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Added Dec 13 2012

I received a notice for an application to be filed for a change in Zoning for the subject address.

I received this notice as I live within 250 feet of this location. Apparently an application has been filed to allow for the construction of a one story restaurant with a drive thru facility.

Does anyone know what restaurant is seeking to build around this address?

  • Again, will BK only be built if a drive-thru is approved?

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Steve, I believe that's the case.

  • Marc Uptown Sheridan Park

    BK , MDs, Wendys, KFC, Taco Bell, ETC, ETC are all business and products of the pas t. Yes, we have had free choice of what we put into our bodies all of our lives, but just like smoking cigarettes we are now seeing the results of what they have done to the Americans that thought that this kind of food was ok to eat or a product to smoke. Yes, they exist every where, even in small town America and rarely do they exist in smaller cities with Universities, perhaps on the outskirts of those particular towns. I moved here from a place in MI that didn't allow fast food in the township at all, despite what revenue it could bring in. I never once ran across a citizen of that township who was disappointed and the area survived and thrived with privately owned businesses. ,Basically these types of business such as BK are part of our past, why do they need to be included in looking towards our future, we know better. Especially failed, low rated fast food places such as BK. Again, it will add to loitering, litter, traffic problems and contribute to obesity, diabetes, High Blood pressure and yes, I am well aware that many restaurants can do this to, just by choosing the most possibly worst thing for yourself from the menu. However, BK doesn't have much redeeming value, except for adding more tax revenue to the area.

  • Rebecca & Joe -- I'm open to some suggestions, but look at what slk has suggested -- alot of burger and pizza places. Believe me, I have and will continue to go to some of them -- but it would be nice to have broader options in RP that combine great food, nice atmosphere, and a decent wine list.

    (Note -- Candlelite has GREAT pizza and don't miss the fried chicken night! La Cazuela has phenom Mexican -- but I usually do take-out.)

    Joe -- If you go down to Andersonville or up to Evanston on a Tuesday night you will see lots of busy restaurants. Earlier in the week is when you can get some great three-course meal deals at REALLY good restaurants!

    Goodness -- If some are happy, with what we have -- great! If others, would like to see some improvements or additions, why can't that be stated?!

  • Marc Uptown Sheridan Park

    I think as culturally diverse as RP is and many people here love that and promote that, that the people who make up decision making boards and politicians who we have voted in or have been appointed maybe start thinking forward for a new vision of RP. We are situated between 2 great universities, I know that some buildings are undergoing gut renovations either for rent or for sale and generally prices are reasonable. I see this as a step forward for getting people to move to RP. If you do the right thing, people will come. If you keep on with the same status quo, people will continue to think of RP as they have since the 1970s and 1980s. Simply a place to drive through, but not really stop and take a look at who is here or what is here. We definitely have people and places of interest, but why not add to those qualities rather than not. Not everything is all negative, we have a new Red Line Station, Jarvis Square has come around, new business on Howard, the Dominicks Plaza and LA Fitness, our Location is a great location, so why not see the bigger picture and keep adding to those good qualities and help make RP even more interesting. It may take a little longer, but I don't think people are suffering due to the fact that BK isn't there already, they have adapted and have gone to get their fix at the nearest location. So, if it isn't being missed, why bring it in ? Let's get people out of places like Lakeview, Uptown, Andersonville and give them some reason to come north instead. Their money is good here too !

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Suzanne, I'm perplexed. At at least six of the nine restaurants slk suggested cannot by any stretch of the imagination be classified as "burger and pizza places." If you want to spend all your money in Evanston and Andesonville, that's certainly your right. But please don't belittle the great neighborhood restaurants we have right here in Rogers Park.

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    Goodness, gracious, great balls of fire. Don't some of you understand what the limits of an Alderman's abilities are? Businesses decide to move into Rogers Park, or not, based on their own market analysis and business projections. The Alderman doesn't place a "wish list" under his pillow at night dreaming about bringing an upscale, affordable French Bistro into the Gateway Mall and uses only locally-sourced, organic, free-range products. He works with realistic options, can sweeten the pot to some extent and exert some influence but does not control the entire development plan and destiny of the 49th Ward in a way that conforms to all of the most vocal opinions on EB. Please. I was first in line when I beat him up about not bringing down the price of football tickets at Soldier Field. Once he solves that he can give attention to your wish list. Don't butt in line in front of me please, thank you.

  • Suzanne, no one was saying that you can't express your opinion to want more restaurants. We were simply pointing out that your initial complaint that you leave RP for "a dinner that doesn't automatically come with fries." exposed a lack of effort on your part.

    Yes, SLK suggested a few burger & pizza places, but that was a list of 9 restaurants. Plus, some of that list were more than burger or pizza joints. There are many more restaurants in the area that go beyond that. Just because you dislike Ethiopian doesn't remove them from the list of restaurants that have "great food, nice atmosphere, and a decent wine list." A new Sushi place just opened on Morse, and there's one on Sheridan near there, too. That's 2 more I came up with off the top of my head. I'm sure that more can be found here: and here:

  • Who else has the money to turn a grassy plot into a profit generator? Less grass, more burgers. I just hope Hop House doesn't suffer much from the new addition.

    I'll also welcome the variety of new trash blowing down my street. In addition to the chip bags and such, I've gotten bored with picking up the same old Popeyes and McD sacks and cups. Lets celebrate the occasional BK bag and its scattered half eaten contents. Like a tulip in a rose garden. or something.

  • Thank you for your response, Ald. Moore.

    For those that are opposed to the BK development, it seems pretty clear that it probably won't be built without drive-thru approval. Therefore, I've started a petition against the approval for the drive-thru plans. The link to the petition is below. I will present it at the community meeting that Ald. Moore stated he would have in January.


  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    RP Advocate, don't forget you also demanded I resolve the Syrian civil war. Which issue do you want me to prioritize first?

  • Marc Uptown Sheridan Park

    Thanks Steve, I have signed the petition. Joe, there is no way that I think that this is on your shoulders alone. I appreciate what you do, but always like for folks to see a bigger brighter picture of what could be for our community. I know you do your best and I appreciate that.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Thanks, Marc.

  • slk long-time rogers parker

    Honestly Suzanne your comment that you have to leave RP for a dinner that doesn't automotically come with fries is insulting to the many, many older established and new restaurant owners in RP. Im not going to sit here and list every restaurant for you that offers a nice atmosphere and a decent wine list, maybe you will decide to stick around RP rather than Andersonville or Evanston this weekend and find one. Im not advocating for fast food restaurants either, but I don't believe RP has more of them than other neighborhoods. I'd love a nice bistro or chop house at Gateway! Reality is BK is interested not Panera or any of those restaurants you frequent in Andersonville. I personally prefer to look at the grass rather than a BK. Grass doen't generate revenue I guess.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    So the person who wants a dinner that doesn't automatically come with fries, suggests ordering the FRIED chicken at a local restaurant. Does that make any sense?

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    Helen, "making sense" is not the driving force behind many postings on EB. Morally indignant posturing is a much more powerful motivator. (Did I just make a morally indignant posting? Help. My brain is being poisoned.)

  • Joe -- ALRIGHT -- let me clarify by adding burger, pizza and takeout! The question I've posed is why we can't be home to much more than the above options?

    The reality is that businesses have options on where they wish to locate, but actual outreach to potentials is not unheard of in city planning. So, yes government officials get involved -- look at Rahm's World Business Chicago. If it can be done at the macro level, it can also be done at the RP micro level.

    Just out of curiosity, Joe -- what will the wages be at BK since we all know you care about a "living wage"? Do you have their guarantees on that aspect? Are you concerned about the impact that a national chain like BK can have on business at Hop Haus and/or other small local businesses?

    Helen -- I did mention that I DO go to many of the establishments mentioned by SLK. I assume you eat fresh veg from places other than the Farmers Market -- but perhaps you are a purist? I am not.

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    Its too bad that some good TIF money can't be put to use to have a local start-up. Bringing in another chain is that...just more of stuff thats already available. Most of the low-end chain places are all the same.

    Maybe we can put in another sneaker store there! (FYI, that last comment is laced with sarcasm).

  • tom

    One idea in relationship to the above comment is to possibly start an area that would house small businesses that are similiar and can share expertise. I encountered that in the rehabbed buildings in Ravenswood. The space had graphic artists, web people and marketing consultants. The one spot next to the police station would be ideal. How the alderman's office would help that is a question only they can ask. But I agree Rogers Parks leads the league in coffee shops, mexican food spots and car related repair shops.

  • Helen, "fries" means fried potatoes. It doesn't mean anything that's fried.

    Personally I don't care about the nutrition, etc. But if RP wants to attract people to live here and others to check out what it has to offer, BK ain't gonna do it. Gateway has 2 good locally run restaurants. I know people who make the trek up here for both of them. And for the great Mexican spots across the street. And even for Capt Nemo's (way, way better subs than any of the national chains). They also come up for Gruppo and Candlelite, and of course for the Indian joints. And Morse is becoming a food haven, too.

    I think the question is, why put up just another junk food joint that nobody needs to be there? Why not look for local places that might actually attract some folks instead of putting us back in the days when RP was seen as "downscale", ordinary, and unattractive? Why make an effort to put in a restaurant that will hurt, rather than help, the image of the existing eateries nearby? Gateway is kind of unique in having real restaurants instead of corporate boredoms. Why not build on that strength instead of undermining it?

  • Alderman, thanks for your information here. Here's a straight factual question: is BK getting "incentives" to move in? If so, what kind and how much?

  • RP Advocate Servo solvo sermo.

    RP is diverse in terms of demographics and tastes. Well operated chain company fast food businesses are desired by some neighbors although not by all. I don't visit them but neither do I impose my tastes and values on others. Incentives that attract well run, legitimate, tax paying businesses are wise investments in my opinion. Let's not lose sight that RP is highly diverse nor act in a way that suppresses or negatively judges legitimate diversity. Some people prefer the predictability and affordability of product provided by what others call "corporate boredoms".

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Um, Davey, usually people who object to fried potatoes object to fried food in general. Fried chicken is fried. Get it?

  • Helen, that's just nonsense. A person can stay far away from the rancid grease that perfumes KFC, BK, etc., but be perfectly happy to order good samosas, fish & chips, falafel, real southern fried chicken, etc. It's about quality, not the name. Plus, there's also pan-frying, remember?

  • Emily Let there be peace

    Oooh Davey. You are like a walking Encyclopaedia Britannica. What are samosas and falafel? Is that southern fried food or English food? I love deep fried Snickers bars and deep fried butter balls at the state fair each summer.

  • Jon Davis Rogers Park resident

    Samosas are dough stuffed with meat, potatoes or vegetables (or combinations of two or more) and spices, that are then deep fried. Falafel is/are (?) deep fried balls of ground chickpeas and spices, best enjoyed with hummus and lettuce -- all stuffed inside a pita.

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    Why is leaving RP to get food we prefer seen as a bad thing? If you want people to spend their money here, then bring places that WOW us. I will go some distance to get GREAT food, then go a little bit to get good food. Very few places in RP really wow me. Just because a place is local doesnt make it fantastic.

  • Shellie Lived in Edgewater for 8 years

    Ok, I live in Andersonville (which is really just a part of Edgewater). When I walk to Clark, the first things I see are a McDonalds, a pizza/gyro joint, a subway, and a burger joint. That's literally all on one corner (Clark and Bryn Mawr). There are definitely sit-down restaurants, but despite what some seem to think A-ville is filled with fast food. Just sayin'

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Shellie, you have fast food joints in Andersonville? I can see why your neighborhood has been sliding down toward the gates of Hell.

  • Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward

    Before my last comment is taken out of context, please note it was heavily laden with sarcasm. I love Andersonville. It's almost as nice as Rogers Park.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Davey, samosas are grease-infused dough with a little filling of something that's usually rather tasteless. Anything deep-fried is greasy. It doesn't matter whether it comes from the finest restaurant or BK. Do I occasionally eat fries? Sure, a couple times a year, and sweet-potato ones if that's an option.

  • Helen, that is not accurate at all about Samosas. If that's what you've encountered, you've dined at poor restaurants. A good samosa is not greasy at all and the crust is flaky. It's closer to a pot pie without the gravy. Not all deep-fried foods are greasy.

  • Gnorth

    If a reclusive and highly medicated Troglodyte can butt into this thread let me say that our Alderman is an OK Joe and one heck of a stand up comic. Even I get his jokes about Andersonville which is my favorite place to get good lutefisk and other scandahoovian things. Lutefisk is not fast food. It takes weeks to rot and ferment to perfection but sometimes I eat at BurgerKing for a Scandinavian quickie. Reindeer is better than cow but I eat what I can get.

  • diana Life is short. Death is long. Act accordingly.

    I know it isn't going to happen, but I would love to see an outpost of Pita Inn at Gateway! By the time I get home from the Dempster location my food has cooled down. :(

    Sigh..a girl can dream...

  • Chet 606 Rogers Park, NOHavana, CE

    The good side to a BK or other fast food place is that its a magnet for people loitering. If this causes a shift of the current loiterers on Howard by the red line, I say put two on Clark.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Well, that's a different perspective, Chester. But with an apparent hot dog place moving in under the tracks, they'll just be loitering in both places.

  • Diana -- I join you in the dream of Pita Inn moving in!

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    Amen to Pita Inn.... I could see that being successful.

  • I could really go for a Whopper Jr. today with a few onion rings placed on top of the lettuce, catsup, mayonnaise mix. 'Guess I'll have to drive to Dodge and Dempster.

  • Portillo's get back to me. They're not interested in Rogers Park. Here is what they wrote, "Dear Christine, Thank you for visiting our website, however, we do not have plans to expand to Rogers Park at this time. We appreciate your input and will keep your comments on file as the Portillo Restaurant Group continues to grow. We value your loyalty and look forward to the opportunity to serve you at any of our Chicagoland, Indiana, California and future Arizona locations."

  • Kathleen J In R.P. Since 1981

    Christine, if you really go to B.K. for a Whopper Jr be sure most of your neighbors don't find out or you won't be allowed back into R.P.! P.S., to the guy who called Burger King etc part of the past--how can he say that when they have Steven Tyler in their ads? (LOL--joke for those with little or no sense of humor.)

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    Instead of Pita Inn, how about a Naf Naf Grill? Thats WAY better.

  • Jon Davis Rogers Park resident

    Anyone here looking for a locally owned culinary gem in Rogers Park would do well to check out this thread,, and the restaurant's website,, and then the restaurant itself: Badou Senegalese Cuisine, 2055 W. Howard St.

  • Alderman Moore, has a meeting date been set for this yet? thanks

  • Although the Alderman does post here periodically, I would reach out to him directly for such a specific question.

  • I think a whole bunch of people are awaiting that news, so it makes sense for Joe to post it here since he's already involved in this conversation thread.

  • Suzanne, people can unsubscribe from conversations on here. It's very possible that he, and others here, did that once it got so long and so far off topic.

    I was just suggesting rather than waiting for a public post to a specific question, that Steve reach out directly.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    If a meeting date had been set, there would have been an email blast. It would also be posted on the alderman's website and probably on EveryBlock. Be patient, Steve.

  • FYI, from the Alderman's office:

    Dear Mr. Hueffner,
    The meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 23 at 7:00 pm at Pottawattomie Park (7349 N Rogers).
    The Alderman will be sending an email with more details as the date approaches.

    Warm regards,
    Ann Hinterman
    Ward 49

  • Barbara in Ravenswood Ravenswood resident since 1984.

    [posted by Joe Moore Alderman, 49th Ward]
    Here's my announcement on the upcoming community meeting regarding th Burger King proposal:

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