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Added Dec 01 2014

Does anyone know who I would contact to request more trash cans for our building? We have 6 units but only 3 cans and they are constantly overflowing. Would it be the alderman?


  • Brian Parisi Logan Square Homeowner

    In a 6 unit building? Isn't that past the point where the landlord is required to provide a dumpster?

  • try calling 311, we called before to have branches trimmed away from in front of a stop sign, to have a full recycling can picked up that was left for 3 weeks, speedy quick service in both cases

  • Leonardo Giron one improvement at a time..

    Yea, I think after 4units its a commercial property and the landlord must provide independent trash disposal..

  • I got some from 311 but I am pretty sure your building exceeds city trash service limits.

  • NFT LS landlord and resident

    yes, after 4 units it's a commercial property and you need to have a private dumpster company (i would avoid flood brothers at all costs, i had to hire an attorney to get out of a contract for which i had already performed all the obligations to get out of. they refused my cancelation letter and the local usps mailman said he does this every single day. i've had good dealings with waste management). for properties with less than 4 units, you call 311.

  • if you want just one or two you can order one through the city website..

  • Yeah you have to get a private company. Any building over 4 units requires it. you might actually get fined if you contact the city and they realize you've been using city services.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    For those who don't know...6 unit buildings are supposed to have private scavengers. We use Roy Strom. They do a great job. It was horrible when we had city pickup! We could not coordinate which day they were coming. That was important because we have to pull our cans out of the yard and into the alley. Pickers toss garbage all over the alley if cans are left outside.

    Private carriers CAN do a better job if you get the right one. We also have a chain across the top with a lock so others can't put stuff in our can. That also helps a great deal.

    Before we had private OMG there was trash all over the alley everyday.

  • Is that based on units per lot or are some "commercial" buildings grandfathered under an old ordinance?

    Reason for my question is my neighbor has a 6 unit building on 2 lots. There is a whole row of city cans alongside the property on the alley. Never really paid attention to it until reading this thread, but makes me wonder why the disparity?

  • I don't know the laws about units and type of trash cans, but the streets and san superintendent deliver trash cans. You order from the alderman. With that being said, I ordered from Moreno at the end of October and am still waiting.

  • NFT LS landlord and resident

    It's has to be 4 units or less per lot

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    If you are confused and want advice; go directly to the S&S Commissioner office. Call 311, ask to talk to the supervisor; ask them to transfer you to 311 Commissioner office. Talk to them. They are very nice in that department.

    Service between wards varies significantly. Even aldermen can't get things done although that is a secret they don't want you to know.

    It is best to go directly to city hall and ask for what you n eed. It is the FASTEST way to get t hings done. 311 is not.

    The function of aldermen is NOT to provide city service. That is the function of the various departments and their top person is a Commissioner or Superintendent. Aldermen are supposed to provide management of resources, promote economic development, housing development, safety...all that makes a ward vital and successful.

    Customer service in Chicago wards stinks in many wards like EGP. In those cases one must be aggressive and try to get slackers removed and save taxpayer dollars. Perhaps some of that falls under waste and inefficiency but most likely corruption.

  • gloriaartist 58 year EGP Resident

    Your building is actually over the limit for City Trash pick up services. Contact Flood Brothers. Ask for John Whalen 773.406.3980. Tell him Gloria Austin from Mt Sinai Church referred you. Get a quote and save a hunk of cash too. As the commercial says "You'll be glad you did!" Hint: Don't call the City. Rahm needs cash and might decide to bill you for City "services rendered."

  • My cans used to disappear constantly. I called 311 a couple of times and always got replacements in short order. Of course, this is some years back...

    Anyway I got tired of it after a while and started chaining them up. Now when I do release them on garbage day, should they wander off I have figured out where they get to. I also gave them very distinctive markings so I can spot them a block away!

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Roy strom does a much better job than Flood Bros. Gloria, give them a call and get a price quote.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    If you want trashcans and Tell them how long you have been waiting for a can.

  • gloriaartist 58 year EGP Resident

    OK gpblight I will check it out-thks!!!

  • Marcelino G New 31st Ward Resident

    Call city non-emergency 311 number. They give you a Ref# and then you call 312-746-5233.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    It is faster and easier to go to the top. There are all kinds of excuses as to why can delivery is slow. The truth is easy to get a can, but only in some wards. That is why under served and neglected neighborhoods need to use this protocol.

    My neighbors ordered on 311and through the alderman all summer and got nothing. A fola showed cans were delivered multiple times. U b the judge. What do u think ? Slacking city employees or someone stole the cans?

    I have found that in the 28th ward are Slacking! In those situations we need to be sure the slacker is written up, penalized, or FIRED. Until this is done; we will suffer from Bad service or no service......yet pay high prices to get it.

    Will we get a new alderman????

  • I ordered new cans through 311, and they came two weeks later.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    What ward R U in? Doesn't work that way in 28th

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