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Added Aug 01 2011

So, I'm a new resident to the Pilsen area, and I've decided recently to take the initiative and start cleaning up the trash on Cullerton between Throop and Loomis. I wonder how long the street will remain clean before the trash begins to pile back up.

  • Inactive user

    Our community used to be worse than Pilsen and we still pay someone to clean up litter. It's much better now. Ignorant people litter. Register to vote and ask his staff, Ward Superintendent Danny Moy, to help clean up and get the residents to stop throwing their garbage in the streets. Solis is very attentive to Pilsen.

  • e

    I host a bi-annual clean up of the area, and over the past 5 years it has gotten much cleaner. Still frusterating, yes. But much cleaner.

  • Do you mean in the street or on the parkway?
    Wouldn't regular street cleanings take care of the street?

  • Inactive user

    Depends on what kind of neighbors you have.

  • Joe 35-year resident

    Good job. Have you thought of starting a block club?

  • Joe 35-year resident

    @ Howard. We should not wait for the regular street cleaning to clean our neighbor hood.

  • Tim,

    Thanks for helping to clean up Pilsen! I currently pick up trash at Guadalupe/ Reyes park but am a little disappointed when I see the trash is back again the next day but with more broken glass. The worst part is that the trash and recycling bins are right behind the bleachers. Keep up the good work despite ignorant lazy litter bugs

  • Hey Tim,

    Welcome to the neighborhood. My wife and I live at 18th and throop and would be down to help pick up trash on throop from 18th and meet you at cullerton.

  • Hey Joe-- I wouldn't argue that point-- I clean my own street regularly-- I was just asking Tim for clarification, thanks.

  • Tim

    Hey Guys, I'm glad to see so many people on the same page about the trash in pilsen.

    @Howard- I was talking about the trash on the sidewalks, and on the streets.

    @Wally- thats sounds great! .lets pick a date (btw, I also have two others on board that will help out as well)

  • I know that once a year Pilsen hosts a clean up day but it doesn't focus on Pilsen as a whole. I am willing to clean up Cullerton between Halsted and Sangamon street.

  • LHPI new resident of east pilsen community

    At a recent dinner party with some of our Pilsen friends we all decided to start GrowPilsen! I hope people will consider joining us in our efforts to reduce trash. We are simply adopting streets in pilsen and committing to keeping that street clean. So far we have two blocks committed. We may add flower bed improvement in the spring if we have enough people. Please email me at to make a commitment to your street. Thanks!

  • Grenadean West boundary pilsen

    'depends on what kind of neighbors you have'. Please do not take this the wrong way but discarding trash as you walk down the street is a part of 'the culture'. It is not disrespectful but it is part of life in a poorer country with irregular trash pick up and receptacles for such Think about it and you will understand and not see it as a racial characteristic but simply cultural/economic.
    That being said I like that others are willing to help out with this issue.I Building owners of multi units need to be held responsible and ticketed-warned about overflowing, tipped and spilling cans.Wouldn't it be nice if Ald. Solis backed a every other block corner can with art on it?
    Then you have the cost of streets and san emptying them..hmm
    Yes, it needs to be said LOUD ;Please don't trash Pilsen our beautiful and multi-cultural neighborhood. I 'll grab a bag Staurday and do my block.

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