled. Now golf equipment is sold there. A much quieter enterprise.

  • JB in RV Chicago Homeowner

    Thanks for your comments on the Broken Windows Theory. This is something the Mayor should observe and put into action immediately. It's very true; all of us can partake in making our communities better places to live. Keep vigilant and remember, eventually the squeaky wheel gets greased.

  • Fig Kelly West Ridge Ranger

    I live about that distance away and I never hear a thing. I blame the old quality construction of my building.

  • Chuck T Battling the dummies

    Was it always like this? If not, what changed? The club? You? As a professional entertainer it's hard for me to come down on a club. As a civilian who likes my house quiet, I can understand your anger.

  • Kel

    Betty's was loud but not like last Saturday as I remember it. What I remember more about Betty's is that at 4am when they closed, their customers would occassionally be yelling and arguing in the streets. Grandbar doesn't seem to have that prob yet so that's one plus for them. Thanks for everyone's thoughts on the matter.

  • Did anyone hear the fireworks between 12:30am - 1:30 last night? I could not sleep with all that "noise".... Did anyone call 311 for noise ordinance?

  • Grandbar isn't so grand. I live nearby and the noise, puking patrons, pre-partying in cars, etc that occurs is all a massive neighborhood nuisance. We report incidents and cops do frequently show up, albeit not extremely quickly.

    Grandbar is better than Betty's was (same ownership), but Betty's is not exactly a high benchmark for comparison. If we all keep publicly voicing concern, MAYBE something will get done to address the ongoing issues.

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