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Added Apr 25 2011

I recently had to have the city remove two old trees from our parkway. I just found out you must contact 3-1-1 to request new trees to be planted. Does anybody know how long this process takes? 311 had very little information...only that two tree planting seasons exist: spring and fall. They told my I might be too late to get a spring planting too.

Any information is appreciated.

  • Sandor Weisz Lincoln Square homeowner

    We recently had it done on our block. It took much less time than we expected, but I don't have exact numbers. I'll ask my neighbor for more specifics.

  • Jeremy L. Neighborhood Advocate for Sustainable Change

    Thanks so much for following up. We have a contact with the tree removal department but I am not sure he's associated with the tree planting department. :)

    Nice to meet you, BTW.

  • We have requested a tree twice in the last two years (once by 311, once by web) and still no tree. My neighbors called once and got a tree within three months. Guess it just depends?

  • Jen 10 year resident of Bridgeport

    Hi Jeremy! Our tree was planted in the Fall of 2008. We were surprised that we received it so quickly- I had called 311 during the Summer & was told it could take up to 1 year to receive a tree. In reality, it took about 3 - 4 months.
    BTW, I had no advance warning- one day I pulled up & there it was planted in my parkway. Also, I did not get to pick the type of tree, the city picked it.
    Good luck! :)

  • Jeremy L. Neighborhood Advocate for Sustainable Change

    I appreciate the information. Hopefully, I'll have trees sooner than later.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hey everyone, someone submitted this response as anonymous feedback by mistake instead of posting it to the thread. Just passing along:

    Jeremy, Call 311 again and ask for the SR# that was issued when you called requesting new trees. Then call the 11th Ward office, give them the SR# so your address can be listed when the landscapers come to the neighborhood to plant EVERYBODY's trees for the season.

  • Jeremy L. Neighborhood Advocate for Sustainable Change

    Becca, thanks for posting this. Very helpful. Heck, I might just go to the 11th ward office and submit this in person. :)

    thanks again.

  • Granny 30 year resident

    Jeremy you might also try calling the dept of forestry I think the # is 1-312-746-5222 hopefully this info is correct and helpful

  • johnaranza Lifelong Bridgeport resident

    About 3 or 4 years ago the city planted a tree alongside our home after several years of calls . You have to be patient and understand the budget restraints Chicago has been and will be under .

  • I went to the precint captain. After I reminded him a couple of times I got it the next spring.

  • giigii life-long Bridgeport resident

    I received my 2 trees years ago by making the 311 request and then following up with the alderman's office after about 2 months. Thank you for contributing to the 'greening-up' of our neigborhood!!! We need more trees.

  • Jeremy L. Neighborhood Advocate for Sustainable Change

    thanks to everyone for the great information. I obtained my SD# and called the alderman's office to confirm, etc. I guess now it's the waiting game. :)

  • Thanks for the info in this discussion. It took a couple or three years for the city to replace trees in front of my building. Now I have a better idea of how to work the system. :)

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hi Jeremy, I just wanted to add this comment to the thread. It got posted as a new discussion in the 48th ward.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hello again, everyone. Thanks for for all your comments on this discussion. I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a shout out in my latest post on the EveryBlock blog!

  • Jeremy L. Neighborhood Advocate for Sustainable Change

    Becca, thanks for the shout out. And thanks to all for the great information on this topic.

    I wanted to post an update: I returned home yesterday to find two line markings in green on my curb almost exactly where the previous trees were located before removal. I can only assume someone from the City or Alderman's office came by during the day for a site inspection. I was told by the Alderman's office that standard procedure is to survey the site and mark it first, then some type of notice will be delivered or hung on my door indicating they have my request "in processing". And I cannot believe how quickly they have responded already. I put in my original request with 311 and then provided my SD# to the Alderman's office. I also filled out the online request form per everyone's suggestion. So basically I am not sure which avenue provided the speedy service. Perhaps someone from the city is reading posts and figured they better get this one right? If so, thanks to the good people at Everyblock like Becca who are promoting this issue. :)

    I'll post another update when I have one.


  • Tony Adams curmudgeon

    My 311 online requests have been getting done in a day or two here in McKinley Park. One might think that with Daley as a lame duck the workers might slack off a bit, but it seems that the opposite is happening. Perhaps they want to make sure to shine for the new administration or something?

  • Call me the anonymous person who referred Jeremy to 311, then to the Ward office. I really don't know how to post a comment and set up my account yet. oops.F/Y/I Call 311 at ALL times to file a complaint on a business or report an open fire hydrant etc., always call 311 or 312-744-5000.This is the centralized calling center for all departments in the City of Chicago. Reports are then forwarded to the correct department to follow up.Let's see if I can get this to work.

  • I know this is "off-topic" but you all seemed so well informed, so I'll ask my question here. Who do I call to have the sidewalk in front of my home replaced? I know I will probably be responsible for part of it, but it's really getting bad, and of course, its because of the tree roots in the parkway! Thanks for any help offered!

  • Joe Trutin Lifelong Near Southwest side resident

    The city takes applications each year in January.

    You can find details here:

  • CherFlip - You might want to ask your Alderman for a new sidewalk, they get money for neighborhood improvements and you do not have to pay. They usually put you on a list for new sidewalks and if your real lucky your whole block might get new sidewalks.

  • Paul Zickus B & R Bridgeport Armour School 1965 - VN 1971

    Thankz EveryBlock, Becca, Joe and EVERYONE else for sharing and caring ... I love ALL of you ... Thats why this is the best City in the World. The Internet has allowed us to share all this information instantly!

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