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Added Dec 01 2014

Hi neighbors, I have a perfectly good color tube tv with a convertor box that I would like to donate. I tried Brown Elephant and it was a no go. I hate to just waste it as it works fine and has a good picture. Any suggestions?

  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    Best Buy will recycle it.

  • There is a Vintage TV and Radio repair shop at 1615 W Montrose. 20th Century TV & Stereo 773-528-1728 I don't know them, but maybe they have an idea.

  • Preeti Superstar, animal lover, just me

    Try freecycle.

  • Neighborly1~ Values community.

    Budlong Woods Neighbor,
    I have one I need to get rid of asap too. Pls let me know if you find any good options.
    I also can't transport it, and will have trouble even carrying it out of my bldg to get it outside. Pls pm me if you find out anything.

  • Phil L. property owner/lincoln square

    Do you have scrap collectors frequenting your alley? I put mine out a few years ago, it was in perfect working order and I thought someone might be able to use it, I left a note on it with the remote and instructions hoping someone might take it. Within 2 hours, 3 trucks came through my alley, the first opened up the back and took many of the visible wires, the 2nd came and broke the cathode ray tube (put the broken glass in the trash) and took the part with the shiny metal and the third came and took most of what was left except the plastic case -- then it was light enough for me to break it and put in the trash. These guys and gals do a wonderful service for our community.

  • Daniel Kelber Living the Good Life in Bowmanville

    I am fairly certain that charities will not take it. There's not a market for them given how cheap flat panels have become. Recycling is your best bet. As to the monster tv too big to move, you'll probably need to pay for someone to pick it up. I did that with my broken 55" tv. It wasn't too expensive.

  • On Montrose near Pulaski, Maybe Diaz Resale Shop. He said it supports an orphanage in Mexico. Hugo came by and picked up one from me, although I had some other stuff too. Happy to get it. I have card at home, I think. I still use old fashion one and it lasts forever so don't trash.

  • We posted ours as a free give away on All of the people who called wanted it for their kids to play games on. Got rid of it in one day,

  • Katie is correct. I posted one on craigslist and actually sold it to a 20 something gamer. They love the old school tube TVs.

  • Budlong Woods neighbor Trying to be happy

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone!

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