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Added Dec 25 2015

merry christmas to all my every block friends.

I wish everyone well, especially those that may be having a difficult time this time of year.

if you received a gift good or bad and would recommend or not recommend you can post it below.

this way all those gift cards or exchanges anyone has to do knows what to spend it on.

  • walgreens by 6 corners is open til 10pm if anyone needs anything last minute.

  • Portage Porker 25 Year Portage Park Resident

    I would like a new Mazda. Have you seen any? ;-) ;-)

  • lol, yeah a whole lot of them...

    merry christmas portage porker..

  • Portage Porker 25 Year Portage Park Resident

    Merry Christmas to your family!

  • TLo

    I hope you both were able to spend some time with cherished family and friends. Wishing everyone the happiest of New Years.

  • Portage Porker 25 Year Portage Park Resident

    Yes we did! Family and friends have truly been the theme of this holiday season!

  • I unfortunatly could not, hopefully the new year is better. Happy new year.

  • My hubby got an older Roku for me to give to him that will work with our old TV which has just been hanging out in the basement. So we will hopefully be using it again soon. And will be a good motivator to clean the basement. I got a sweater for him to give to me. From lands end outlet, I've worn it today and yesterday. I heard on the radio today that this winter/spring will probably be a good time to buy a new winter coat if anyone needs a new one. There will probably be too much stock with the mild winter we are having.

  • Merry Christmas everyone. Hope it was a good one for everyone, and that the new year is shaping up nicely.

  • I had to deal with major ruckus at O'Hare, JFK and Heathrow to make it to my final destination in Madrid to visit my folks. I would rather travel any other time of the year in a direct flight, for much cheaper and less hassle but of course there is this orchestrated Christmas fuss in Catholic countries like good old Spain. I hate travelling this time of the year. I can visit my folks anytime I want. I wish people gave up on this guilt inducing traditions. I do the same things for Christmas that I would do any other time of the year. This Southern European society is Christmas centered (same as Germany, Austria and Switzeland). They don't mess up with PC denominations to accommodate everyone. It's Christmas Christmas. Deal with it. Love it or leave it. They even teach kids Christmas carols in many regional public schools. I have no issues with any of that. Only with the fact that society makes people feel miserable when they are alone for Christmas. Unfair and totalitarian in my opinion. I am not buying anything. I'm here and I entertain with my shenenigans. That's it. I'm not expecting presents either. My present is being able to get up whenever I want, usually at noon versus getting up at 5am to get in a gloomy Brown Line train. Also Spaniards have incredible food, beer and wine and I'm the free loading guest (only fair since you spend astronomical fees to fly this time of the year). I can get that all year around so it's not really a Christmas present. I'm not a fan of orchestrated happiness once a year. Why can we try to be happy and civil all year around? Happy Every Day of the Year you all!

  • Mont, you must LOVE the forced merriment on NYE!!

  • M



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  • @mute, like an ancestry dna test?

  • joanie 25 year resident of JP

    I'd never do one of those tests. Concerned about insurers using them in the future.

  • knowing my luck, i would take the test and fail it

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  • @Mute: the concern with the submitting DNA is that law enforcement around the country is subpoenaing Ancestry to test criminal DNA found at crime scenes.

    A guy, Michael Usry, became a "person of interest" in a murder because his father had submitted DNA years ago to a church group who took DNA as a part of a genealogy project at their church, and later sold the DNA database to Ancestry. Usry was absolutely innocent, but was scrutinized by the police because there was a "familial DNA" hit on his dad's DNA, and so the began investigating him and members of his family. The link below is a report about him and what happened.

    I think this really is far reaching, and scary. It really seems to be pushing the 4th Amendment really to the limits.

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  • joanie 25 year resident of JP

    The criminal forensics is interesting, that's not what I was thinking of. Let's say for instance that you may have a genetic disorder in your family for late in life dementia or other illnesses. Would you really want to know and feel the sense of impending doom? How would it effect obtaining medical and life insurance? Some people may want to know, others don't. Anything in a database may be discoverable for other purposes.

  • @joanie, early detection can help with treatment plans, you can take steps to minimize damage.

  • now, back to the presents worst thing this year was a pair of pajamas that was way to big, when I ask the person why they got me that size, they said I look that big.
    I mean really, I can hold it up and do a slim fast commercial.

    they said they got it from target, how are they about exchanging without a receipt for another size? they are going to go look for the receipt, but I will not hold my breath.

    one time I was on the phone with them and they were running late because they could not fine something, I asked them what the hell they were looking for and they said their cell phone.... "you mean the one your talking on!" , oh.... got it, on the way.

    anybody get any, oh, this is nice (really?) presents this year

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  • scain09 Transplant from southside

    I got new socks but no underwear. I guess this pair can last me til next year. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  • well, they ended up taking it back to target, they could not find the receipt, and even though they asked to do an even exchange and just get a different size target gave them 1/2 off credit because of no receipt (which may or may not have been the last sale price) and got me another pair.

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