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Added Aug 27 2011

I live on Ashland in between morse and pratt and it's gotten to the point to where I am scared to go home. I'm outraged!! Something must be done, how many times must we dial 911 before it ends?

  • saduros My family lives in Rogers Park. I am active there.

    but that said, nobody bothered me and in fact, Morse seems much more active and healthier in some ways than it has been in decades so go figure. The situation reminds me of how Wicker Park was in the 80s. Lots of hip businesses and arts stuff going on, yet hearing gunshots was a regular thing - Latin Kings battling it out. about ten years ago I was a fundraiser for a homeless shelter for drug addicted women. These women were from the South and West sides of Chicago. They used to attend a Narcotics Anonymous meeting at the Church at Morse and Ashland but many of them stopped going there because they said the drug trafficking there was worse than even on the south side. It's too bad but it seemed that the NA meeting was attracting drug peddlers....

  • Inactive user

    To be precise NIchole it may take a 100 times of calling 911 for an area to finally improve. Or maybe 200 times. I swear from 2007 upto and including 2010 at wayne and farwell I wish I had a log of how many times I called 911. Grand total may have been 500 times. Seriously. Nah I probably exaggerate, but it takes a lot. These guys are surprisingly persistent and resilient. And new crews will take over when the one crew gets tired. Heck we just got graffiti by us but less frequent. Heck wicker park which is supposed to be SUPER fancy still get graffiti. I would view it similar to the IRAQ war. Its an occupation that lasts along time with occasoinal skirmishes.

  • Inactive user

    @Anya, they definitely do hang out in front of the Ashland/Farwell courtyard building late into the night, but I've noticed on days I telecommute, the general loitering/dope dealing/littering/gambling mob action usually kicks off around 3pm.

    And it has seemed a little quieter this past week, so maybe our calls to police are starting to have an effect. And I agree with @saduros about Morse coming along, but when it was closed last weekend for the festival, that seemed only to concentrate the thugs to our block, three-fold. I think I caught a slight contact buzz each time I had to go up or down the smokey stairwell that weekend.

  • Inactive user

    Contact buzz? So are they smoking dope in the apt building?
    If so that should be called in. Im not a prude, but that is an excuse to call 911 on problem tenants.

    But dont rest on your laurels. They will be back. Im not pessimistic just realistic. It takes a long time to get them
    out of a certain block once they have set up shop there.

  • Inactive user

    Nichole, In addition to 911 (which you should use) we can all put pressure on the alderman and 24th District command. Here are a couple of email addresses to use:

  • Inactive user

    The smell is constant, but when Morse was closed last weekend and it seemed like even more of these guys were here, the stairway was visibly hazy with smoke. We do mention the weed pretty much every time we call.

    And I get that things won't change overnight (though that's how the fixation on this building seemed to happen), but I would like to see some Shock & Awe on the CPD's behalf, at least before this lease is up.

  • Yes they are smoking and selling and i stay in the courtyard building. I work at night usually getting home b/w 10 and 12am and there is at least 10 to 15 thugs right in front of my building ( I literally have to push my way through them to get in). They have made comments and through their actions have accomplished their goal in intimidating me. They hide down the drive when the police come and must keep their drugs hidden there too. The police told me i have to find out what apt. they are selling out of and report it. Why must i do the detective work it's pretty obvious they are selling drugs right there. I just want to be safe in my own neighborhood. And yes ryan it did seem to happen overnight (i noticed new tennants moved in and brought the thugs with them). I plan on contacting the Alderman, i think we all should because right now i feel like i live in inglewood or the west side. Thanks

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident


    mention to 911 where they hide once they see the cops. If the cops know where they are hiding or we they stash the drugs way better shot of getting them. Also, I think if an arrest occurs on building property then the owner can get in more trouble going forward so they may be more likely to be serious about cleaning up the building.

    Have you discussed these issues with others in the building?

  • Inactive user

    uh Nicole WHY ARE YOU PUSING YOUR WAY THROUGH THUGS? And is this the 6915-17 N ashland building? I havent had a chance to talk with the manager but I think I will soon for sure.

    Dont do it. When the thugs were at 6914 N Wayne and especially if it was my wife we would continue driving and then call 911 from a safe distance and WAIT until the police dispersed them.

    Nicole NEVER EVER push your way or walk by these thugs, there is absolutely no reason to. You are putting yourself in danger AND YOU ARE TOLERATING THEIR INTIMIDATION.
    Screw that. You are too nice a person to be putting yourself in harms way. (Well I assume youre nice haha).

    This is completely unacceptable this has to be remedied fast, Im glad you brough this to our attention. You arent alone I know what its like to have gangs at your throat.

  • What happened to our CAPS reps? Surely the police are aware of the intensity of gang involvement in each CAPS district, but a show of support by police is not getting out to residents. I suggest that your area needs to start to MOBILIZE. NUMEROUS people need to call the police with the same question: "when and where is the next CAPS meeting?" That's as far as the interaction should go. THEN SHOW UP! In general, the police really do know what's going on. But the community needs answers and action. Keeping the heat on helps the soup, but sometimes it takes many ingredients blended together to make the pot a success (no pun intended). Time for a big CAPS meeting, folks

    And I discourage anyone from self-made attempts to get rid of gang members. They know what's real and what's not . And I believe any re-creation of the CPD logo is illegal. We need visible action of the real CPD to be effective. Mass appearance at CAPS meetings will show the police that residents have had it with gang intimidation. A united appearance at a CAPS meeting may not be protocol (because they deal with resident reps), but no one should be afraid to go home.

    I would also seriously suggest arming oneself with some street self-protection tips. Carrying a nice, aluminum rattailed comb will do for a start. Keep it in hand by the comb end when walking, and use the sharp rattail end to aim for gouging at the person's face (eyes, especially). Combs are legal.

    And ladies, if you get grabbed - do NOT let them take you off the sidewalk and into a hidden area. SCREAM LIKE HELL and let them know that "if it's going down, it's going down right here" - in the street where people can see it.

    Sorry for the lecture. But fear does little. Taking back our neighborhoods with those who know how, does.

  • John D Good Neighbor, Anarchist, Gnostic Christian

    Great advice, Hedda!

  • Nichole, have you tried calling the police and telling them what's happening and that it's happening every night? I know they're kind of slow to act sometimes but in your case I think they might do something.

  • Thanks everyone for the advice, and yes jess, I have told them it's every night and still there is a problem. Last night i heard them out there at 2:30 a.m. I'm beginning to think moving is my only solution. I'd hate to leave the area but I can't live in constant fear either.

  • Inactive user

    Moving is not the only solution, its A solution.
    Did you call the cops at 230 am?
    If you continually call the cops eventually something has got to give. And these people will be thrown out.

    6832 N wayne was a hellacious mess when I first moved here.
    Now its pretty good. I guess it just depends on what you think is easier to do, move somewhere where the rent is higher and its quieter and safer or stick it out and keep calling 911, no one else is calling 911?

    Thats how neigborhoods worsen, when people are bothered by antisocial behavior and then LEAVE. Then more antisocial people move in and so on. Right now the opposite is happening in Rogers Park, it is improving every single year because ARENT putting up with antisocial behavior

    I dont want you in constant fear as well.
    Nichole which building are you in? Is it the 6915-17 N ashland building. We all have to know exactly where this is happening.

  • Inactive user

    Inbetween morse and pratt on ashland is a good approximate location but which building is it that we are all talking about?

  • Inactive user

    Another thought to chew on. The bangers would certainly be happier if you left (Nicole). In the end its true somethings got to give. And ultimately it will be the bangers. This JUST started. It does take a little time but not as much and all you guys think.

    Remember these guys are persistent and obnoxious. It just depends on who has more patience and perserverance.
    Im betting on US. I always do.

    I saw two bangers out standing guard at 4pm yesterday in front of the big brick apt buildings just north of farwell on ashland. I called the cops on them. It doenst need to be a crowd to call it in.
    They are dealing drugs, holding turf, intimidating. That is unacceptable. I will call whenever I see something when I drive by.
    BUT I dont live there. The 911 calls that get these guys out of here and the calls to managment that will ultimately get these guys out HAS to come from the people living on that block.

    Who wants the block more? Thats who gets it.
    Who is the manager for this building and what is the phone number.

  • I agree jeff and yes i did call the police. I live at 6905 Ashland which is the other half of the 6915 building. I've told my landlord about the problem and that they are selling drugs out of his building but he has been out of state for the last 2months and the problem has infinitely worsened. I can't wait until he gets back in town so he can take some action as well. I'm sure he will be upset about the happenings and the fact that they are parking their broken down cars in his driveway. The drive is also now littered with empty liquor bottles and baggies everywhere. I've lived in RP for many years and it has improved overall but i've never had to deal with this in my frontyard.

  • Inactive user

    Thanks for information.
    Wow thats what happens when the owner and really leader of a building is absent. Its like someone is asleep at the wheel!!!!

  • Inactive user

    Not entirely sure what you can do if they are on the inside. If they are legitimate tennants in your building, it is going to be hard to get rid of them. Perhaps if they have more then the legal number of people living there they could be evicted. The drug thing seems like a job for the police.

    I'd hate to say move out, but if constant communications with your landlord are not changing anything, then he is enabling them to continue and it will not stop. If you tell him that you are moving out because you fear for your safety, you should be able
    to break your lease and get your full security deposit back.

    Perhaps you can leverage Tennant Remedies [Municipal Code CH. 5-12-110]

    For major defects: If the landlord fails to maintain the property in compliance with the Code and such failure renders the
    dwelling unit not reasonably fit and habitable, the tenant may request in writing that the landlord make repairs within 14 days. If, after 14 days, the repairs are not made, the tenant may immediately terminate the lease, in which event the tenant must
    deliver possession of the dwelling unit to the landlord within 30 days or tenant's notice shall be considered withdrawn (eff. 1-1-92).

    I can post a copy of this document online if you don't have it.

    Additionally, I agree with the above postings. I wouldn't confront them directly because they have a numbers advantage. If you know that you are going to have these issues (considering your schedule), then you may need to come up with an alternate plan.

    I don't find improving the quality of your life a sign of weakness.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Inactive user

    Well bugging the heck out of the landlord should do the trick.
    (getting the bad people out) If not now then when? This is the time to do it. The momentum is swinging in the right direction for Rogers Park. Personally Im not a pessimist.

    Police can be called on people and their bad behavior no matter where they live. Across from at 6828 N wayne there used to be all sorts of people sitting out on the deck talking loudly all night. Was I going to move? No. Sure we own the property but there are others here that own property that would just prefer to put cotton in their ears at night and just ignore stuff. Most people are like that ignore or put cotton in ears. The loud people would be pissed but the persistent calling of 911 GOT THEM TO LEAVE and got me some peace and quiet. I personally am a very stubborn person and would rather stand my ground. Because no matter where you live you will encounter some problems. Heck in Lincoln Park everyblock the poor neighbors are up in arms about some renegade parkour kids taking over their playground. Haha.

    As a landlord I find it much easier to get rid of problem tenants no matter what it takes then to live with them.
    I assume there are more good people in the building then bad. Why the heck would the landlord want a few bad apples to spoil the whole building?

    The loitering on Morse by the Golden Minimart has been a long battle. I would call Melba the owners daughter at pacific realty on an almost daily basis about getting the business owners to stop the loitering. I picked up trash and call 911 whenever I saw something I didnt like. I called all businesses at morse and wayne numerous times.

  • Inactive user

    Im not here to toot my own horn. Just give examples of what can be accomplished and how it can be accomplished.

    Moving is a real chore. Dialing 911 and calling the landlord and banding the good neighbors together and calling the ward office for me would be easier. Because you cant always move away from your problems. But sure its different when you are a tenant than a property owner. The rent is cheap here for a reason. But it really is improving. Ashland is their last stand. I dont think that gang has anywhere else to go. Their back is up against the wall. Which is why they will so fiercely defend their home base. Because there are right up against rival territory. Hence the gunshots.

  • Sorry to hear about your troubles Nichole. Keep calling the Alderman and or your landlord. I posted a link to this because I thought it might help, and I also liked how actively your neighbors are stepping to lend a hand or advice.

  • Nolan - RP 2+ Year RP resident

    @Nichole or anyone else who might know the answer.

    Who is the CAPS beat facilitator for this area?
    Get in touch with them and let them know the details of what's happening in the building. They should be able to get that info to the top cop in the 24th (I think Wick is his name).

    Also, call the 24th station and describe what is happening.

    These two in addition to 911 could help.

  • Inactive user

    oops I actually mean 6832 n wayne, the 8 above 8 that spans from wayne to glenwood on farwell on the south side.

    Just saying that THAT place was really out of control but with sustained calls to 911 for inappropriate behavior it got better.
    And in the past year or so there havent been any problems
    coming out of that building at all.

    What I found is best about CAPS is that you can compare notes with other people and collaborate with others that share in your same plight. Sure letting the cops know whats up is good too. And there are some people there that are there to toot their own horn. And some people at CAPS are just bored and need something to do. Goind to CAPS isnt going to magically make everything better, everyone must remember the COPS' peace cant be breached. You still need to call them when something is going on. The neredowells on ashland wont stop until they are stopped with either an eviction or jail time or they eventually will get sick of the cops hassling them all the time. If you make it too tough on the neredowells. They will follow the path of least resistance and leave.

    Its expensive to move. You have to pay a moving van. You need a new security deposit. Alot of time involved. I think it would take about the same amount of effort or less to make your current area safe. BUT you just have to have faith and guts and stick to your guns. Why should a good person leave? There is no reason if you are otherwise happy there for any good person to leave.

  • Inactive user

    What is so interesting about this whole discussion is really this is at the heart of how neighborhoods improve. Sure sometimes bad people are priced out. But a whole lot of times neighbors have to band together and say we arent going to take it! Neighborhoods in a downward spiral consist of good people moving out due to bad peoples behavior and more bad people moving in. When the neighborhood is improving the good people wont tolerate the bad peoples behavior and then the bad people either straighten up and behave or they are eventually forced to leave.

  • I appreciate everyone's advice and thank you all. I must admit i am pleasantly surprised to the response i've gotten from all of you, there's hope for this neighborhood after all :) I will not make any hasty decisions to move and i agree that we must take a stand, I have just been so frustrated. Last night was the first quiet night in months and i'd like to think it happened with all of your support and help. So again, Thank you for helping keep this neighborhood safe

  • Inactive user

    Hey we are all in this together. I drove by around lunch to make sure everything was okay around there.

    I tried the two 847 numbers and all Im getting is voicemails
    I will try the two 773 numbers later. Please people there call Ann at the Ward office 773-338-5796 if she cant talk with you leave a message. She says she cant just read the internet and then act on something. Ann is in charge with working on problem buildings. I did notice that there is some trash at the North East corner of Ashland and Farwell. What is the managment company's name Farabi?

    That is a nice building and this shouldnt be going on there.

    Bil Mar management is a bit gruff, but Im over the top sometimes. But they convinced me that they are doing what needs to be done.
    They are managing the 1422 Farwell Building.

  • 6905-6917 Ashland is not run by a management company and the landlord has been gone the last two months but he's coming home thursday :) I'm sure there will be a line out the door of concerned tennants waiting to speak with him about this matter. I've spoken with a few of my neighbors and they are equally upset by this problem. I'm hoping with the property owner getting involved the matter can be handled swiftly.

  • Inactive user

    Thats quite a huge building to be run by one guy and then he leaves the country and ??????.
    That building also has some Farwell addresses in the 1500s

  • Veronika "Kat" LiBeth Block Captain Obvious, Rocket Surgeon

    Hi @ Nichole. I'm curious, who do you call if your toilet overflows or a pipe breaks while the landlord is out of town? Surely he has some contingency in place? At this point, with him coming back soon, it's probably a moot point, but he needs to have someone local taking care of tenant relations if he's out of town for so long. Just a thought, even if eviction notices can't be served until he's back, someone should be documenting in preparation for his return.

    Also, call him every time you call 911 on a neighbor. This way he is fully informed of who is a problem. My landlord sent a letter to the tenant each time I've called 911 (twice that, and once a clutter on the porch complaint that didn't involve police), and they're told that after a third complaint eviction processes will start. They've been quiet since.

  • I believe so Jeff, but to be honest i've never checked the address on the farwell side. Funny you mention a contigency plan or lack there of i should say. There is none, we have a hispanic man that takes care of the lawn, etc. He doesn't speak english but fortunately i speak enough spanish to communicate with him.. If something major were to happen i have no other contact number or person. As you can see he does not run this building very formally.

  • Inactive user

    Yeah I saw that guy standing with the hose in his hand, looks like a nice guy, he was wearing a cap. But hey that is not enough for a building of that magnitude. There has to be enough rent money coming in to cover taxes AND management and oversight.
    Yeah if that guy standing with the hose is his hand who doesnt speak english is watching over the building, thats bad.

    It would behoove the landlord to provide good oversight because that would lower money spent to fix damages to the property and keeping good tenants would help improve the area and then he could increase the rent. Its just good business.

  • MizAudrey 6 year Rogers Park resident

    I also live in that building, nearly directly upstairs from the offenders of which we speak. Yesterday, my across the hall neighbor informed me that he saw a handgun laying out on the back porch. Yes, he called the police. I have also called the police on what appears to be behavior that is getting more and more brazen. In the last 3 days I have seen 3 open air drug deals, which of course only deals with when I am outside and can see. I call 911 every time. There is a car with windows shot out in the gangway where I used to walk to the laundry room. Now, I am too afraid.

    It is not the responsibility of the maintenance man to do security. Our landlord should have handled this before he left. I know that he cares deeply about this building, and since I moved in nearly 5 years ago, I have never had a problem until now. I knew my neighbors, in fact, people who lived here were the kind to help you carry up your groceries. Now it's so different. I don't want to cut and run, but if it doesn't change, I do not feel safe enough to stay.

  • Inactive user

    Sounds like the gangs took advantage of the situation.
    We need to keep on top of this and when he (the landlord) comes back I sure hope he gets his house back in order. He definitely needs to have some managment, How many units is in the building anyways? Im guessing 50 or more.

    I have made jokes in the past concerning being a landlord of huge buildings, like a 100 units, that would be a FULL time job. But this is no joke.

    Where is this car with windows shot out? Good GOD.
    Good job Mizaudrey.

  • I am so glad there is another neighbor here that is equally upset, thank you Mizaudrey. Also, there are a few of us "good" neighbors left so don't lose hope we must ban together and fight this problem and our landlord will be back on thursday. Jeff- the car is parked in the drive (usually reserved for landlord and maintenance man only). I hope our lanlord takes this matter very seriously when he comes back, otherwise he will lose the "good" tennants and be left with a huge problem.

  • John D Good Neighbor, Anarchist, Gnostic Christian

    I have got to be walking past this building at least twice a day! What is the address?

  • It's the large red brick courtyard building on the NE corner of Farwell and Ashland Blvd. 6903-6917 N. Ashland Blvd and i believe there is a Farwell address as well.

  • Inactive user

    Nichole, just wondering where you heard Thursday from? I hope Frank comes back suited up in the gold chains and polyester track suit ready to crack skulls and we see some changes around here, but when the neighbors I've talked to, including a 14-year resident and another, who has lived here for 18 years and believes this is the worse it has ever been, say they don't plan on resigning their leases, honestly doesn't instill me with much hope for winning the good fight.

    I'm so conflicted now because we had planned to leave before any of this even happened to a place with a kitchen suited for cooking and electricity flowing through more than 1 circuit breaker--but, slowly I am beginning to subscribe to the Jeff O school of thought, and not sure if I want to sacrifice a stand for liberty and justice for all for the mere convenience of microwaving popcorn while watching TV with more than one light turned on.

    Audrey and I will stand in solidarity with you when Frank comes back. We have a laundry list of infractions to give him that correlate with each 911 call we made & can hopefully help move along any evictions allegedly in progress.

  • Inactive user

    Just texted 911
    you can send text and pictures.
    There is bangers AA 5 just north of
    6917 N ashland. Just saw them driving home.
    8/31/11 530pm

  • Thank you Jeff Olson for being our eyes and ears. More of us (myself included) need to be like you.

  • John D Good Neighbor, Anarchist, Gnostic Christian

    Yup! I definitely walk past there several times daily. It is amazing what can happen right under your nose. I am learning more and more what to watch out for. I am also wishing the good neighbors there the VERY best.

  • Inactive user

    Yep its a daily battle. I cant DEVOTE myself entirely to it. No one can, but by everyone pitching in we can tell the police and everyone that this is not OKAY. Its not my corner or block but its still not okay.

    Dont give up. They will eventually tire of being moved from there and the police attention. In the real hood the cops ONLY come after shots are fired and the sh** hits the fan. This isnt the hood. Lets not make them feel at home. Never give up.

    After Morse was redone I picked up that sidewalk everyday for months on end. I still go by there and pick it up, not everyday, but its not needed everyday. But when I see trash there at Morse and Wayne I pick it up. Its called exhaustion. Eventually you will exhaust the litterers, the drug dealers, the prostitutes and the bangers.

  • Veronika "Kat" LiBeth Block Captain Obvious, Rocket Surgeon

    Jeff, that's so true. Because the litterers, prostitutes, dealers and bangers just don't want to have to work at anything, so if we work harder than they do (which isn't that much, in the long run - just vigilance), they will leave first!

  • Ryan, Frank does look great in those track suits lol. He's a croation super star :) Anyway, I too have a laundry list of issues and we have also considered moving before this problem but i agree with jeff and don't want to let them get the best of me or this neighborhood. I love RP and don't want to be pushed out. I almost feel bad for what frank will be walking into but that's his job. Oh and i heard sept. 1st from my downstairs neighbor she's been in the building 10+ years and is pretty close with Frank.

  • Inactive user

    ^^ The neigbhorhood is definitely moving in the right direction
    and its the neredowells that need to leave or behave for sure Nicole. Its because Morse/Wayne/Greenview etc are getting better
    THAT PUSHED these guys to hole up in your building and that corner. It was a bad year for your landlord to be out of town all summer. Little did he know.......

  • Inactive user

    Nichole -- do you have the management or landlord to the court-yard building's number?

    That building has been calm and quiet for most of the 5 years we've lived across the street. But this past month or two has been pure hell -- and it seems concentrated from just one or two bad units. Amazing how much damage a few bad apples in an otherwise good building can inflict on an entire neighborhood. We had the same issue with 6912 N ashland a few years back. Combined with persistently calling the police, and calling the landlord to let him KNOW we called the police on his building things eventually improved.

    If you wouldn't mind sharing the contact info to the management co., I'd be more than willing to be an extra thorn in their side to help get this problem cleaned up!

  • Your help is greatly appreciated, however, the landlord is apparently still out of town. I was told he'd be back last thursday and he's still not here.I find it very frustrating that i can't contact anyone regarding building matters, it's been like 2mths. Anyway, the number is 847 561 9109

  • oh btw, it's a landlord, Frank Basan not a management company

  • Inactive user

    1548-1542 w Farwell are the addresses for the Farwell side.

    He better get back soon if he wants to regain control of his property. That is a humungous building, way too much for just one person to handle as a part time gig. I think we need to pressure the aldermans office to get him to get a management company.

  • John D Good Neighbor, Anarchist, Gnostic Christian

    Absentee landlords can drive me nuts. At times, I almost think that it should be illegal to leave a building unattended for longer than a few days. I have had many bad experiences.

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