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Added Dec 08 2011

Sad to see that Drew's Eatery is shuttering. Sounds like the business was done in by discount deals gone awry. There's one last blow-out on Saturday, with free food and a raffle for their mini weinermobile.

More info on their Facebook page: And on Center Square Journal:

  • Adrian H. Web developer, NW side

    Wow, I'll miss that place. Here's Drew's statement:

  • rayboi69 Lincoln Square resident since 2009.

    yeaaah... sorry but that place was way overpriced!

  • NorthCenterOMG I live in northcenter. I everyblock so hard.

    You're right about that Ray. I went in once and never returned. Typically if a place makes a huge deal about being vegan/sustainable/locally sourced/organic they're going to be more expensive. But Drew's was even more expensive than expected. It's crazy how much a locally sourced/sustainable/organic sloppy joe cost at Drew's. Not to mention a milkshake. On a separate note, right next door, the Apart pizza is pretty good. They tote gluten free, but also have normally priced pizza. And I don't think the gluten free option is crazy expensive either. The louder an establishment talks about sustainable/organic/vegan/locally sourced maybe the more expense they are. Sorry for the rant folks, supposed I had a lot to say about an organic sloppy joe.

  • Neighborly1~ Values community.

    I was in support of what Drew was doing with organic/sustainable/ecofriendly etc. I wanted to go there more often, but a chicken hot dog with a few small toppings came to about $10. I didn't go there b/c of the prices. Will miss having Drew in the neighborhood though.

  • Sarah D. Dog lover, cyclist, swimmer, North Center '03-now!

    "Organic/sustainable/ecofriendly etc." *is* much more expensive, folks. Drew did an amazing job preparing fantastic food options with everything, down to the napkins and tp, purchased with healthy choices for our bodies (many catering to special diet needs) and the planet with the neighborhood in mind. I'll miss the place! Drew was ahead of his time. Hopefully people will catch on that it ends up costing less in the long run to do things thoughtfully, and businesses won't be afraid to be green because of this closing and Little Green Baby on Rockwell...

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