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Added Apr 15 2017

We had 3 garbage bins and were down to 1. Why would anyone steal garbage bins? What possible value can they have and how do I get more?


Portage Park area

  • I haven't had any cans stolen, but this morning I discovered my recycle bin lying on its side. It was so full and so heavy, the wind could not have done it. I think if a car had hit it, it would be damaged and not lying neatly beside my fence. I had a very hard time picking it up. Why would someone do that??

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    Call the alderman. This is always the answer.

  • DPANCAKES Resident

    A true story I had to share. A few weeks ago I was working from home. Around 2pm one day I hear commotion coming from the alley. I look outside my 2nd floor office window to see my neighbor walking behind my privacy fence in the alley. A couple seconds later here she comes rolling a garbage cart away from my property. My initial thought was maybe the garbage laborer distributed the carts back incorrectly since all the carts have everyone's addresses on them in white. So a few hours later I look at the situation in the alley. Firstly, she now has 3 carts to my 2 carts for those who were thinking that route for motive. Secondly, this neighbor and husband have left their garage door open 10+ x where I've texted them in a neighborly way to avoid theft. Thirdly, 1 of 3 of their carts has my address on it. Instead of arguing, I just throw any garbage that doesn't fit into my 2 carts into my 3rd cart they are currently housing on their property.
    Hilarious....why does anyone do anything?

  • robin in WRP I support a 28th Amendment 4Free & Fair Elections!

    Over the years, we have had 1-4 garbage cans. They just come and go

  • Check for construction crews. Mine have all been stolen and wrecked by neighboring workers. I called the alderman and if they replaced mine the workers must have taken those also.

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