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Added Aug 11 2011

Hey everyone, I just happened to come across this article today (thanks @Curbed) and thought I would pass it along. It talks about the upcoming plans for the West Loop Target, Mariano's grocery store and Pink Line station.

All the projects they mention sound like good news to me, but what do you guys think? What are you most looking forward to? Are there any you think will have an unexpected downside?

  • Susan Long time resident

    We do not need another Target. We need more
    cultural venues. Shows, theatres, music etc

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Thanks for chiming in, Lyn. Isn't the West Loop getting a Costco too, or did I imagine that?

  • Ben Meyerson Editor of Chicago Journal and Skyline

    Technically it's coming to the Medical District, at 14th and Ashland. But yes, there's a Costco coming to the Near West Side, probably early next year.

  • Ben Meyerson Editor of Chicago Journal and Skyline

    Oops, I meant mid-to-late next year.

  • Jesus West Campus Assn

    There needs to be a Sports Corridor......Baseball, Football, Track....yadda yadda. There's plenty of vacant land on the West Side of Chicago. There should be a big push on volunteerism!!

  • So we can have more subsidized teams using up valuable land at a discount? Nah.

  • David J R+D Resident

    I'm not sure why the Mariano's is going in across the street from Dominick's and close to Jewel, the French Market, and the upcoming Wal-Mart grocery store in Presidential Towers, but I guess they cater to the higher-end market (arguably, CFM does this too, but they aren't a full grocery store).

    I think the three things I'd most like to see are more ethnic restaurants (Thai, Indian, Korean, and Vietnamese being my favorites...and lacking in the West Loop), retail, and mid- to high-rise housing.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    That's interesting, David. I didn't realize the Mariano's was going to be so close to Dominick's.

  • Yes, Mariano's will be less than a block away from Dominick's. Personally I don't have a problem with it, if that is what the developers want to do. However, I have a problem with them getting $7 mil. in TIF funds to do this!

  • David J R+D Resident

    I am a bit excited for the Costco. I've never really had one near me or been inside one, so it'll be something to check out. I'm also not sure why Target decided to put another store so close to the SLoop Target on Roosevelt. I can drive to the Roosevelt location in a couple minutes. Google Maps says the Jackson and Aberdeen location is a 5 minute drive while the Roosevelt location is a 7 minute drive. We'll see. I guess the parking garage at the Roosevelt location does get completely full by around 11am on weekends, so maybe they feel the area can sustain two stores within two miles of each other. The new location will also probably pick up a lot of the UIC customers.

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