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Added Apr 21 2012

What's it like living by Douglas Park? (California and Ogden) Are there things to do for fun besides going to the park? Is it decently safe? We are thinking of moving there, but are worried about losing all of the things that living in the heart of Pilsen has to offer.

  • Brad R. Living Day by Day

    My advice to you is that you move up to the north side &/or to Rogers Park, Over here its BAD & Its gonna only get worse, we just had a shooting over here on my block just last week... 16yr old boy got killed... so I wouldn't move over here in this neighborhood

  • John Omara Douglas Park lover.

    We shop for produce at Pete"s, lots of good Mexican on Cermak and 26th St, but life mostly revolves around the park. I am out there twice a day or so and fortunately no problems with crime.

  • Marcus de la fleur Proud Lawndale resident

    We bought our house at the western edge of the park about three years ago - after a lot, and I mean an awful lot of research. We looked at a number of different neighborhoods but got the best result for where we are right now.
    Good access to good retail (Pete's Fresh Market), good access to public transit (CTA Busses and L-Pink line), restaurants along Cermak, close to down town, good access to health facilities (medical district around the corner), a park literally at our front door with park district facilities such as a gym and swimming pool, also Homan Square community center close by, also with gym and swimming pool, etc...
    Some corners have drug dealers, but it is a block by block issue, and the community is working on this, as far as I can tell.

  • Beata Beata

    I have to say its not safe. i just moved here in February and my car had a hit and run and theres been shootings in the day time. Freakin ridiculous and too many gangs.

  • Tony Adams curmudgeon

    Might want to take a peek at this: The Lagunitas brewery could have a pretty positive impact on the neighborhood.

    There is no valid reason to assume that "It's only gonna get worse". Giving up certainly won't help things get better.

  • We've been here 12 years, and it's mostly been good. We personally haven't had any problems. It's definitely block by block though. The east side of the park is pretty tame. The park itself is a wonderful asset, and we use it most days of the week. In addition to the brewery, there is Cinespace. It's fun to see the movie guys wheeling props around. It's not exactly a big nightlife spot if that's what you're looking for, but the ER is close by if you get a little too wild at home. ;-)

  • John Omara Douglas Park lover.

    Check out the new Lawndale Christian health club on Ogden at Lawndale Ave; 20 bucks per month and beautiful, great machines, free weights, etc.

  • Marcus de la fleur Proud Lawndale resident

    John, I completely forgot about the new facility with the health club at Ogden and Lawndale Ave.!
    Another thing that just came to mind is ICE Movie Theater on Roosevelt and Homan ( as well as "Livin' Clean Entertainment" at 1539 S. Pulaski ( We went to their spoken word/poetry night and had a blast! This place is a real jewel!

  • We recently left the area due to safety concerns for our young grandson. I would agree with Marcus and John about some of the amenities in the area for adults. Had our household been simply comprised of adults I think we might have "stuck it out." But, having a young grandson living in the same building we could not foresee it being in his best interest to grow up in the place we had hoped to call home. Not only did young people walk right past us with guns in hand but the increased number of time we heard shots being fired (day and night, in close proximity) got to be way too much. To witness kids from the ages of three to six years old duck and run screaming "it's a gun" when they hear a loud noise is more than one can take. Our children shouldn't have to be associating loud noises with the sound of gunfire. I became concerned enough that I refused to wait till it was too late. What good would it do to hear "I'm sorry" or "Boy, itsn't it a shame that he got hit by a stray bullet..." when a member of my family gets hurts or killed just for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bottom line, we had to get out, give up what we had tried to build, for the sake of a child. Believe me, it was worth all we lost!!!!!!! We will not return!!!!!!!!

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