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Added Apr 19 2012

So, I am curious to hear what people are thinking about the Red Light Cameras going up?

Personally I think they are a safety hazard and a money grab.

I have had the flash on Western and Touhy go off in my face late at night and ruin my night vision because someone got too close to the white line. I have had people slam on their brakes in front of me because the light turned yellow. They are a definite safety hazard.

The money grab part is just blatently obvious. Some one else brought ut that it is also a ploy to becin phasing out the crossing guards, who all cost money.

Speed Bumps are cheap and very effective why arent we using something that doesnt tax the citizens? Why does the city punish the good hard working people of the community. Why focus on someone going 10 mph ofer the speed limit when we have kids shooting each other i nthe street?

This is so obviously a money grab!

So, lets add a solution. What would work to counter this? A petition drive? Media Campaign? How do we get these lame politicians to realize that they represent the people and that the people of this city are tired of their Orwellian tactics?

  • All of you neighbors on EB, please keep this in mind, that our dear leader is well known (from his days in Washington) for using P.R. firms/media strategists to influence public opinion. That means hiring such firms who have rooms full of employees trolling sites such as this one every day and posting comments, which is why they are called "influencers". Just sayin. . .

  • Inactive user


    That's obvious, look at the guys posting that are pro-cam they don't even know the speed limit in Chicago.

  • Yep, you know me... pure shill.

    Though please, keep up the paranoid conspiracy stuff... it's the reason I started posting here in the 1st place. I'm still waiting for the diatribe connecting the JFK assassination, the Masons, and Bin Laden's burial at see.

    Bonus points Chris if you can connect those to either "what really happened on 9/11" or "the President's birth certificate"

    Super bonus points if you can even reach alien conspiracy.

  • as a side note, I wish I did get paid to troll you guys...

  • wow: "burial at see" that'll teach me to attempt English before I've had coffee

  • Public relations people are the ones who give us ______ and tell us it smells good. Their reputation is so bad, they changed their name to "media strategists". Typical P.R. stunt: wreck your image? Just change your name.

  • Inactive user

    LOL! How's the old melon? Natural Ice is really bad beer.

  • Inactive user


    I'd be happy if these guys just changed their beer for starters!


    Letter to Governor Quinn;
    Dear Governor Quinn,

    This communication points out notable facts about Illinois’ financial love affair red light cameras.

    · Chicago has more (387) red light cameras than any other city in North America!
    · Chicago fined motorists over $65 Million in 2009 for just red light camera violations, more than any other U.S. city!
    · Chicago has distinguished itself as the only city to purchase a red light camera system rather than lease from a camera system vendor, a large capital expenditure.
    · Chicago signed a $50M five-year camera service contract with Redflex!
    · Ch
    · Chicago’s camera-equipped traffic signal intersections do not comply with Illinois Traffic Safety Memorandum 2-07 red light camera safety specifications due to home rule provisions!
    · Suburban and out of area drivers traveling to Chicago on surface streets are greeted with traffic signals with fleeting yellow lights at least one second shorter, usurping motorists out of 44 feet of stopping distance (dilemma zone) at 30 MPH at each intersection! This causes deviously dangerous traffic disruptions shown to increase rear-end crashes and injuries.
    · Independent forensic video analysis has positively proven at least a hundred or more of Chicago’s red light camera equipped intersections’ traffic signals consistently display less than the three second Federal minimum steady yellow signal


    Barnet Fagel

  • To Matt T re 35 is ok on Western: I don't think you understand. Going 35 on Western will now be 15 over the "school zone" 20 MPH and subject to a $100 fine.

  • So speeding in a school zone during school hours when the 20 MPH speedlimit is in place gets you a fine? I'm shocked. Literally, shocked.

  • Inactive user

    Soon Rahm is going to be the most despised man in Chicago

  • Gotta get the speed cameras installed so our misleader can use that revenue to pay off the payday-type loans he is arranging in his so-called "infrastructure trust", a scheme to hide his wheeler-dealing from the taxpayers under layers and layers of the 'fox watching the henhouse' appointees, appointed by the misleader himself. Infrastructure projects should be funded by issuing municipal bonds subject to Freedom of Information Act requests. If you liked the parking meter deal, you're going to love the "infrastructure trust". Another page out of the T.I.F. playbook: empty the treasury, and then think up new schemes to gouge the taxpayers

  • Enjoy all! You voted for this......

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    Not many Chicagoans were paying attention when the speed cams were proposed and debated several months ago--that would have been the time to have an opinion. Too late now. Get your heads out of the sand, people, and pay attention to what's going on in your city hall. Try having an opinion when it will actually have an effect.

  • when i first heard about this, all i read about was "school zones" and i thought that was fine. when did they add the parks?

  • Inactive user

    @Carl G. - I would bet the farm that it wouldn't matter to Rahm and company. His lobbyists are getting the contracts for installing the cameras. Its obvious he could care less of what his constituents think. This decision was made before he even got elected.

  • As long as there is a countdown timer on the crosswalk signal, I don't have a problem with it. It is those intersections without countdown timers that are ridiculous. You have no idea when it is going to turn yellow and give you ticket. If I got a ticket from one of those, I would fight it in court. They can't make you use your psychic powers on red light timing.

  • Carl G. Rogers Park resident

    Matt, that's a defeatist attitude, don't you think? Rahm et al are counting on you thinking that way. ("No one will listen to us anyway, so I'll let them do whatever they want with my money and my future.") But when many individuals express their political opinions on a given subject, those opinions have the potential to unexpectedly coalesce and have an effect.

  • 92 comments on red Light Cameras? follow the rules of the road.

  • Inactive user

    Amen! This also goes for bikers as well.

  • Inactive user

    C'mon guys, we can get this to 100 comments! Me, I say put up Green Light Cameras, and ticket anyone who stops illegally.

  • @bill savage...hahahahaha

  • KMQ New to the Uptown Sound

    Its a really sad world when we're spodding just to put this to 100 comments. And yet, I have fallen in with the herd. I just hope that comment #100 is EveryBlock Sarah or Becca telling us to keep it on topic. I love our EB Overlords. :)

  • Bill W. 12 Year Resident of Rogers Park

    Notice how our Alderman has avoided this roll of comments like the plague?

  • Bill W. 12 Year Resident of Rogers Park

    @ Matt....would you like a ditribe about Masons? Im one and I dont have the power of the NWO to influence Rahm and his Cronies.

  • Bill W. 12 Year Resident of Rogers Park

    @Nolan.....yeah, that trust is another topic worthy of 100 plus comments!

  • @Bill

    what you don't even have any influence over Rahm with all or your (puts sunglasses on) National Treasure


  • Bill W. 12 Year Resident of Rogers Park

    anyone interested in signing a petition to ban the cams?

  • Steve G. SW Burbs to far NorthSide and everywere between

    A car rear-ended me on Lincoln and Touhy becaues the woman in front of me slammed on her breaks and stopped on a yellow light that was a red light cam. They are a hazard especialy for motorcyclists.

  • Inactive user

    Isn't it too late for a petition?

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Matt, it was probably always too late for a petition. Some folks, it seems, like to promote lost causes.

  • Bill W. 12 Year Resident of Rogers Park

    It is never too late for a citizen to voice an opinion. There are just some people that give up too easily and that is why we put up with these situations. You can put up a fight or roll over and give them your belly thinking it is a lost couse. your choice, I choose to fight. I guess 8 years in the Marines gave me that ability. I didnt fight to roll over.

  • Inactive user

    It's never too late other places have done away with these Mafia-Shake-Down Cams. Chicago will be harder but it could be done!

  • Bill W., Count me in--I hate feeling like I live in a police state. And if we can't get rid of them city-wide we can probably get rid on them here in the 'hood, by impressing on our Aldermen how much we object to them.

  • Duncs

    Red light cameras and speed cameras are an excellent source of revenue by punishing those who break the law and reducing the financial burden upon law-abiding citizens. It is simple slow down, be courteous, be defensive and obey the law and you will not have any issues with traffic cameras.

  • Brian F Long time resident of chicago

    but the city told us that the red light cameras and speed cameras are for safety not revenue! ;)

    Report back when you get your first speeding ticket for a poorly marked school zone. If the city made it fair, such as putting count down timers above the stop lights, then they wouldnt make any money but it would be fair, reasonable and safer... but we all know thats doesnt seem to be happening. Ive never gottan a red light ticket but I expect that everyone in the city will get several speeding tickets, does that mean we all drive way to fast? I'm just waiting for the day that everyone in favor of this theft on the citizens of chicago gets robbed themselves and changes their tone.

  • They are for safety AND revenue. don't fool yourselves. I guess i have been lucky. I drive 400 miles a week for work and have never gotten a ticket. Maybe i drive too safe.

  • and when i do get a ticket. its probably cuz i did something wrong.

  • Inactive user

    Most school zones state that the 20mph is during school hours when children are present. I don't get what is so difficult about that. Several years ago, I got a ticket for speeding in a school normal work schedule was such that I was not driving during the times that warrented the school speed limit. Taught me a lesson...haven't gotten one since. Maybe anyone that gets "caught" will learn the same lesson that I learned. Speed limits/laws have a purpose. It's not a time for a person to decided whether or not they agree with the posted limit.

  • But Mike, you first said you never got a ticket....but then you said, if I did I deserved it - which is it?

  • Ok, IF i ever DO get a ticket . Its cuz i DO something wrong. LOL Good Lord......

  • Brian F Long time resident of chicago

    many people in chicago only make $100 a day. People should be punished when they choose to make bad decisions. Following the flow of traffic is not a choice. I sat at western and addison for a bit today. Not a child in sight and every car that past was driving a causal 30-35 mph. I didnt feel that any of them were unsafe, being jerks or otherwise causing a problem. Every one of them would get a ticket after july 1. Many of these people dont make $108,000 like an alderman or $170,000 plus kickbacks like the mayors office, and the punishment is far harsher than the crime that didnt cause an accident and was poorly marked so the driver had no idea that they were actually doing anything wrong. Its just like the street that has one sign on a block away showing permit parking, when you get that ticket its not fair and its a pretty harsh penalty. This isnt the city I want to live in.

  • Totally understandable, but rules are rules. Laws are laws. If you don't like it, move to another city. They are ALL doing it. Not uncommon

  • good Lord to you as well, Mike, but you can't have it both ways....

  • Lauri B, you know what I ment in my first post. Your being pretty petty over your misunderstanding of a statement . Kinda silly

  • Thanks for clearing it all up, Mike

  • Bill W. 12 Year Resident of Rogers Park

    You are right, rules are rules and a cop should be enforcing that rule, not a camera and a private company.

  • Bill W. Thanks. I am sure you also read the today's Tribune article on the sweet heart deals our current and former "public servants" cut for themselves on their pensions.
    These are the same people who are going to reform everyone else's State pension.
    One thing this State and City does have in abundance is "World Class Hypocrites" in elected offices.
    Also a thank you for all of your efforts, Mr. Patrick Fitzgerald Esq. you will be missed!

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