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Added Apr 19 2012

  • Raul:

    I read a lot of things that sound "goofy" to me in your post(s).

    You state: "...If Mexicans, Central Americans, or African-Americans want to do the same as me, I would say they are within their rights to do so..."

    Uh, are you forgetting anyone?

    You don't have to wait for the 2010 Census in order to see how diverse H.P. is, and how naturally inclined MOST people are to live this way.

    You state: "...and for those residents that cannot afford to live elsewhere." WTF? Foreclosures and short sales are available everywhere. Home sale prices show that homes are incredibly affordable. Or, in your defense of the La Estancia project and the neighborhood did you mean people who cannot pay for rent or manage the ownership of a house on their own for a variety of reasons?

    You state: " self-determine the development of their community." Does self-determine mean self-pay, or are you one of those who advocates the use of TIF funds and other community resources only to serve your purpose of preserving the "...Puerto Rican identity of this community I so love"?

    Do whatever you want, as it is a free country, but pay your own way, like the rest of us, and let's use TIF funds and other community resources to pursue projects that benefit EVERYONE in the community.

    This land is your land,
    This land is my land...
    This land was made for you and me.

  • I appreciate the dialogue. I do not speak for DSBDA nor any other organization in the community. I feel like I can share, though, the sentiments of countless Puerto Rican community activists that have been struggling to improve the quality of life of Humboldt Park long before it became a trendy place to invest in. I choose my words carefully so when I listed other ethnicities/nationalities, it was my intent to list people groups who are historically marginalized and oppressed by the dominant group(s) in this country. However, I think Irish, Italians, Polish, Jews and Norwegians should also preserve the identity of thier people in HP, if any remain. Being Puerto Rican, however, I need to focus MY energy on Puerto Ricans. United Blocks of West Humboldt Park were indeed critical in the case study outlined in the "Engaging the Community in Decision Making" textbook. But I would argue that the organization looks significantly different than when the homes for new mothers project was being developed. You should note that I am listed as a contributor in the book since I was part of the working group as a partner of NNNN in the multi-year effort. Also worth noting is the Puerto Rican community's effort at saving the oldest Puerto Rican mural in Chicago-the other case that was included in the book. I was intimately involved in ensuring that the vacant lot on Artesian and North was controlled by the community and recently oversaw the development of the community garden space that we enjoy today. Lastly, if people are put off by the celebration of Puerto Rican culture and presence in a community does that mean it should stop? I say no! Celebrate YOUR culture, YOUR identity, YOUR presense in HP. Because I sure as hell will celebrate MINE. Sorry if my post seems a bit "goofy" to anyone. Although I never ridiculed anyone's post on this thread.

  • Raul:

    No matter what someone says, if what is said is in opposition to you or another monomaniacal "activist" whose ideas you support, it seems to be a uniform response to point a finger and claim "ridicule" or personal attack,

    Unfortunately, I have been here a long time, and I have come to understand what is happening in this neighborhood.

    Some of my best neighbors, and good friends are Puerto Rican. When you say things like "if people are put off by the celebration of Puerto Rican culture" it sounds like you are making a very negative, disturbing, and damaging assumption.

    And while a lot of people in my neighborhood are frequently celebrating, I am working, paying my bills. Some of those who celebrate a lot have been evicted, or their homes now sit vacant. Why? Too much celebration and less work-ethic in what Humboldt Park is: A WORKING CLASS NEIGHBORHOOD.

    Your viewpoint will not serve your interests well. You are participating in the active alienation of decent, hard-working and open minded neighbors and community members.

    And you bet that I will celebrate MY culture, MY identity, and MY presence in HP. But I will do so with my own funds.

    All that I ask, Raul, is that you use your own money to celebrate yours.

    See ya in the Park! Se vende Humboldt Park! Over 150 homes CURRENTLY listed for sale, where the average selling price is $60,000! Affordable housing in Chicago is here! Come and get it!

  • brian Wicker Park resident since 1994

    I was born and raised in the greater Humboldt Park community. Years ago, I purchased my first home in Wicker Park, not too far away from the area I grew up in which was too dangerous to live in. I am interested in seeing the quality of life improve in in HP for the reasons posted on this thread. It would be great to see the long-time working class families that have not sold their buildings realize a hard earned return on their investment.

    I do not appreciate the tone against HP residents and community activists taken on this site, especially from Mr. Raul who is anxious to prop himself as a resident who is committed to building up the community but has a clear bias in favor of who he regards as the rightful residents of HP. Your quaint and dated identity politics are not enough to stop HP from being a successful, diverse, and safe community and will hardly be sufficient to distract anyone from attempting to self-determine the development of their community.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    I have seen complaints about multiple gangs attending the fest, complaints about severe violence during the fest, and complaints about anti-white racist comments. I have also seen false accusations of racism made against a white HP pastry maker. But I have never seen anyone post anti-PR comments. Of course, I could have missed it, and would welcome a link to such a post.

  • I think that I am familiar with the mural you speak of "The Crucifixion of Don Pedro Albizu Campos."

    That's the one that cost all of us tax-payers a million dollars or more.

    Some money went to pay attorney and court costs to sue the developer who constructed one floor of a new legal, permitted structure.

    Some money went to pay for the demolition of the structure and subsequent purchase of the site from the developer. Some money went to wrest control of this privately owned property out of the developers hands and place it into the hands of a very few; NOT in the hands of the COMMUNITY, mind you, but leaders of the PR community.

    Some money went to repaint and restore the mural.

    Some money went to landscape, garden and fence in the lot.

    Some money went for signs.

    What does the mural celebrate, in addition to other Puerto Rican cultural figures?

    TERRORISTS! People who brought guns into the House of Representatives in the United States Capitol shooting incident (1954). Look it up on google. Five Representatives were shot.

    This group is the one that carried out an assassination attempt on U.S. President Harry S. Truman on November 1, 1950.

    Raul, is the spending of a million bucks of US Taxpayers money on this mural off-putting? It certainly is. This money should ALL have come from private sources, NOT everybody's money!!!

    This is exactly the kind of thing I am talking about. Instead of spending public money to preserve decaying relics of a violent past, we should be spending every available dollar on preserving our city's infrastructure, making improvements to schools, building educational park programs, and on things that benefit everyone.

    I know that diversity is important, and it is one of the reasons I am in Chicago, and remain in Humboldt Park. But geez. I want a refund. Mural restoration = not a good deal.

    Job well done, however.

  • J-Wahhh Trying to do Everyblock without being a cry baby

    Raul: "my focus is preserving the Puerto Rican identity of this community I so love"
    You are aware that identity has been around for a very short time, right? If it thrives, and people want to stay, it will survive, and be a valued part of the community.
    But fighting to freeze a neighborhood in time is a losing game.
    Try concentrating on education and jobs. Then people can afford to live wherever they want.
    For what it's worth, I grew up in Old Town, but now I couldn't afford a cup of coffee over there. Am I mad? Who cares? 18 years was plenty. Why fight over turf?
    Unless of course you're just trying to keep a concentrated ethnic voting bloc in place. In which case, I guess that's just Chicago being Chicago, but be prepared when others don't get behind you.

  • Wow! It is apparent that the main voices on this thread are not people interested in dialogue and exchange. It seems that people like humboldtwriter, alex trebec, and others are only interested in people who support THEIR perspective on what Humboldt Park should be about. I have been cordial in trying to share my perspective, while avoiding disagreement with YOUR opinions. I hope that others who view this thread and EB can see who you really are. You come off as supportive as long as the comments support your views. There has been no attempt to really see things through my lens. You mention a book to support your points but when I mention the same book to shore up my own credibility you skirt over it only to bring in other divisive subjects such as terrorism and taxpayer funds. In addressing my comments about "being put off by my celebrating my culture" you say I am making "dangerous assumptions", yet you prove that they are not merely assumptions but statements rooted in fact, "Why? Too much celebration and less work-ethic". The last string of comments prove to me that the dominant voices on this list are part of the dominant class in this nation. I wonder if the poor and working class Mexican and African American families that live in HP and Paseo Boricua are as angry about me celebrating my culture as you on this list? I affirm and validate Raka's right to build up the community and UBOWHP's right to do the same. But when I try to assert that right I get attacked. Thanks for exposing your true colors and your true interests. Make it a great one!

  • HUMBOLDT MUD & SUN East Humboldt Park

    Rebuilding our neighborhood and Division between the flags is a great point. How did this shooting in the alley 50 feet from Division at 7pm on a warm sunny day happen? I call it failures across the board. Failure on the part of all the neighborhood Joes and Josephines walking to the store or restaurant for not calling 911 on the obvious drug activity they had to walk through. Failure on the part of the police when they just drive by even if average Joe and Josephine call. Failure on whomever monitors the multiple cameras on Division. Failure on every business owner who do not call 911 or pressure the DSBDA to take some action. Failure on the DSBDA for obviously doing nothing to keep the street clean of gangbangers and not courting new businesses to rejuvinate the strip so many more neighborhood Joes and Josephine would spend their money at. If you live around here, go ahead look outside right now and watch all the people who choose to live in this neighborhood go east of western or north of North or south of Division to spend their money. You may even be one of them.

  • brian Wicker Park resident since 1994

    Raul, your writing is passive aggressive, your lens in monocular and your goals are exclusionary and conditional on a national identity one can only be born with. You are not looking for dialogue and exchange, you are looking for affirmation and approval. You may want to try some critical thinking.

    Or maybe you are right, maybe it just every other person in HP that is crazy, and you are the only sane voice of reason.

  • Raul:

    I looked back at an earlier post of yours and saw that you wrote: "Using race identifiers (white, black, asian, etc.) IS indeed racist."

    I guess that pretty much invalidates the US Census, eh?

    Now I understand.

  • Raul:

    You state that I: "bring in other divisive subjects such as terrorism and taxpayer funds."

    Well, I really don't have to think that hard, long or philosophically about what people should be considered when they SHOOT OTHER PEOPLE, including elected officials of the US Government. Terrorist is the modern 9/11 version, but I suppose I could hearken back to the day when it was just called violent anarchy.

    Taxpayer funds are going to get more and more into focus, as the city, county, state, and nation gets deeper and deeper into debt.

    I find a lot of unity with a diverse body of people who share my concern about how to invest and spend taxpayer money.

    If you want to use taxpayer money to uphold your culture, you are going to have to ask politely, as the days of grabbing are over.

    You rammed us into the great divide when you talk about Humboldt Park in terms that most prominently include all things Puerto Rican, begrudgingly include "Mexicans, Central Americans, or African-Americans" and fail to mention anyone else. This isn't a chalkboard, and you aren't holding the eraser.

    This place is a mess if you try to point out all of the differences. It is really quite beautiful if you blend a little...

  • Raul:

    When I said "Why? Too much celebration and less work-ethic" with regard to people getting evicted or losing their homes to foreclosure, I guess you took this to mean the celebration that occurs during the P.R. Fest?

    What I was talking about is not about a 4-day event. I was talking about a year-round lifestyle that includes people intoxicated or high pretty much all day, everyday, sitting on couches and/or porches, or WORSE, slinging drugs in my neighborhood and gang-banging, and taking that money somewhere else.

    People should be out doing something legit to earn cash and a bit of pride in earning a living and being a productive member of society.

    There aren't enough non-profits or TIF funds in the world to save and protect people against their own laziness and bad habits.

    On my block, a significant percentage of "affordable" homes built during the past decade are being foreclosed.

    You can't grant a work ethic.

    Those of us who have it will celebrate AFTER the bills are paid.

    Regarding your statement about me being from "part of the dominant class in this nation" I'm not sure if I am about to laugh or throw up. Fascinating perspective you have; always ready to be OPPRESSED or a VICTIM for something that one is born with.

    White, black, brown skin, male, female, straight, gay, satanist, evangelical, and those of us who can't tell the difference between any of the above we all live here, know it ain't Paradise, so all this talk about CLASS is pretty bogus. Middle class? I don't think so. Working class, yes.

    Anybody who reads these posts has no question about what kind of person I am and with what I am concerned. It is mostly things with which you don't seem concerned. Herein lies the difference.

    Best of luck Raul. Hope to hear from you again, but you won't get a free pass from me if you write something that just isn't right, accurate, or fair.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    RAUL: as I posted earlier, you are welcome to link to any previous post that illustrates anti-PR sentiments. Personally, I have not seen that. But I could have missed it.

    I do agree with others that it will be hard to keep any neighborhood from changing. When real estate prices change, then the demographics change. Thats not racism. Its basic economics. Thats happened to Irish, Polish, Mexican, German, Italian etc neighborhoods across Chicago.

  • Beach and Homan - 30 Years 30 Year resident HP, 60 Year, Lifelong Chicago Res

    Without attacking anyone personally, I need to make a statement that is probably floating in the minds of many who have been reading these comments.

    EVERY PERSON in Chicago, is in IMMIGRANT. In fact, almost every person in the US, save for Native Americans, are immigrants. We are, almost all of us, descended from non-native sources.

    My generation of my family came together from France, Germany, Ireland and Italy - pretty much in equal parts. We also have a tiny bit of Native American, Spanish, Norwegian within those blood lines, but those are "trace amounts" -- just enough to make individuals in our family interesting.

    As a child, I lived in a diverse world of languages. At home, as the 2nd generation born in the US, we spoke exclusively English. While we were at any of our grandparents homes, where there were usually 3 generations of family members living under the same roof, usually in a big old house, we were immersed in the culture and tongue of the first generations: French, German, and Italian. At 4 I spoke pretty good French and Italian. I never did get the hang of German because my Mother's Grandmother passed away when I was very young.

    My family's first and 2nd generations spoke their native languages at home and learned to speak English in public and at work. My Great Grandmothers and Grandfathers taught me to love the foods and traditions of those countries from which my family members came but also taught me to respect the traditions and English language. If I did not speak correctly, or I did not respect someone, I was reprimanded by my family - not by law enforcement officers.

    If I got in trouble in school, I got into a whole LOT more trouble when I got home - literally being grounded and having my bicycle taken away from me for an entire summer.

    continued in next post . . .

  • Beach and Homan - 30 Years 30 Year resident HP, 60 Year, Lifelong Chicago Res

    . . . continued from previous post:

    The difference I see between my background, and, I suspect, the backgrounds of a huge majority of American's is that we melted together to create what is now America - with all of the uniqueness and idiosyncratic contributions of each of our original generations and the countries from which our Parents came from.

    My issue with much of what I see going on today is that there are several groups of new immigrants who have no desire to acclimate to their new Country -- they have no desire to blend with the American culture.

    If we are going to bring back a culture where everyone respects each other, then we need to begin by respecting both our individual cultures and the cultures of every other person. We need to respect our roots, and adopt to live in the culture of the Country in which we live, and that includes having everyone adopt English as their primary language - no matter what other language or language they speak at home.

  • Raul:

    When you state things like: "Being Puerto Rican, however, I need to focus MY energy on Puerto Ricans"

    You are stating that you are engaged in a RACIST agenda amongst Hispanics. The bottom line here is that there are many more Mexicans in the neighborhood than Puerto Ricans, and on my block there are several Central American and South American families and individuals, which is also representative of the greater neighborhood. If you feel as though Puerto Ricans deserve something over and above what any of these other Latinos deserve, which oozes from your every post, then you are acting in a racially superior manner and are a RACIST in my opinion.

    I've been to NNNN meetings in the past. A very small group of people who can't even pay their phone bill. I am sure they did a lot for the Puerto Rican agenda, but once the grant money is gone to pay their salary, the activism dries up for the most part.

    On the other hand, folks like myself and others around me are not on any payroll for doing the community work we do, and will remain consistently involved as best we can. The work we do IS FOR THE BETTERMENT OF THE ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOOD AND COMMUNITY. It has NOTHING to do with race, upbringing, language, class, wealth, being trendy, etc. We live here, we would work here if there were any jobs to be had, and we sometimes play here when we aren't spending our money outside of the community because there are so few places to spend it here.

    If you would get rid of the myopic view of the neighborhood that you have, you might find people like myself, who might not take stock in your brand of cordiality, have their own heartfelt and genuine concerns AND IT IS STUPID TO BE FIGHTING AGAINST EACH OTHER and unavoidable progress.

  • Raul, when a million dollars of tax money is spent on a mural that celebrates and promotes the beatification of individuals that use violence and the threat of violence to promote their beliefs, AND there is very little economic/business development in the community, WHAT MESSAGE DOES THIS SEND TO THE YOUNGER GENERATION?

    In my opinion, it glorifies guns and violence, diminishes the importance of dialogue and peaceful disagreement, and equates leaders of terrorist acts with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ.

    All kids in this neighborhood need a decent education, and a decent chance of gainful and legal employment.

    Is it more important to stimulate that mural or stimulate economic growth. A million dollars! That money could have been invested in dozens of businesses, enabling them to expand, modernize, and hire employees.

    And that million is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Billy Ocasio and other leaders in the Puerto Rican community would rather "honor" Puerto Rican culture, instead of enable self-worth by stimulating businesses and thereby work ethic. I hope the current Alderman can serve the broader best interests of the community.

    Teaching kids how to work will serve them their whole life.

    Teaching them to solve their problems by shooting people will serve them until they are caught or killed.

  • Raul:

    Your "efforts at preserving the cultural identity and history of HP, especially the Paseo Boricua community" has created and sustained a DEAD-ZONE in the natural growth and development of a community. Division St. from Western to California is full of vacant commercial buildings, properties that nobody will buy, and TONS of non-profits and clinics. That may represent greatness to you, but to me it leaves a lot to be desired. The Paseo may be festive and lively when there are big parties going on, but drive through on a non-festival Friday or Saturday night, and you see a lot of dark windows, an illegal club or two, gang-bangers hanging around, and the few restaurants and bars that are there struggling to keep their doors open. Plenty of parking, though.

    "Saving" the Paseo for the exclusive use of Puerto Ricans has failed. I don't mind if you hold onto the dream. I understand and have accepted that I have to zip up to North Ave, or down to Chicago Ave., or a few blocks east of the Paseo to have a good and safe time. But you have held back a generation of Puerto Ricans from having gainful employment in the very neighborhood that you so desperately want to keep as your own. How are non-working residents supposed to afford to live anywhere?

    I don't argue with Al (Albert Einstein), when he says:

    "You cannot simultaneously prevent and prepare for WAR."

    You cannot simultaneously prevent (non-PR) development and prepare for (PR) development.


    Raul, you gave me a fantastic compliment that makes all my hard work worth it! You remembered me from one of the few who stood up and represented hundreds who signed a petition against the La Estancia (THE STAND) Project! Now I know that I made a mark and an impression on individuals against change for the better years later. For that I THANK-YOU. Even though politicains stated we ask for the project, the truth was my neighbors wanted no part of it in the area it was built. Remember, the gas station that could not make a living on the corner of Division/California, and then sat vacant for a long time (you know like the vancant lot on the north/east corner now). A private developer purchased the land, received permits to build four stories of condos for private ownership (great tax base) but was forced to sell to the city (at tax payer expence) then sold to Bickerdike for a DOLLAR!!!!, to build the no tax base project that is the stand! I think most people would say it is racist to build a building with tax dollars and say this is the stand against non-Puerto Ricans moving in! The No Se vende / NoYuppies groups are out and out RACIST, that is just fact, are you showing that you are a member when you state (my focus is preserving the Puerto Rican identity of this community I so love), do you want to keep out other groups? You come across loud and clear to most on this thread, like you say we do to you.
    On this thread I believe everyone wants the same thing (rich or poor, HP hater or not), we all want to live in peace and not to be forced by the powers that be to live where they want us to live.
    This also includes not having gangbangers return to the old hood and settle their differences by shooting each other in the head like how this thread started. You want to start a thread about racism on EB, please do, I would enjoy to continue a dialogue and exchange with you so more can read about your point of view and mine to. The ball is in your court now will you do it?

  • OldLady In the 'hood.

    Um, yes, J dub, I am entirely serious when I say that HP is not as bad as Kelvyn Park/ Englewood/ or Garfield Park. I meant every word.

    Because it's true.

  • Inactive user

    If people don't llike the truth about their neighborhood then they should write to the media not to publish it. I don't care that my message was hidden. The truth is the truth about HP. And it cannot be covered up. Little Village is in the same category. And there are shootings in both neighorhoods. Its always on the news. I don't feel like getting hit in the crossfire. Both neighorhoods are swamped with gang members. That you cannot hide. If you like living that way so be it. I don't.


    I read that there was another drive by shooting in Rodgers Park and women are affraid to go to the bus stop because gangbangers hang there. Looks to me that Rodgers Park is has more problems than HP. I am glad I live in HP and not that a more dangerous place like Rodgers Park! The truth is the truth if you say so even if there are no facts to back it up! If you repeat a lie enough some people will say it is the truth! Weak people.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    RAKAR: are you referring to the community area called Rogers Park? Or the actual park with that name? Because the actual park is a nice area.

  • Inactive user

    Rakar appears perfectly willing to comment on areas where he doesn't live, but seems to oppose those who don't live in Humbolt Park but may have an opinion about HP. Gotta love it!

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.

    Sorry alex, I was just demonstrating how foolish one appears when they write about areas they have no knowledge of. I do not live in Rodgers Park so I have no idea of what the area is like even if I drove through it or was there decades ago. I also don't believe half of what I read after people repeat false information to try to make it out to be the truth. I did read about gang shooting in that area just to point out shooting like this one happen everywhere.


    Hey, did you notice?!? If a comment now recieves enough (NO THANKS), it is hidden on EB. I hope this will remove trolls from the site. Thanks EB, great move.

  • Inactive user

    Rakarwowski, what is your definition of a troll, you owe that to your audience here. Is it someone that doesn't live in HP but offers commentary on your neighborhood? Or, perhaps it's commentary that you disagree with. Can you define a troll?

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    First off, there is a MUTE function for participants to use when they prefer to ignore a specific poster. So Im not sure why EB added the the NO THANKS option. Second, the new NO THANKS option will allow just five posters to dominate a discussion. I see that as a problem if its used to mute dissenting views.

  • I agree with Alex. This forum should maintain itself as a place to for neighbors (and others) to communicate with each other and/or share experiences and opinions. If I don't like what someone says about X but read something they have written about Y a few months later and like it, I don't have any confusion about what has happened. People often disagree with each other under the best of circumstances.

    As far as TROLLS are concerned, SOMEBODY has to live under the bridge. Only in the movies and fairy tales does a troll play a significant role.

    I think that EB has over-stepped its bounds by providing a nuclear option.

    I haven't muted anyone yet, but it is an option that has been already in place for those that want to avoid certain participants.

    Unfortunately, what started out as an interesting discuss list has turned into a popularity contest. Smile!

  • J-Wahhh Trying to do Everyblock without being a cry baby

    No, the mute button is the "nuclear option" because you have to decide that someone is effectively dead to you and you never want to hear from them again.
    The "No Thanks" system offers more specificity, allowing you to disapprove of a single comment, while still seeing everything else someone has to say. It is an improvement.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    "Disapprove" is a pretty broad standard. Users could "disapprove" of facts that support a contrary position.

  • OK, but it was intimated that five "-no thanks" over and above any "+ thanks" might remove or suppress a comment. I'll go back and look at the EB policy to see what is what.

    My opinions is that a Nuclear option cannot effect just one poster. The Fallout is broadcast far and wide, and only the unlucky survive. I would rather call muting a user the "Instant Karma" option.

    What is Nuclear about "No Thanks" is that during the course of a possibly heated discussion, five people can effectively suppress a point of view.

    I am one who prefers perspective. Does the post of a troll really have that much effect on you? Do you think that ignorance and/or bigotry will spread if those exhibiting it on this site are allowed to share their opinions freely and the post to remain intact for all to see?

    My preference is that a bigoted, arrogant, offensive and/or ignorant post REMAIN attached to the person who posted it ad infinitum so that all can see who they are, clearly. If that individual has no sense of decency or honor, then the uncomplicated task of discernment will naturally follow and those with a molecule of common sense will gravitate toward other information without any help from anyone. THIS FORUM IS NOT AN OPINION POLL.

    Without evil, would we have good? Without darkness, light? A BROAD SPECTRUM represents my philosophical, spiritual, and personal beliefs about what is good for us all. Let's have it here on this forum.

    Some have to live with their Scarlet Letter and have "troll" tattooed to their forehead.

    Others have to learn to live with them. That would be us.

  • EveryBlock Marina EveryBlock Community Manager

    humboldtwriter: As it currently stands, 5 "no thanks" will collapse a comment, regardless of how many "thanks" it receives.

    We're looking at everyone's feedback about "no thanks" and learning how it's being used.

  • This comment has been removed by EveryBlock staff.

    How is NO THANKS censorship? You mute someone, you do not see what they write anymore! Some one writes something that is untrue and defaces the truth/fact but it is their strong belief no matter what anyone else writes or proves to the contrary and that comment will be collapsed by 5 people who agree the statement is BS! You want to read it, you just click reveal it and read away. There are individuals that troll EB looking to write things they know nothing about just to stop caring neighbors from helping each other clean up their neighborhoods, for what reason,I do not know. Fake names, fake pictures and never write about what is being discussed on the topic of the thread. People look back at what was written by the individuals who receive NO THANKS! Not once was anything written helpful to the thread, just untruths to start confrontations and these same individuals go to other threads and do the same. None of them have the right to question me or anyone else but that is what they do and when questioned back, they do not reply or have no facts to back up the statements they make. This is off topic and I said what I felt about the gang banger (convicted felon) getting shot in the head and killed in my neighborhood and will continue to fight to clean up HP and make it a safe place for anyone to raise a family. Till the next HP thread, bye bye.

  • brian Wicker Park resident since 1994

    "no thanks" is far from Nuclear, and not truly Suppressive if it can be revealed with a single click. If I was following a lively discussion I would definitely expand any hidden comments. But it is a useful tool to declutter a thread from unhelpful comments or thrill troll snark.

  • You are probably right, brian and RAKAR, but I haven't finished the trilogy and am not yet ready to concede that there is a LORD OF THE TROLLS...

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    Not suppressive? Of course its suppressive. Thats the point. Saying its "a useful tool to declutter a thread" is disingenuous. I would suggest the goal of the "NO THANKS" option is to suppress counterproductive or disruptive postings. Will it also be a tool to suppress inconvenient facts? Time will tell.

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    The NO THANKS is a form of censorship. But theres nothing wrong with that. Its EB's site and they can censor what they want (the rules are known as "terms of service.") People do not have a constitutional right to post on EB, or on any other company-owned communications medium. Its only when the GOVERNMENT starts censoring people that there is a constitutional problem.

  • EveryBlock Sarah EveryBlock Community Manager

    Hey folks, passing along the blog post explaining how "No Thanks" works and when it should and shouldn't be used (ie. to express disagreement).

    If you have any questions or comments for us, please feel free to join the discussion on the blog!

  • Inactive user

    I will correct one statement. I worked in Lincoln Park from l996 to 2011 not 1966. Live where you feel comfortable. If you like living in HP so be it. I know its crowded with gang members like Little Village. East Rogers Park is not. And our police department has done an excellent job of arresting gang members from Howard Street. They are always riding around the neigborood making sure everything is okay. HUMBOLDTWRITER: Listen, you can't sweet talk me. HP is not a safe neighborhood to live in. And I don't care who doesn't like my comments. They just don't like hearing the truth. Sheridan Road is lit up and our alley is really lit up. There are no gangs hanging out on corners. Those that sat at the bus stop were not gang members just friends and they are gone

  • Morgan

    I so promised I wouldn't get involved, but alas.

    Mariann, on March 17th on discussion board entitled, "Moving," you wrote: "I am not familar with HP. When I had a vehicle the last time I drove down North Ave. was in the 70's. I lived on Division and Damen but moved in 1962. Neighborhoods have changed since that time as there was no gang activity in the 60's & 70's. I live 7100 North on Sheridan Road and so far there are no gangs hanging on the corners and shootings since I moved here 7 years ago. Now Howard St. may be a different situation as they police arrested 21 people four months back for drug dealing. No matter where you live you have to be careful."

    So, which is it? You know everything about my home and my capabilities to hear "the truth" OR you haven't even driven in this neighborhood since the 70s?

    "Worked in Real Estate office for over 15 years"... red line much?

    If you hate my neighborhood so much, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT! What do you want to get out of this?

    I'm sure you have a lovely, safe beautiful home where you live and you are happy and healthy and loved. Great. Let us discuss our neighborhood, and ideally how we can ALL make it better, as a community. We promise not to make you come to the neighborhood b-b-qs or Jazz in the park or the playdates I have at the playgrounds with kids from super-diverse backgrounds.

    Let us worry about it. Enjoy RP.

  • Third Rail Citizen of Humboldt Park

    @Mariann. I know its called Everyblock, but it doesn't literally mean you have to comment on EVERY block.

  • Inactive user

    RAKAR & EMILY: Who do you think your kidding? HP will never be cleaned up. Your comments are a joke. MORGAN: And you really have to worry about it. I don't have to watch my back walking down Sheridan Road. I don't live in a home I live in an apartment building and we don't have to worry walking down the block. There has been no shootings around this area since I lived here for 7 years. I would not step foot in HP. I am sure the police in HP are always on the move waiting for a shooting to happen.

  • Morgan

    Why are you still here? What do you want?

  • alex trebeck Ukrainian Village since 1990

    MARIANN: Im not sure how a comment like "I would never step foot in HP" is in any way helpful or constructive. It appears that there are many many people who disagree with you, as we all live here.

  • EveryBlock Becca Director of Community Management

    Hey folks, let's try to keep this discussion on topic. As a reminder, if you don't like what someone has to say or you no longer want to see them in your news feed, you can still mute them by clicking on their profile page and scrolling down to the bottom.

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