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Added Apr 16 2017

Are you in support of the development at Irving & Central? Then sign a letter of Support.

If you are in favor of the zoning change at Irving & Central to allow this community to attract much needed economic development to our area, then please sign a letter of support.

Click this Link to see a copy of the letter.

We also have an Ipetition that you can sign. Just click the Link.

So you can get your support letter back to us in several ways.

1. Sign & email the letter back to us at

2. You can sign the Ipetition.

3. We have volunteers going door to door collecting signatures.

4. You can stop at our Inaugural Fundraising Event on Tuesday April 18th 6pm to 8pm at Porrettas, 3656 N. Central. We will have letters to sign there.

The WPPNA will present these letters to the ZBA on

Friday April 21st
City Hall-121 N. LaSalle
9:00am Room 200

  • With almost 15 years of law enforcement experience in a supervisor position I have gotten to know the city very well. My spouse having vast real estate experience. I am in the know and can tell you that where ever Starbucks is crime rates are lower and property value is higher. I have lived in portage park for more than 10 years. Crime s on the rise. It's coming from the south and moving north. My very strong belief is that Starbucks would help the communities economic growth, property value which in turn would lower crime. It is proven time and time again that Starbucks helps community development. This drive through plan needs to be better coordinated with the alderman, zoning board and 16th district local law enforcement to better address the traffic issue. Instead of having a lot full of cars it would be better to bring businesses. I know and trust this plan would greatly improve our neighborhood and its future.

  • Starbucks doesn't make property values go up or crime go down, rather Starbucks tends to put stores in areas in which the demographics indicate a store will be profitable.

    The demographics make for lower crime and growth, not Starbucks.

    Has that Starbucks at 63rd and Halstead made crime statistics and property values significantly better in Englewood? I think not.

    Or closer to home, if you zoom in on the Brickyard on the Trulia crime stats map ( ), you'll see a spike in crime, higher than the area away from the Brickyard. Right where there is a Starbucks.

    I'll bet you home prices near the Brickyard aren't as high or have risen as fast as those in Starbucks desert that is Portage Park.

  • Support capitalism. If Portage Grounds offers products people want at prices people will pay they will thrive no matter if Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, or cheap gas station coffee is offered to consumers. The truth is people shop for what they want no matter what is offered. Signing a petition to revoke competition is silly.

  • Remember magoomba. The city is controlled by dimms who oppose capitalism. They don't care about wants and needs of their constituents. The dimms favor socialism where you get what they give you, maybe.

  • Joe Be a good neighbor

    Retail trends indicate that a well known chain will help 6 corners attract more businesses. They help anchor an area.

  • Dan G Scratch and win

    I would say if it bothers you that much... move!

  • There's no guarantee it will be a Starbucks. It is zoned for a drive thru and might end up a fast food place.

    How did the WPPNA arrive at its official position? Did members vote?

  • DPANCAKES Resident

    Here is a crazy idea...either open Portage Grounds 2 and lease the drivethru space or let someone else lease it. Starbucks, Percolator, etc. To stop capitalism, bc it's unfair to a minority of people and a couple businesses, is very sad.

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