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Added Dec 14 2016

Many sidewalks are very icy. Please also salt your sidewalks so people can walk on them without being afraid of falling. Please consider your neighbors, kids going to school, delivery people and the people that deliver the mail.

  • They should be fined! Cheaper than getting sued, right?

  • Kodi&chloe

    The city owns the sidewalk. At least when it suits them they do. Next the mayor will have us all be responsible for plowing the street in front of our house or we'll be fined. I find myself working more hours to pay rising property taxes and now I'm expected to shovel & salt their sidewalk and water & cut their grass. Where does it end?

  • PLSS Defector

    Years ago someone made and distributed door hangers that people can print and stick on offender's doors to remind them of the law and offered numbers to people willing to clear their property for a fee. Anyone have that resource? Would you use them if you had them?

  • Carla C provided one link; here's another, start reading:

    Kodi & Chloe, if you're a building, business or home owner, it's your responsibility to clear the sidewalk. If not, it's the owner's job.

  • Kodi&chloe

    According to my plat survey the sidewalk, parkway, street or alley are not within the boundaries of the property I own. They belong to the city so therefore it's the cities responsibility. I pay property taxes which covers the maintance.
    If I were to be required to assume the responsibility to care for certain portions of the cities property I would expect reductions in my property taxes.
    My property insurance only covers property I own. I do not think State Farm, Allstate etc would be so accommodating and agree to insure the public way.

  • K & C - it doesn't have to do with your "plat survey."

    From Carla's posting link" "Many people rely on walking and transit as their primary way to get around, and without a wide, clear path through snow and ice, it is especially difficult for people with disabilities, seniors, and children to walk safely. According to the Municipal Code of Chicago (4-4-310 & 10-8-180), property owners and occupants are responsible for keeping sidewalks clear of snow and ice." Clear, isn't it?

    That's city statute, whether or not you want to abide by it. I suppose that you'll hope that no one photographs any icy, lumpy or impassable sidewalks in front of your building and reports you.

  • Use magnesium chloride to melt the ice.

  • Kodi&chloe

    Hey photograph away. Just make sure u abide by every mcc law out there since u b throwing stones from that glass house.

  • Don't be so lazy. Just shovel your sidewalk. And if you have an elderly neighbor, shovel theirs, too. Not only is it common decency, it's a good way to burn extra calories.

    Good grief.

    Neighbors are not the enemy. Clear your portion of the sidewalk so they can walk on it without falling down.

    Is this really a conversation that needs to be had? I mean--really? Like, this is basic, basic manners, Manners 101. What else do you need to know? Let's see, don't sneeze in people's faces. Don't throw food on the floor at restaurants. Don't wipe your butt with your hands and smear poop on the walls. Don't lick strangers.

    And shovel your sidewalk.

  • Kodi&chloe

    I see - I'm lazy and fat and have no manners because you don't agree with me. Got it. Maybe you should use those "basic manners" yourself before you insult others you know nothing about.

  • I didn't say fat. I would never use that as an "insult."

    I have plenty of beautiful plus-sized friends who shovel.

  • donahue. where are you ?

  • More snow coming in and this ice will be underneath it.

  • Kodi&chloe when someone slips and breaks their ankle on your unsalted sidewalk, it'll be your homeowners insurance or you that pays. I've seen it before. You will lose if it goes to court.

  • I find the posts from people who don't think they should have to clear their walks disheartening. Think about people pushing strollers or accompanying small children, the elderly and people with disabilities. A snow covered walkway might be easy for a young able-bodied person to traverse on their own, but is treacherous for many. I am on crutches this winter and this little bit of snow we have had so far has made life very difficult.

  • PLSS Defector

    Just be a human about it, is that so difficult? What if a member of your own family slipped and fell, hurt themselves, had to incur medical expenses, and had life disrupted during an already hard time to get around due to cold weather? A $5 shovel and 10 minutes of your time isn't much to give up. The world has enough entitled jerks, don't contribute to the pile.

  • The New Guy Local Weirdo

    I shovel my walk. But I do not salt.

  • Salt your sidewalks & pick up your dog poop too!
    I'm so tired of seeing pooped colored snow left by
    lazy owners .

  • Hey Bob, my neighbor hasn't shoveled for oh, 6 years. Where is there fine? lol Good luck.

  • M D D - They do fine if a complaint is filed. Usually they give one warning first.

  • For fines to be effective they have to be collected someway. It's just being neighborly to clear your sidewalk. Also don't put your snow by your garage by my garbage cans just because I don't have a garage I have to access my garbage cans and get out my back gate. These poor guys that pick up the garbage dumpsters I feel so sorry for because people put their snow up by it. Years ago you put a pile on each side of your own garage. But the garages are so big now they don't have room to put it by their own garages.

  • Ok, I work from like 7 am til I get home around 8 pm M-F...when would you like me out there shoveling? Should I wake you up at six am? How about when I get home and haven't seen my kids all day, maybe IU'll get out there by 10 pm.

    All these high and mighty's in here do me a favor and salt my ice for me, because I don't have time to shovel during the day and then b**ch about it. I'll get to it on the weekend.

  • It takes maybe 10 minutes. If that.

  • If you don't wanna shovel, mow, etc, rent or get a condo. No shame in that.

  • More like 45 because I don't just do the sidewalk, and I came from a condo already, thanks princess. Maybe I can hire you to come shovel.

  • So you know from firsthand experience that condos are great for people who don't wanna shovel. Things like shoveling, landscaping, etc,are built into the condo fees, no? Perfect for folks who want to own but don't want to bother with outdoor maintenance.

    Maybe I'm wrong. In which case, clue me in.

    And sure! I can always use extra cash and extra calorie-burning 👍

  • I had to walk in the street because some properties on the corners don't shovel their sidewalk on the side, Also there are the empty properties that nobody takes care of. Almost got hit by being in the street by someone driving like they're Indy 500 race car driver.

  • It is the property owner's responsibility by law in the City of Chicago to shovel the sidewalk directly adjacent to their property in winter and to mow the parkway directly adjacent to that sidewalk in summer. It doesn't matter if you have to work at 7AM or you think your opinion gets you off from obeying the law. If the snow stops falling by 4pm you have three hours to clear except on Sunday. If the snow stops falling after 4PM you have until 10AM the next day. It is really that simple folks. Follow the law or pay the fine.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it contains harmful content.
  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff because it is a personal attack.
  • Petulance and obvious self righteousness is always forthcoming from those who are wrong-headed and resolutely stubborn about it, with the resulting self-centered nonsense and accusations. Just be considerate and do what you should do. So, clear the sidewalk. What others do should not be the permissive guidepost for what you don't do....

  • If you haven't seen your kids all day then who is watching them? Maybe PAY that person to shovel for you? or pay some one else to do it?

    If your kids are old enough then make them do that! Your spouse perhaps??

    If you have a baby sitter ask them to do it and pay them extra!

    "US, high and mighty people" work long hours too, have family too, and still GET IT DONE ON TIME without excuses.

  • This is really sad all this conversation over
    shoveling snow smdh! I can't salt, dont use salt, its to much trouble!
    Do it for me! Crazy!! It's people that will shovel & salt but yes you will have to pay!
    Instead of all the back and fourth place an add on here duh! people know people who want extra money for helping. It's better than paying $500 for not doing it! I am a consumer and if I don't see it being done I will call 311 or 911 . I hate to see old people and kids or people with baby strollers walking in the streets because of unshoveled sidewalks .

  • Kodi&chloe

    I've noticed that certain individuals on here love to tell others what to do and how to live without any knowledge of that persons life or circumstances. They revel in quoting the law and telling others how to live. "It's the law" "You HAVE to do this" or "You can't do that", Call 911 or 311 or the caps guys". They love disagreement but only when they are the ones doing it. Can't handle when it comes back at them. So they do what any sissy would do and get the comments removed because they say it's a personal attack. Using your criteria I could consider some of your comments a personal attack on me but I'm not going to bother having them removed. Better to let them stay public for all to see. As they say if you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen.

  • PLSS Defector

    One of the best memories of my youth is the sound of my dad shoveling our driveway and sidewalk (of a corner lot) while I fell asleep at night. He worked hard to keep the area clear for us and the neighbors. That says a lot more about him than not doing it at all so he could see us at the end of the day. Be a better example.

  • My father also got out the shovel and my older sister and I took turns helping him (in between the snowballs!). But, the walkways were cleared and it was an automatic response to snow and walkway slippery surfaces.

  • A lot of whining for something so simple. ::head scratch:: Why buy a house if basic maintenance is so inconvenient?

  • future alderman future alderman

    PM me-i have a wrigleyville shoveling/snowblowing business starting up-and i will call on your asses til u hire someone!

  • I shovel early so not so many people have walked on it. We have a lot of people walk by and it makes it harder to shovel if it's been walked on.

  • PLSS Defector

    ^ I get that, it does, but all the more reason to get out there early. It'll melt this week, that's really when it's needed because then it re-freezes into ankle-twisting ice which is way worse than deeper snow.

  • future alderman future alderman

    way worse for who? ask someone in a wheelchair which is worse

  • I bet motorized wheelchairs have problems on that bumpy ice, too. Non-motorized ones would be hard to push.

  • smartypants Be Nice

    Hate to get on everyone's bad side, but I kind of understand all sides here... A Condo is not always a viable alternative to owning (we have lost 2 tenants due to the chainsmoker who owns the unit below.) Additionally, our condo board wont pay for maintenance so all 7 of us owners have to be on a shoveling, mowing, hallway vacuuming schedule -- or incur an additional monthy $$$ fee for non participation (new board made new rules.)
    My husband & I shovel for our own sfh as well as 1 elderly neighbor. But, in all honesty, the "Help The Elderly" point can also stick in my craw. Sometimes when I am shovelling for my 80 yr old neighbor while my husband shovels for my 78 yr old Aunt I feel like saying, "Hey, you're sitting on a million dollar property here, which you no longer need since the kids are decades gone, and you can't or won't pay someone to shovel or mow for you; it may be time for you to find a different situation." I'm a social worker and hear a lot from elderly folks how attached they are to their homes but, really, when you can no longer do the upkeep....please sell to someone who can. Buy a smaller home in a more affordable neighborhood so that you can afford to hire someone to shovel.
    I'm sorry to sound unkind. I'm just very tired.

  • There are products out there that say they are safe for pets. My family rented too over the years and we would clear the sidewalk. Maybe it would be a good lesson and exercise for kids to learn to be considerate of other people. People helped dig out and push other peoples cars. . People helping people.

  • future alderman future alderman

    smartypants-are u upset because you rent out your condo and have to shovel there? no sympathy here. maybe all 7 units are rented out and that's why your board won't pay for shoveling, are you on jarvis by any chance? You are a social worker and your best advice is old people should sell their homes? smh

  • Bob Kastigar 15 Years North Park, bike rider, retired

    Illinois Supreme Court clarifies snow-shoveling law's protections for property owners

    Property owners can take comfort, but shouldn't lapse into negligence, now that the Illinois Supreme Court has clarified a 1979 state law protecting them from some slip-and-fall lawsuits.

    The high court reaffirmed earlier this month that the Snow and Ice Removal Act shields property owners from liability if someone gets hurt because they didn't do a good enough job of shoveling, but only when the snow or ice was the result of natural conditions.

    The court ruled Dec. 1 that when lawmakers passed the law nearly four decades ago, they meant to protect property owners from injury claims resulting from inadequate shoveling. The law, the court said, was intended to encourage people to voluntarily clear their sidewalks.

    Readr the whole story:

  • I love the exercise. Until I die of a heart attack.

  • smartypants Be Nice

    Future Alderman, it's called "personal responsibility" and, yes, as a social worker, sometimes the best advice for the elderly or disabled IS, "Let's get you into a situation that is safer and healthier for you. "

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