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Added Apr 12 2018

Goodbye Sears store. My father-in-law still talks of their family driving up from the south side of the city to shop their when he was a kid. I wonder what will happen to the building. Now there will be two massive open properties in that spot.

    Sears closing its last Chicago store
    Sears is closing its last remaining store in Chicago. Employees at the store at Six Corners in the Old Irving Park neighborhood were told of the closure Thursday morning, spokesman Howard Riefs said in an email. The store will close in mid-July after a liquidation sale set to begin April 27.
  • I wonder if the Sears at Woodfield will eventually close. That will be the closest one now. Pretty soon we won't have any brick and mortar stores to shop at. I feel sorry for those elderly folks that can't shop online, due to no computer.

  • Golf mill is closer than woodfield

  • Not a surprise but sad still. I actually thought that Golf Mill would close first. Eventually they will all close.

  • Randy Stroller

    Hey there, this is stroller. I could not help but wonder about this yesterday as I attended the City of Houston, Houston Exponential and Rice University announcement inside the building of the Sears store here in Houston that was the Sister Store to that one. It will become The Innovation Hub for our Innovation District.

  • Sears at Woodfield will probably be the last to close unless the mall or someone else is willing to pay big bucks for it. It is the closest store to Sears Headquarters and if they have a visitor (investor) that they want to show a store to that is where they go. That is why the Woodfield store still looks good and has money spent on it while the others just decline.

  • Has anyone shopped at Sears lately? I bought exercise equipment online that didn’t work. And it cannot be returned to Sears. It is through a Canadian company.

  • I would assume Whole Foods would be all over this property.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    Whole Foods Marianos even Jewel could take any of those corners...yet, they don't.

  • Why would you think Whole Foods would be interested in Portage Park?

  • I do not think that a grocery store would open there considering there already is a Jewel

  • There is a Mariano's right next door to a Jewel Osco at Western and Roscoe.

  • PennyPenguin Chillin' out on EB

    There's 3 grocery stores at Touhy and Leigh. Jewel, Produce World and Aldi. And, Walmart is there and it has food also. Costco and Target which both carry food and fresh meat/produce aren't that far away from there either. So basically, 5 different food outlets w/in 2-3 blocks.

  • Big Oaks Big Oaks resident since 1979

    Add Carson's to the failed retail store list. They will close ALL their stores by the end of this summer. I think there is one at Harlem & Irving.

  • I just heard of Carson's closing...very very sad. I have done most of my shopping for clothes here. I also did some seasonal temp work a number of years ago. Many I worked with are still employed (Harlem Irving) I feel very badly for these folks.

  • With all of these larger retailers closing their doors, are we just going to be left with a bunch of Targets and Walmarts?

  • Kapel Local Resident

    Two major well establishments closing down. Now that's going to make America great again :-p

  • Kapel Local Resident

    Two major well established businesses closing down.....

  • Amazon is taking over the world! Package thieves will be happy.

  • toys r us is closing too, even the kids are effected with all these retailers closing down.

    so we are left with the following:

    no toys for you... just watch you tube

    google it

    order it on amazon

    uber eats

    I need a cleaning person

    I lost my dog

    the crater is here to stay

  • Weebis Politically Incorrect Thought Criminal

    F.Y.I, the Jewel at six corners has a rat problem.

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