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Added Aug 23 2011

When I was headed to work today, I noticed at least 5-6 police cars circling the block or driving down the street. They didn't have their lights on and were driving pretty slow, like they were looking for someone.

Has anyone else in the area spotted an unusual number of police cars this morning?

Stay safe, folks.

  • I saw that too. Per CTA employee, 2 young men grabbed an I-pad and exited at the Montrose stop. They ran down into the neighborhood. One was caught so far, they are still looking for the other guy. I saw a bunch of cars near Wolcott.

  • Amy L Hayden Writer of stories, real and imagined.

    A friend of a friend was mugged at the Montrose stop of the Brown Line for his iPad around 9am. Not sure if it's related, though.

  • baseball bat Publisher of Parabolas Projecting Market Trends

    The mayor has brought more police to the area. That could have been it.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Blanka, yeah, I saw some cars around Wolcott also.

    Amy, sorry about your friend. I was mugged on the train once too. Not cool.

    I'm surprised they'd send that many police cars out to track down an iPad thief -- but who knows. Maybe there's more to the story?

  • KP neighbor

    It was the ipad. The suspects were running through yards and the police were trying to find the two men. One was wearing a grey shirt, black hoodie and black pants. Call 911 if you see anyone in the area that fits the description.

  • Shawn Ritchie South Side transplant to North Center since 2007

    Yeah, saw tons around 9:30. Including the female cop driving a squaddie with no lights on the wrong way down the 4200 N. block of Wolcott. She and every other cop I saw was doing the head-to-head search swivel so I figured they were suspect-hunting.

  • Inactive user

    Okay. This is coming from total ignorance, so please pardon me on this question. How do the thieves know that someone has an iPad? Are people openly using them in public? Again, I am naive about all of this, so be gentle with your responses. :)

  • @Dave - Yes, people often use IPads / Kindles on the train / in public.

  • JPinRWood Just a Guy in Ravenswood

    I was on the train when the robbers ran past, made me late for work. Seeing more and more of these problems in Ravenswood, sad to say. Hope they catch both of these thieves. I think Ravenswood is getting some of the push of crime that is coming from Uptown, since police have upped their efforts there.

  • Shawn Ritchie South Side transplant to North Center since 2007

    The morning rush on the Brown Line is a veritable sea of iPhones, Kindles and iPads, yes.

    I've noticed a general increased cop presence in the area the last few weeks, just more vehicles and cops visible at all hours, really. I agree with John that this is probably a side effect of how hard they've been pushing in Uptown to quiet things down up there.

  • Inactive user

    All this over an ipad? If you use one of those on the train you deserve to get it ripped off.

  • That's a pretty dumb statement all around, LS.

  • Shawn Ritchie South Side transplant to North Center since 2007

    LS: you realize that reading your iPad is the equivalent of reading the Sun-Times or Trib? Why should someone be punished or called a fool for using something as its intended to be used in a public space?

  • Inactive user

    No it's not the equivalent. The Sun Times isn't a shiny gadget that costs $500 or however much an ipad is these days. You do realize that this has been happening on the trains and downtown for months, even years, right? That it's been well publicized? That there is a new task force and have been several press conferences and media reports about "Apple picking"? I have no sympathy for someone with their head so far up their own @ss that they get their ipad/iphone stolen.

  • That's some pretty ridiculous logic, LS. We should all keep our phones / ipads locked away because of a few crimes. We might as well leave our bikes locked in our basements. I don't get how you can think these people "deserve what they get" for simply using a product as it was intended to be used.

  • Shawn Ritchie South Side transplant to North Center since 2007

    LS: I don't believe in spending $500 on a piece of equipment (full disclosure: I don't own an iPad) and then not being able to use it the way it's intended out of fear. Yes, you need to have your wits about you on the El. But one shouldn't have to not use their iPad/ride a nice bike/have a nice car/wear decent gym shoes/etc. because there are jerkoffs out there who would take them from us.

  • WindyCityTexan I ain't from here, but I'm glad to BE here!

    I was also on the train when the perps went hauling by on the platform at Montrose. I didn't realize there were two of them. The first one caught my attention because he was running so fast. Slight build, dark hoodie pulled all the way up. I thought it was navy blue.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    For what it's worth, when I was mugged, they took my iPhone and I probably wasn't at my street-smartest (is that a word) when it happened. I know that's not the case for a lot of people, but I was definitely partially to blame.

  • Inactive user

    In a civil society people should be able to use their ipads/iphones on the train without fearing someone will snatch it from them. Of course, we don't live in a civil society so you have to be a cautious about showing the world that you have something of value.

    About the only thing that is going to stop this kind of nonsense is for one of the perps to get a public beat down on the train platform then have the media celebrate it (Bernie Goetz style). Word travels fast in the hood and thugs aren't stupid. They won't do it if they realize it won't be tolerated by the public at large.

  • JPinRWood Just a Guy in Ravenswood

    Becca, I disagree. Why should you have any blame for someone else stealing your things? I understand we're in a city and we should be watchful, but the guy who steals my stuff is gonna have to work for it and my fat butt is gonna be chasing him as far as I can, when I then will then start insulting him and his degenerate self through a weezing cough.

  • Amber Concerned Citizen

    What was the nationality of the 2 men? There is no mention of that with the description.....

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    @John I did tussle with the kid for a second, but unfortunately he got it away. :(

    But anyway, enough about me ...

  • WindyCityTexan I ain't from here, but I'm glad to BE here!

    The men appeared to be African-American.

  • ctomsee Lifelong Chicagoan; Lifelong Sox fan; Dog lover

    Interesting coincidence that our neighbor/mayor took the Brown Line today as well.,0,1147877.story

  • Inactive user

    You should be able to use your iphone/ipad/Laptop but that's not the way it is. Stay vigilant and if you can, don't use you PDA for the 30-40 minute ride unless you feel like fighting for it.

  • ctomsee Lifelong Chicagoan; Lifelong Sox fan; Dog lover

    @BerkeleyGirl - +1 with respect to those neighbors who chased and those who stayed around as witnesses. Would have been a lot easier to just turn around and head to work or wherever.

  • BerkeleyGirl Winnemac Park

    @ctomsee - that's true, but I wouldn't be surprised if we see more of this... Not because we're more heroic, but the sense that it could be any of us...

  • F. R. Johnson recently transplanted to Portage Park

    That and the fact that people are just plain getting fed up with this crap. My late husband had at one time attacked a guy who ripped a passenger's necklace off and then sauntered after his buddies to the back of the bus to exit. My husband, sitting in the seat just front of the reat door, turned around and grabbed him by the throat, yelling at him to give the necklace back. Unfortunately the slime who took it slid out the door. But I bet he'll think twice about doing it again. (I had jumped out of the aisle side of the seat and was waiting to give a good kick if they guy went for a weapon.)

  • hazelg Longtime Edgewater resident

    @Amber. wjat difference does it make, a thief is a thief.

  • Maureen@Walkies Owner, Walkies Pet Sitting Service

    LS--I love that you blame the victim.

  • From some of the comments here, it sounds like people aren't aware of these types of crimes going on here. They are VERY common on the el, as well as out and about on the streets. In fact you may recall that a 68 year old woman was killed in late March when she was shoved down the el platform stairs at the Fullerton Brown Line station during afternoon rush hour. Some guy had just snatched an iPhone from someone else and was making his getaway through the platform crowd; he shoved the poor woman down the flight of stairs to get past, and she died from her injuries.

    This was on the Brown Line at Fullerton, in broad daylight, at the el's most crowded time, so don't think there's safety in numbers, or that you're safe because you're riding through a 'good' neighborhood. These guys train; they're fast and they're good. They work crowds, and they'll most likely hit when everyone's getting off the train and there's a lot of confusion.

    Secure your toys before you get up to leave the train and you should be okay.

  • F. R. Johnson recently transplanted to Portage Park

    From what I've read, it looks like thieves will grab your toys at any stop just before the doors open so they can dash out. Hook them to a bunge cord and duck when they come flying back? I don't know what the answer is except to keep looking up to see who is near you?

  • Inactive user

    Crime is up in Chicago Folks, if a thief is willing to knock an old lady down and kill her for a 300.00 phone, then the answer is to be prepared when you go out the door.

  • Chicagoan Lake View Lifer

    The thief in the Fullerton case was arrested a couple of weeks ago-,0,7583763,full.story. He stole the phone from someone on the train and knocked over the woman going down the stairs.

    Sitting away from the doors on the train helps.

  • Inactive user

    Thanks for the Link Chicagoan. It's sad that in this day and age, something like a cell phone could cost a person's life.

  • Bill Landis Random Biological Intersection

    I've been practicing for my Bernard Goetz moment.

    'Ya look a little cold there, lemme warm you up'

    I'm getting a book deal AND a rap video, yessir. You watch and see, kiddos.


  • Marvin Butler homeowner

    I want to sincerely thank my friends here on EVERYBLOCK who sent me a Thanks or Thank You Post. I am humbled and honored by your friendship from near or far. We are all in this together and we have to do what we can to try and stay ahead of the "JACKELS". You see, you don't know who is watching you. Thanks again, my friends and good luck.

  • Bill Near Rockwell L

    I have insurance. My Android tablet gets stolen, I get a new one.

    Also, these thieves are not terribly bright. Phones and tablets can be tracked. The tracking app on my tablet will tell me & the cops where to look for them.... within about 30 feet. I can even turn on the cameras and see & hear where they are / what they're up to.... so stealing my tablet is not going to turn out to be all that much fun for them, unless they like jail.

  • F. R. Johnson recently transplanted to Portage Park

    Bill, how do you get insurance on one of these? Is it part of the warranty? Also, if stolen, how does the tablet get tracked? I think it's wonderful you have those options!

  • Sean Creative Strategist and Beer Maker

    The Police will not go after your merch even if you have GPS confirm of location. I have seen this happen 3 times with friends who have had a PS3 stolen, a phone, and a tablet. 3 separate people and devices all being tracked to a location with an address. Police said they didn't want the address.

  • F. R. Johnson recently transplanted to Portage Park

    Sean, so how is anyone supposed to get their things back? A long time ago I had a credit card stolen and someone ordered merchandise and the recipient's address was available. Same thing. It seemed like the police didn't want to be bothered. What the hell?

  • Sean Creative Strategist and Beer Maker

    I have no clue FR. They didn't explain if there was a legal reason as to why they wouldn't pursue when half of their job was done already. They did say, don't use the info to get yourself into trouble.

  • Bill Near Rockwell L

    @F.R. Johnson - it's covered by my renter's policy. Tracking apps are available at the App Store (iPad) Google Play (Android)

    Also, see:

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