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Added Apr 26 2018

Hi, neighbors! Any one interested in starting a running group? I could use the motivation!

  • Jana I say hey.

    I'll walk as you run 😊

  • I would love to....I could job/walk. I am trying to get a lot better!

  • How about Tuesday around 6pm? The weather is supposed to be perfect that day!

  • Jana I say hey.

    If you are willing to run slow I'll do my best to walk fast! Plus I'd love to get to know some people in the area. I just moved here not that long ago and I'm in dire need of some female companions.
    If there's any mid 20 to 30 year old ladies on here please say hi. 🤗 my cat only knows so many words.

  • JillCim Journalist. Runner. Excellent cook.

    Be sure to check out 3 Run 2. I’ve never run with them but they seem like a great group.

  • There are a few larger running groups you could also look into, although most of them focus on training for half marathons or marathons. I know CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) also has fun runs on week nights sometimes. I’ve met some great friends through CARA.

  • I will definitely look into 3run2 and CARA. I was a little intimidated by groups like them because I'm a slow runner (11min/mile) but I really want to try to run faster so I think it would be great motivation!
    Jana: I'm newer to the area as well. Let's get a group together!

  • JillCim Journalist. Runner. Excellent cook.

    Definitely look into CARA. And 11 min/mile isn’t slow!! CARA has training groups down to a 12.30 run/walk. And I think you’ll find 3 run 2 has a wide swath of runners as well.

  • gloria gloria

    Jana and Tula, I am in my 40s and I do Zumba 3 times a week but I am wanting to get back into walking too. Let me know if you guys meet up on Tuesday!

  • Jason Rasmussen Albany Park neighbor

    I did recently start this running group in the neighborhood:

  • Hi Jason. I checked out your Facebook page. Does this group ever do weekday runs? I work Saturday mornings 😒

  • So are we going to try to do Tuesday at 6pm? I am game! I am a walk/jog person for now.

  • Jason Rasmussen Albany Park neighbor

    Tula - Not really. It's been tried but haven't been able to pull one off successfully on a weekday.

  • I’m interested in a Tuesday run! I’m trying to get back into running now that it’s go get nice out

  • Let's meet at 6pm on Tuesday for a run/walk! Does Jensen park (by the kid's park) sound like a good meeting place or are there any other suggestions?

  • Jana I say hey.

    That sounds great.

  • Hey! Just saw this! Did y'all end up going??

  • HI Amy! I waited at the park for 10 minutes but no one showed. I run and walk around the neighborhood everyday if you or anyone else is still interested!

  • Hey Tula - I'm late to this convo but would definitely be interested in joining next time! Tuesdays aren't the best for me but there are occasional weeks that I'm free. I'd love to start meeting people now that's it's nice out again!

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