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Added Apr 16 2012

Walked by the former Cricket location in Klee Plaza. They were holding a training session for "Third Eye". I did some research and found out it is Third Eye Communications a new cell phone store in Chicago: Do we really need yet another cell phone store at Six Corners?

  • no, we don't but it is better than nothing at all and it may attract more businesses to the area.

  • Fingers crossed. Signs of business decline are the rise of shoe and cell stores, hair and nail places and pay day loans. Since that's what we have, look for signs of recovery as the ratio of these low/no inventory businesses decline compared to inventory carrying places. Be sure to patronize the arriving stores as part of your community boosting role.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    What local retail purchases count, in the neighborhood, for this "community boosting role"?

  • @kemji I assume most EB readers care about their community and was just nudging people to focus some pocket book power for local impact. Places like City News -- which looks like it will be getting into its new space soon. For example, I buy some things at Russo Hardware on Montrose specifically to keep them running --- even when I could just as easily get the same cheaper at a Big Box.

    My personal ranking...A dollar store is a step better than a phone store. A phone store is a little better than pay day loan. A shoe store beats a nail salon. A mattress store is a step sideways. Franchise food ??? Quality of presentation makes a difference so a handsome nail salon beats an ugly dollar store. For 6 Corners area right now even a chain drug store is good. Baby steps. Alderman Cullerton = TIF money to subsidize doctor offices on second floors. I'd like to be able to walk to a full range of services and goods like I did when I was a kid, but certainly the butcher at least ain't coming back. In my youth the Klee Building housed what was considered locally as a pretty good Gent's Clothing.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Thanks for the clarifications. Keep going, you have a good roll going. :)

    the butcher most definitely could come back, check this out, people are paying good money for non-feedlot, non-industrial, sustainable farm raised meat, in East Village near Division and Milwaukee, they travel from far away to shop here:

    Life is changing. Think ahead 10-20 years from now. What will be important to people?

  • Well, kenji, my short answer to the planners is to look at the arriving reidents' demographic trends and do things that support/attract beneficial demographics. But for the immediate present, I'd patronize current business that seem to move 6 Corners into a recovery direction. Look West along Irving to the restaurants. Las Tablas has been around a while, tries and struggles. Ysabel's in the same block actually has local family ties.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @PP, Do you go to Ysabels? Do you sing karaoke? Are you Pinoy? :)

  • @ kenji :) We're talking here about 6 Corners recovery. One way everyone reading this can help it along is patronizing businesses that move us away from the phone stores and pay day loans. And businesses that have a tie to the neighborhood help. Pick your shops and spend some bucks, which, yes, I could do more of. Maybe we'll eventually get to walk to the kinds of things that ring bells, like

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Hmmm. "recovery"?

    When you're sick there's nothing like a good chicken soup.

    What's a good chicken soup for Six Corners?

    Don't say "Jesus".


  • Amen, brother/sister.

  • speaking of chicken soup where can i get ginseng chicken soup, there used to be a place on irving park that made it along with fresh ginseng shakes a long time ago then it closed.
    then i found a place that had fresh ginseng shakes again but it was kinda far: but then it closed.
    does anyone have a place for ginseng chicken soup or fresh ginseng shakes?

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Can I ask a quick question? Why would you want ginseng in your food?

    I've eaten a heck alot of various Asian meals cooked by real Asians and I don't think once ginseng was an ingredient.

    Just wondering.

    You sure you aren't talking about ginger?

  • 6 Cornered Living glee at the klee.

    Couple of updates, walked by Ysabels yesterday and it was closed and the window were covered with brown paper. The new cell phone store in the Klee Building is just Cricket moving across the street to there old location. The Cricket location across the street has shuttered and has a sign directing patron to visit there new location in the Klee Building, which was there old location. Not sure what is going on with this? But the "renewed" location of Cricket has some scary zombie creature in the window that I think is just kinda of strange. Oh Six never fail to disappoint.

  • no not ginger... i am deathly allergic to ginger (like epipen allergic)
    there used to be a place on irving park by pulaski that made fresh chicken soup with ginseng, it was very good and used to eat when feeling a little under the weather as it would seem to give the immune system a boost.
    they made it homemade and i would specify no ginger as some put ginger in their ginseng soup.
    they also had fresh ginseng shakes which just tasted good and different.
    ginseng is also an adaptogenic herb which may have some heath benefits.
    i found that alice and friends had the ginseng shakes and they were fresh, but it was a far drive and it was a vegan restaurant. the food was ok, but not very filling. but since they closed i have not had a ginseng shake in a while and ginseng soup(-ginger) in years .

  • This might be the place you are looking for:

    They may have had a connection to the Irving and Pulaski location.

  • Chicago is nothing but BIG BOX chains....They're the only ones that can afford the bureaucratic red tape, pay outs to local government the obscene amount of aldermen kickbacks and over inflated storefront rent. Mom & pop entrepreneur's are NOT welcome here I wouldn't be surprised if a Walmart Express popped up in the near future at 6 corners.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @john, you have proof our two aldermen in Six Corners take "kickbacks"?

  • Cell phone stores are a sign of decline? Let me just check my smartphone...which I just upgraded....and have no less that 4 accessories for....and a case....and need a new charger because I lost mine....oh wait, my wife's texting me....i need to pay our cell phone billl...guess I'll go down to six corners.

  • Kenji - The fact that there are TWO alderman overseeing ONE shopping area is corrupt enough for this for a better understanding from where I am coming from

  • kenji Find us here -->

    @john, what's your thoughts on the Kennedy assasination?

    I can only imagine. :)

  • john, it has nothing to do with chicago, and all to do with urbanization.
    if the people did not want walmarts they would not patronize them.
    the issue is more people support urbanization then mom and pops .
    the only way to get mom and pops back is to have people stop shopping the big boxes.
    if a walmart express opened up at 6 corners there will be a ton of people against it, a lot that would rally against it, a few that will actually be active from start to finish and do everything they could to close it and enough people to shop it to keep it open.

  • Alex M. Jeff Park, web design, DJ, thinker

    Only thing you all can do is keep showing there is "money" and even some levels of "yuppie" in the 45th.

    The places that open reflect the perceptions businessmen have of what's in the area. If all they think is "Senior Citizens, middle class blue collar, Polish Immigrants, and Hispanic working class", then you won't see "cute" or "boutique" or anything close to "upscale" come to the area.

  • 6-Cornered; sorry about the 'scary' - I had a rough night, I'll try not to stand so still and look out into space next time I'm there.
    Hoping for a great store opening soon - come'on liquer store, mam needs more booze

  • There are so many open store fronts, anything is better than open empty space.

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Until Fleshlights and Rabbits are advertised in 6 inch tall stick-on letters to the front window. :)

    10 bonus points if anyone gets this.

  • jeb Portage Park resident

    @kenji LOL We drove by there yesterday and one of my kids asked me what a fleshlight was. I assured her she didn't want to know. God knows I didn't want to tell her!

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Ha. Depending on her age, I'll bet a google search happened. Check your web logs in your router software, at home

  • . . .

    @ jeffparkjohn - you must have some excess coin if you buy all of your cell phone accessories at these stores... How about you buy some online for cheaper and use the money saved to patronize a local mom and pop store???

  • kenji Find us here -->

    Isn't the current Cricket store a mom/pop place that is a Cricket dealer? The original store on the East side of the street was a company store though.

  • Alex M. Jeff Park, web design, DJ, thinker

    Kenji, I think the debate/angst shown by some is they look at commercial districts full of cell phone shops, payday loans, pawn shops, and dollar stores as "downhill".

    Past postings by 6 Cornered and others have been more about asking/complaining "why" there aren't more "cute", "upscale", or "cooler" spots like you would see in Lincoln Park, Wicker Park, etc.

    I still stand on my usual opinions. Rome wasn't built in a day, and thus 6 Corners won't go from "simple" to "hot spot" overnight. I also think the demographic of the 45th Ward isn't "young and affluent" enough to attract the kinds of spots the few who are vocal about it want.

    Plus we can add in there the many stories of building owners in the area being very stingy and thus trying to charge top dollar rents for storefronts that need some improvements done to them.

  • I do the vast majority of my shopping and eating out within a couple of miles of my house, and I make just above the median income for our area, but thanks for the good wishes! My point was that everyone has a cell phone, everyone has headphones, cases, various chargers, etc., and mobile devices are more ubiquitous than backpocket combs once were, so these stores don't indicate decline, but rather serve a need that nearly every single person in our community has.

  • One of the great things about EB is the opportunity for bumping into multiple views. I'm way too old to circulate or even hear/see in a trendy club, so that's not my hope for 6 Corners. But I sure long for an opportunity to walk to & patronize a wide range of at least mid-quality goods and services. And towards that hope, I do spend some of my money in the stores that seem to go in that direction.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    Someone must be spending money at these cell phone stores, otherwise, they would not open in the area. So, since they opened there, I assume they researched it a little, and I assume we do need them since they are in the business of making money.

  • @FNWSideAddict... a little off topic, but still related to a business recovery at 6 Corners, and not speaking from direct knowledge in these cell phone stores... It could be that little cell phone stores (and dollar stores) are run like franchises. That is, a family or investor group puts up a down payment to the franchise owner which sells them a business method and signage and trains the owner/manger. Then the franchisee family/group is pretty much alone in the market. This sometimes explains why particular locations of even a brand name gas station often changes owners, for example. Because there is some fundamental disconnect between the business plan and the site's location or demographics. The frachise owner doesn't care if a particular store front is successful because it more than recovered its full investment with the fee. All that badly sited little store front business does is suck up the life savings and hopes of a series of extended families.

  • LOL what adult store are you talking about? I only know of MiMi's

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