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Added Dec 05 2011

I just saw a message on Twitter saying that the Red Line would not be stopping at Wilson due to police activity. Does anyone know what's going on?

  • Beauregard T Bulldog I'm the intern at the Welles Park Bulldog.

    Commentators on UptownUpdate are now reporting the police are leaving.

  • Have a friend with scanner that said street lights were shot out at Lawrence and Kenmore by CPD. I can't verify it since I didn't hear it, but friend is testing with PDs around the country.

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in Galewood,via Lakeview

    Becca-that was a crazy situation. I think one of my friends got caught in the CTA

    Just saw a tweet from the CTA that there is still a service disruption between Berwyn and Addison.

  • Inactive user

    The police have on man in custody and the other one or two will not come out and are armed. The purple like is running and there are shuttle buses. The swat team is there but the man or men told the police they are not coming out. Police do not know what kind of ammunition they have all they know is they are armed.

  • Inactive user

    As long as the police have swarmed the area and the swat team is there no one is going to get injured. Its better not to stand around and read it on the news instead. Who knows if there are shots fired someone standing there could get hit. I understand they are in a building on Leland and Broadway.

  • Inactive user

    The police have barricades around the area and the suspects are in a building located at 4639 N. Broadway. I haven't heard any change yet and I have WGN news on. No shots have been fired. In the beginning there was suppose to be one suspect in the building but now the police think there are more than one. The police stated it is not a hostage situation.

  • Sara J. McMurray @AChicagoRealtor

    Alderman on Ch 5. One guy arrested. Others may have been arrested last 5-10 min. No one allowed in or out.

  • Inactive user

    While this situation was going on a woman in her 30's was stabbed to death in the 7700 block of Noth Sheridan Road at about 6:30pm Rogers Park. There are not details if they found her outside or in an apaartment.

  • Inactive user

    This is the news so far from my cell phone. The ATF and Chicago Police are dealing with this situation and arre armed with heavy armor and assault rifles. These people have been spotted in the Uptown neighborhood. The Red and Purple lines are shut down. Only shuttle buses are running. They are trying to neogiate a safe surrender of those held up inside the building.

  • Sara J. McMurray @AChicagoRealtor

    Mariann - I hope that my sources are better than yours, but who knows? I guess we'll find out soon enough. What I'm hearing on Channel 5 is that one man is in custody, others are or were barricaded in a building. NOT a hostage situation.

  • Inactive user

    If you have internet on your cell phone just click on the local news then click on WGN it will keep you up todate from time to time.

  • gina_g Lincoln Square Resident

    The news just said that they have 4 people in custody and the situation is over.

  • Sara J. McMurray @AChicagoRealtor

    Yellow tape coming down. Suspects have all been apprehended. Trains will begin running soon. Order is restored. There were no hostages, there was no gunfire.

  • F. R. Johnson recently transplanted to Portage Park

    So much for barricading. What was the point?

    I remember a similar situation when I lived on W 61st Place, but there was at least one hostage involved. I had gone to the store and when I came back the street was blocked off and the police weren't going to let me go in my house on the corner. They finally let me go in the back way. I remember watching out the windows of the enclosed front porch and the police had to keep yelling at people on the other side of the street to get inside as they kept coming out to see what was happening. One guy came out and sat on his porch with a bowl of popcorn!

  • Does anyone else think this response was a little heavy handed? I am curious how much money was spent the city spent tonight. I know a lot of people were highly inconvenienced.

  • I'd far rather be inconvenienced than dead. There is no way to know how an armed gunman, or in this case plural, are going to react to a situation. It is best to try to remove the innocent from the incident as quickly and safely as possible. When you live in the city, that means public transit disruptions, buildings off limits, streets shut down, etc.

    Had someone, completely innocent in this, been harmed, what would your post have looked like? Hindsight is 20/20.

  • First off, I didn't word my comment as carefully as I should have. I was moreso wondering aloud if the response was heavy handed. I was reading about swat tanks and all that. At this point we don't know a lot of things, even whether or not they had guns. We just know they were barricaded. I believe in being cautious, but rational also. Maybe it's justified, but nothing I have read so far has justified the response that it got. It certainly wouldn't be the first time the Chicago police have overreacted.

  • Becky S. 30 year+ resident of Edgewater.

    Well it was known pretty early on that ATF was involved too, so assuming guns wasn't far fetched and accurate. Not to mention there is an army surplus store right there. They may not have guns, but plenty of knives and other weapons.

    The other times I have seen the police in this area react like that were 2 bomb threats where they had to call out the bomb squad and a police shoot out and chase that followed a triple murder.

    Personally, I'd prefer to get my thrill seeking satisfied in other ways then walking into an active crime. I've been shot at enough for one life time.

    One of my coworkers lives right there as well. She wasn't sure how she was getting home tonight.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Now that the dust has settled, what do the rest of you guys think? To tag on to Jesse's earlier comment, do you feel like the police responded appropriately?

  • I'm not sure how this could be positioned as "heavy handed'- the police and ATF did everything they could to make sure that civilians were safe and that the suspects were captured. The fact that it ended peacefully, in my opinion, proves that the response was appropriate. Had the suspects felt they had a chance to fight their way out, who knows what might have happened?

    I just hope the judge takes into account how inconvenienced much of the city of Chicago was when she/he sentences these people. It is not the police's fault the Red Line was shut down and the block was barricaded; blame the suspects. A very big thank you to all responders who kept Chicagoans safe last night; it was a scary situation with the best possible ending.

  • Anthony C. Recent SF transplant, filmmaker, animator

    It's kind of funny how the public's subconscious, insatiable appetite for violence and tragedy is actually bringing the handling of the situation into question by even one person. Unreal. If it had gone the other way, I think we all know how outraged the very same people would be.

  • F. R. Johnson recently transplanted to Portage Park

    Jesse, be thankful these people weren't holed up in your buidling. I think you might feel differently if they had been. I don't think there was an over-reaction at all! Not one of these criminals got away or grabbed a hostage or killed anyone. I don't live in that area, but hearing what goes on there, kudos to the police for doing all they did!

  • OK, didn't mean to outrage everyone! I'm just saying, it wasn't a hostage situation, and so far we don't even know if they had guns. And there was nothing to suggest that they were murderers. You can't go responding like they did yesterday to everybody who runs from the police. The police may have may have been justified, but the fact that nothing happened doesn't mean the police were justified in their response. I don't think it's out of line to question the response. In fact, one could argue that the police were lucky that their response didn't trigger something far worse. Perhaps the guys only wanted to get away.

  • F. R. Johnson recently transplanted to Portage Park

    Jesse, you can question, but with the details now coming out, yes the police were appropriate in responding the way they did. Nothing happened because of that response. Leave it at that. They knew what they were doing.

  • Becky S. 30 year+ resident of Edgewater.

    The ART generally doesn't set up a taskforce for someone trying to just get away. CPD had been made aware that these guys in Chicago before they tried to even bring them in. They know who these men are, not like they were dealing with random people. Just because they didn't give every detail to the media doesn't mean they didn't know what was going on with this who thing.

    You asked if we thought it was justified? A little deductive reasoning with what was know yesterday, yes it was justified.

  • Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Mine is that the response was at least a little heavy. Shutting down the el was not necessary. This is the same city force that has never acknowledged wrongdoing in its execution of Fred Hampton. Sorry if I don't trust its response.

  • Bradley 13 Year Buena Park resident

    I have to guess then Jesse, given your absolute knowledge about the situation, that you know that the cops, ATF, etc. knew exactly what armament the fugitive(s) had, knew their capabilites and intententions, had calculated tragectories and therefore knew that had a gunbattle ensued, no bullets would impact any riders on a passing train.

  • Brad, given how closely you have paid attention to what I said, you should know I never claimed to know what was going on. The point is, since you can't seem to understand it, that not knowing the seriousness of a given situation is not justification for a response of this magnitude. I don't care how you look at it, you can't go shutting down public transportation becuz someone has barricaded themselves.

  • Bradley 13 Year Buena Park resident

    So you're saying the potential of a couple of injuries/deaths are acceptable as long as some commuters aren't inconvenienced?

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hey everyone, let's try to keep the discussion as neighborly as possible.

    Also, from the CTA about last night:

  • Inactive user

    I read the incident on the internet on my cell phone. They did not have to stop the purple line from running. The purple line stops at Belmont then keeps going. Belmont is far from Wilson. There was three suspects in the building at 4639 N. Broadway and another one was going to his car when he got arrested. That suspect is wanted in Indiana. There was no gun battle and no one was injured. The three suspects finally surrended. The Sheridan bus could have still ran its course. The Red Line could have continued to Argyle. Then the people could have rode the Sheridan Bus back to Wilson. I don't know who decided to shut down the train system causing a prolem with riders. These suspects were in a building not on the train platform.

  • Inactive user

    Meg in Uptown. There was nothing to be afraid about. The police surrounded the Wilson station and I don't know why. These suspects were in a building not on the "L" platform. They also had the Swat Team. If people were that afraid why were they standing around? There was no shooting and if there was it would come from the building not the train platform. And the police were ready for it. Uptown is not a good neighborhood and I would never rent an apartment there. Especially Wilson and Broadway or Sheridan and Wilson. I am aware of the druggers standing around or loafing at McDonald's. Many of them trying to sell their Link cards which they should not have.

  • Shelly Lifelong suburbanite, now in Galewood,via Lakeview

    Mariann-shutting down the CTA was VERY smart on the police part. The building butts right up to the CTA tracks.

  • Sara J. McMurray @AChicagoRealtor

    Reasonable minds may differ, and I prefer "better safe than sorry" as a police approach, especially when there are weapons involved. I know that I am not privy to many many details about what happened last night. I am glad that the Chicago Police were successful in apprehending the suspects and that there were no injuries. I am not aware of any civil rights being violated - just a whole lot of inconvenience for residents and commuters. I'm asking myself, if I were on the platform at Belmont and was asked "would you like to get on the train and ride up to Howard, and by the way, there are armed fugitives holed up in a building along the way, and there could be a gun battle" I don't know - I think I'd say that I could wait, or walk, or take a cab, or call someone. I'm not positive, part of me likes to think I'm Calamity Jane. But the mom with 3 kids that I really am says don't go there...

  • Thanks ladies. Honestly, if I were a passenger in a train, I would want to know that a building that butts up to the rails is housing wanted fugitives that are currently the objects of police action. Therefore, probably making those criminals a little less than give a damn about the outcome.

  • Angela D. Uptown resident

    This incident is not a reflection on Uptown as a neighborhood (how often do things like this happen in ANY neighborhood?). Uptown has its share of criminal activity, just like any diverse neighborhood, but I like living here, and the vast majority of residents are good people. Why hate on Uptown because of this?

  • All neighborhoods have their fair share of criminal activity. Publicized or not. I don't hate Uptown at all. Will I be wary, yes. Am I wary elsewhere? Yes. I live in Chicago.

  • Angela D. Uptown resident

    BG_94: I was reacting to Mariann's comments--sorry if that was misinterpreted.

  • Gotcha! ;)

    Still not afraid, because that gives power to those that terrorize. Will I be vigilant and suspect? Yes. As, unfortunately, I am every single day.

  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    The CTA was shut down because it runs right accross the front of the building where this debacle happened. It was a very responsible action to take, it was a police order, the CTA did good.

  • Sara J. McMurray @AChicagoRealtor

    Just saw on the news that there's a similar situation going on at this time near UIC, on South Morgan...

  • I agree, wholeheartedly, Jeffrey. Thankfully, things turned out without incident, but the emergency managers have to consider a "what if" and that was, obviously a concern. I'm not privvy to what the specialists knew, but obviously, they feared guns. Rightfully so. What if it had involved explosives, too? And a train track...

    While it may look over the top now, that things were resolved "peacefully", as a citizen of this city and on the edge of this community, I've not an issue with what I've been told so far.

    Thank you, CPD and CFD for putting your lives on the line for me, the common citizen.

  • Mariann-- I'm not sure if you are just trying to play devil's advocate or if you are woefully uninformed. Here's what you're missing.

    The worst case scenario is that the people barricaded in the building had sniper rifles or long range guns (and they did have a rifle with a scope), and that if they couldn't take hostages to negotiate their exit, they might consider shooting at the trains. Would you like to be on a train going past Wilson while some desperate fugitives shot at you?

    Also I would like to note that the suspect in question was not from Uptown. Not only have I rented in Uptown, I now own a place here, and I love it. But Uptown has its issues, and I for one consider fugitives barricaded into an apartment structure to be a scary situation.

    As I mentioned before, I'm very thankful that the authorities took great pains to make sure that everyone was safe. I'm not located super close to Wilson, but I'm still glad that everyone in the area is okay.

  • DGA

    One other thing to consider about the El runs being stopped. The El is a very loud entity. What if the police made a mistake and started shooting because of what they thought they heard from the building that was acutally from the train? In a tense situation like this one, all senses (sight and hearing) have to be able to work in its best possible form. Distractions of sight and sound produced from the train could have made this turn out completely different.

  • Irish Pirate Littleton/Artist/Uptown/Chicago

    Good point DGA....didn't even think of that......

  • Some of the comments expressed on this post would be better reserved for a movie plot.

  • I lived in Columbus, OH when snipers sat on a highway overpass, picking off random drivers, and shot at people filling up their gas tanks. This stuff is odd and thankfully uncommon, but it happens. I agree it would make a good movie plot line- and I'd much rather watch it in the theater than on the nightly news! :)

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