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Added Aug 11 2012

From 48th Ward Alderman Harry Osterman's weekly update:

Proposed Starbucks at 6350 N. Broadway
See the rendering here:
Starbucks has proposed a new location at 6350 N. Broadway, the southwest corner of Devon and Broadway. This location is a new concept, the first to be brought to Chicago and only executed so far in Portland and Denver. The concept utilizes recycled box cars for a drive-thru only location which also includes a walk-up window and spacious outdoor patio for warmer months. Starbucks has requested support for a special use permit for their drive thru. Over the past few months, they have met with the surrounding residents and neighborhood groups to share their proposal and receive feedback. Last week, my office hosted a community meeting including residents within 1,000 ft. radius of the site and representatives from Alderman O’Connor’s office. The neighbors present at the meeting voted unanimously in support of this project. Therefore, I have decided to support this project as well. They are developing on a small lot (12,500 sf. total) which has been under-utilized for a long time. They have agreed to eliminate the curb cut on Devon Avenue and will only use the existing entrance and exit on Broadway. Click here to view the renderings. I have asked them to work with the community on an Edgewater identifier. The one shown here is only a concept, not the final identifier design.

  • Michael Benami Doyle Moving to Los Angeles

    I think two things about this. First, I don't appreciate any business catering exclusively to (and potentially encouraging) auto traffic in the middle a dense urban neighborhood like ours.

    And second--a walk-up window and no indoor seating in Chicago? CHICAGO? This isn't Seattle. Who's interested in a coffee walk-up window in a city like ours that lives months in 10- and 20-degree weather?

    They'll have no business except drive-through businesses from November to March. I bet they're hoping for drive-through business from people heading down Devon towards Sheridan to access LSD in the morning. But really, I can't imagine who in the world during rush hour is going to turn off of Devon (or Broadway) at this intersection, just to have to fight your way back on.

    I call it: closed by spring after its first winter open.

  • Definitely in full support of this Starbucks and feel it will be a great addition to the neighborhood... A drive thru option we will use often, great curb appeal to a corner that has been an eye-sore for many years, a slowing of traffic in an otherwise high speed intersection, the use of recycled boxcars... So many things to love. And an Edgewater identifier - outstanding!

  • Michael Benami Doyle Moving to Los Angeles

    If you think cars pulling off of and back onto Devon and Broadway during rush hour at this intersection is going to slow traffic, think again. It will more likely cause aggressive driving as people trying to get to and from work swerve around the cars accessing the Starbucks driveway(s)--as happens regular in the blocks of Devon closest to Broadway. Truly mitigated traffic speeds involve strategically considered solutions like signal timing, bulb outs/roadway narrowing, rumble dots, etc. Not driveways accessed from busy intersections.

  • Katie Bookish Grad Student

    As a graduate student and coffee addict at nearby Loyola, I think its a poor business plan not to have some kind of indoor seating/study space. Coffee on campus isn't great and I'd love to be able to grab Starbucks at a much closer location. Much of the neighborhood and the largest potential consumer base are students and pedestrians. I'd love a new coffee option close to campus, but I think Starbucks should pay closer attention to the neighborhood.

  • Robbie Klinger Nonprofit fundraiser & Bark Around the Block Owner

    in the same breath i'm super psyched about another drive thru option that is not a DD... but also realize that intersection is pretty crazy already, and knowing how traffic can line up in the street in the morning for the DD next door, this new coffee venue is likely only going to make Broadway Ave driving more treacherous than it is already, if thats even possible.

  • CJ in 60640 Upstanding citizen

    I'm excited to have the option of picking up Starbucks on my way to the L in the morning. If it's warm enough to wait for the bus or the train, it's warm enough to wait in line at the walk-up window. I can't imagine the weather discouraging me from patronizing the Starbucks on foot except maybe when the temperature drops to single digits.

    The Coffee Shop has a lot of indoor seating just east of that intersection. There is also the Starbucks further north, which has indoor seating. I think all of these businesses can thrive. And really, anything is better than a vacant lot.

  • Walk-About Hello, again...

    Nothing else has worked at this intersection, so why not be innovative? Starbuck's may be the only one to pull it off.

  • PBarry Rogers Park since '61

    Hold on here. First, a drive-through-walk-up-only store without seating doesn't impress me, not in a pedestrian neighborhood. Second, that rendering and photos I found of the actual store in Washington state don't look much better than the sorry-looking yellow shack on that corner today. We've got plenty of piles of shipping containers around the city already, and they are terrific for moving freight efficiently. Whether they make great-looking "environmental" coffee shops, I'm not so sure.

    Photos here:

  • Walk-About Hello, again...

    Starbuck's doesn't close many of their shops....I'll bet they make it!

  • CJ in 60640 Upstanding citizen

    I think the photos look cool, but I can also see people not liking this -- it's kind of out there. But I'll take someone operating a business in an old shipping container over an abandoned property any day.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    What a strange Starbucks concept. I'm not sure I've ever been in a Starbucks where there weren't several people with their computers accessing free wi-fi.

  • Inactive user

    6350 N.Broadway is now going to be in Osterman's 48th Ward rather than Moore's 49th Ward where it has been for a substantial period of time?

  • JMG

    @winston - yes ward maps are here
    A drive thru is not ideal but this corner has been an eyesore for many years. Happy to see investment in the neighborhood when so many businesses are struggling.

  • Having read articles over the years regarding SB's concerns over customer abuse of washrooms, electric costs from customers juicing their laptops/phones, and robberies, this newer concept makes sense to me. I agree with comments this SB is better than what's there now but am hoping that any increased traffic doesn't wear on the neighborhood.

  • The Crusty Pirate Old crotchety pirate captain (retired)

    Ok. It's a Dunkin' Donuts disguised as a StarBucks.

    Are there hipsters behind the counter of Indians ? Maybe Hipster Indians.

    Grande ?

  • Inactive user

    I really like this concept. Sure ultimately this is the highest use of this plot of land. BUT its A use. Right now its NO use.

    AND they are getting RID of a CURBCUT on Devon. That is awesoeme. I also really like those hilarious bike racks with the bikes standing on END. That and the link to the other Starbucks location like this Container Box store is pretty cool. We dont have something like this in Chicago and this will be nice eye candy to look at instead of urban blight of a failed hamburger stand.

    There is definitely ENOUGH traffic to sustain this store.
    YES ultimately Im not psyched about how many car dependent or car friendly business there are on Broadway right there
    (popeyes/DDs/McDs etc etc) but atleast we will have one that looks cool. And there will be outdoor seating right???

  • Inactive user

    Okay yes I see the outdoor patio AND there is parking there.
    Its silly but I think this is a good temporary use of this land here that is obviously doing nothing for anyone right now.

    So in the summer there is a good place to park your car to get a starbucks coffee if you cant find parking anywhere else and you can maybe read the paper while you figure out how to eventually ditch your car somewhere.

  • Robert B. 5 year Edgewater/ Rogers park Resident

    Ah The old yellow phoenix shall rise from the ashes once more. that drive thru has been more failed businesses then i can count in the last 5 years. it seemed every 6 months some new sign was plopped on that pole, and a fast food place offering terrible food would take hold for 3 months then close just as suddenly. seems cursed. perhaps a star bucks will stand a chance... but I doubt it.

  • Inactive user

    It will create a traffic jam, as people turning off Devon will get their am. caffeine fix. Unlike a crappy hot dog stand, a Starbucks can be totally viable with just rush hour to-go traffic. Good luck to 'em. Local beats chains, but chains beat vacant lots.

  • Brent B. Neighborhood nerd

    I like the outdoor/drive-thru plan, because it will limit the business impact on the Stella Espresso Co and Metropolis Coffee. Both establishments have much better coffee and are local businesses, but don't cater to drivers-thru. A drive-thru only Starbucks made of shipping containers is a hip upgrade for a prominent corner of the neighborhood that currently projects an "urban wasteland" feel.

  • Terry Midnight Owner of Third Coast Comics in Rogers Park

    One the one hand, it's a neighbor I can be excited about. On the other hand, there are already 2 coffee shops within 40 yards of this location. Is this the only viable use of this space????

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    This corner is a pedestrian dead spot today; nobody's walking by or up to the fast food places that have been here. Thus, I think this is a suitable place to allow for something car oriented. I don't drive often but I can see us stopping here on the way out of town on occasion, and with Broadway/Sheridan being such a busy street, I bet they see a lot of opportunity for commuter business.

  • Al I. Not Defender of Cartoon Cows

    Here's a couple other things to consider -- everything tried in this spot in recent history has failed. And it's all been kind of low value garbage -- title loans and fast food. Because Starbucks is tearing down the building, they're breaking the cycle and trying something different here. This is good for the neighborhood, it brings something of value to this corner. And if it fails I wouldn't be surprised if they even remove the building, leaving an empty lot for somebody else to start anew from -- probably better than the crappy fast-food oriented building that is there now. This is practically insurance that this won't become just another hot dog stand later.

  • ScottK Near Glenwood/Devon in North Edgewater

    Al I., good points. I look back at the old photos of that intersection and wonder why we have to have an open lot rather than a several-story building with retail at the bottom (Walgreens, I think, was there), but these are different times, and I guess a boxcar Starbucks is as good an experiment as any. You're right about the demolition of the failed building breaking the cycle. I wonder when the demolition/construction will take place...this fall or not until spring. And I wonder if they could fairly easily add an indoor-seating boxcar if they got enough requests for it. (I feel terribly old for having had to explain to a 35-year-old what a boxcar is...I guess you're supposed to call it a shipping container from a train.)

  • Veronika "Kat" LiBeth Block Captain Obvious, Rocket Surgeon

    I wondered about that stacking - like maybe if they decided to add indoor seating they could stack and people could go up a spiral staircase to indoor seating. That would be neat!

  • PBarry Rogers Park since '61

    Yeah, Veronika, that's what I'm talking about!

  • JMalo in Edgewater Family living in Edgewater

    We missed an Edgewater Neighbors meeting to discuss this Starbucks. Anyone know of any update?

  • Just think of all the cool stuff those box cars must have carried in their lifespan. Thats cool karma. And picking up that corner from the eyesore it is with some neat lighting and bright colors as well as a lot of high-energy folks? Also cool karma. It's our neighborhood improving and their going to be great neighbors. Lets all give a hip, hip, hoorah and embrace the positive.

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