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Added Apr 10 2014

Hi everybody,

Been lurking for a month or two, finally got around to wanting to post. There have been a lot of discussions lately on the state of Rogers Park safety / crime. Most folks seem to be in one of two camps. Those either saying the RP is the greatest neighborhood ever or those who think it's the wild west and falling apart. I do not personally live in RP, but I have family that does and hence my interest in the neighborhood. Every time I hear about another shooting in RP it makes me sick. I deplore violence in all forms. So this is bad. But I read other news outside of RP, and it seems (regrettably) that shootings are just going on like crazy in Chicago this spring. On Sunday the Chicago Sun Times reported 2 dead and 25 injured in shootings over the weekend ( The week before that NBC reported 2 dead and 15 injured over that week ( I think in each case there might have been one or more in RP. But my point is that this seems to be a city-wide, major problem. It doesn't make what is happening in RP any better, but I'm wondering if it is any worse? Logan Square was recently named on of the hottest 8 neighborhoods in the country, and they have had their share of shootings as well.

So what do you guys think? The shootings are horrific, but they don't seem unique to RP. We have a big problem in Chicago, but the stuff in RP hits close to home (either because you guys live there, or because I have family that lives there).

Looking forward to a dialog!

  • Cory22, you are right, the violence in Chicago is city wide. I do live in RP and am quite comfortable here. I think living in any urban area there is going to be crime. I get the killings are a little frightening though. A lot of the violence in Chicago is committed by gang members or former gang members who can be found all over the city. RP is RP and it's not fair for some to judge and compare it to the "wild west". The wild west to me is the south and west sides, where violence runs rampant everyday. Unless you are living under a rock, be it unfortunate or not life happens. Let us also place blame on the city to some degree, as a lot of west and south siders become displaced they begin to migrate to the north side. And, to greedy landlords who just want big pockets renting to just anybody to turn a profit. Wherever you live in the city you bring your learned behaviors with you. Let me just say though that not everybody who moves north has no moral compass but a lot don't. I just hope the police are being diligent in their investigations and are able to bring those responsible to justice.

  • NewToRp Native New to RP.

    Humboldt Park is on many lists as one of the best neighborhoods in Chicago. I disagree. Logan Square is ok...up and coming. I have a few buddies that stay out there. It has spotty areas.

    I think violence in Chicago is a huge problem across the board as you've pointed out.

  • Apple Jaxx Pissing people off not once, but twice...

    Lillie, you make no sense trying to distinguish crime from the west side, south side and north side. Sistuhgirl, crime is crime. Just 2 weeks ago you had a man in the Rogers Park area KILLED trying to protect his daughter. These artificial boundaries that you mention won't change the fact that we all still live in Chicago. Any crime ANYWHERE is too much crime.

  • d3 NOH

    crime is crime, but the volume levels on the west side and south side are an order of magnitudes larger than the volume of similar crime in RP. Trying to pretend it's the same makes no sense either.

  • If you've been watching the Chicagoland documentary on CNN, you would have learned from McCarthy and team that we've got the biggest gang problem in our city since the 1970s. Cops are out-numbered and out-gunned and the biggest problem now vs. the 70s is that the gangs are much less organized with few definitive leaders that raise to the level the leaders of old days do. Instead, it's truly a disorganized, free-for-all with each gang member vying for attention and "glory". I think they said there are 70 known gang factions in the city. Scary and sad...

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    Lillie, " I just hope the police are being diligent in their investigations and are able to bring those responsible to justice."

    Until some folks are actually brought to justice this will continue. The code of silence among gang members and their families and friends needs to end.

    I do hope Ceasefire increases their presence here.

  • Chet 606 Rogers Park, NOHavana, CE

    Ceasefire ought to change its name to something with 'Peace'. Negating the word fire still builds on the action we want to stop. The organization should, IMO, highlight what one wants.

    No sarcasm here nor turning a blind eye, it's basic law of attraction stuff.

  • Apple Jaxx Pissing people off not once, but twice...

    Tom2422, one can't help to wonder if you really have a clue as to what you're talking about. The biggest code of silence anywhere within this city comes from the Chicago Police Department. When cops abuse the citizenry, do they turn in their fellow officers who are guilty? He'll no! Don't rant about the code of silence among gang members when the very people sworn and paid to protect us have the largest, ingrained culture of "silence" in this city. How often do you see a cop squeal on another cop? Almost never.

  • Andrew Mann Hippie with a job

    RPGurl, "Chicagoland" is designed to make Rahm look like "the savior of Chicago". Anyone would have to be very naive not to notice that.

  • Andrew Mann, I don't consider myself naive, thank you. I believe the program delivers a pretty balanced view of what's going on in the city these days, the struggles and the successess. I don't feel anybody is portrayed as a savior, only as people trying to do their jobs the best they can in a city they obviously love. Differing opinions makes the world go around. No need for personal insults.

  • Andrew Mann Hippie with a job

    Read: I said "anyone" not "you". I know what you can and can't do on EB.
    BTW, do you think Rahm would have agreed to do that show if it was going to be "balanced" and make him look bad? Yeah, right. It's all scripted, girl. And like any other story, it has "acts" to create suspense and take the "hero" trough a journey. Even if reality TV is based on facts, reality TV is not reality.
    CNN already defined its position as champion for the Charter School movement anyway. Watch the "Inside Man" episode for proof.

  • Andrew Mann Hippie with a job

    Look beyond.

  • Jessi J NOH, my other car is a lotus blossom.

    Chicagoland is like Rahm Emmanuel's free re-election mini-series. I like McCarthy, but changing the numbers by changing the definition of crime is pretty shady. I love how Rahm just happens to pick out a kid to mentor during the filming. He is never tasked to explain his closing of schools, and the links between his fat cat friend's charter school investments are never included. He's a fiscal conservative in democrat's clothing. Blah. He doesn't care what people think of him, hopefully his arrogance shows him to be a one-term mayor.

  • tom 2422 Rogers Parker since 1972

    apple mystery person, what part of my statement do you disagree with or refute? As far as I can tell, you are clueless if you think these shootings are going to get solved without community members willing to share info. I stated a fact. I don't disagree about the police code of silence.

  • Carl Good

    There's no question that shootings and homicides in Chicago are an ungoing problem, but let's at least keep the numbers in perspective. Two homicides per weekend in Chicago is not out of line with the city's annual rate, which is on a downward trend. In 2013, there were 415 homicides in Chicago, 88 fewer than in 2012 and 20 fewer than in 2011. Those 415 homicides last year translate to 7-8 per week, so a weekend when two people are killed--horrible as that is--doesn't actually point to a crime increase. Also, remember that last year started out with a lot of bleakness in Chicago, with 40 people killed in January alone (the month Hadiyah Pendleton was gunned down), but the rate slowed after that. Who knows what will happen this year. There's reason to be concerned about Rogers Park, since last year there were 5 homicides in the ward and this year we've already had 4. That's definitely a set-back from last year, when there were only 5 homicides for the entire year. Last August, I remember reading a report that Rogers Park had experienced the steepest drop in homicides in the entire city over the previous 25-year period, with homicides down 71 percent from 1990. Some of the things that contributed to fewer homicides in RP last year included very active CAPS activity and two major gang sweeps, so we need to stay vigilant.

  • @Carl thank you, this was exactly my point. Not that shootings in RP are okay, because even one is a horrible thing. But it is a problem larger than just this neighborhood. Chicago really needs to find a way to get this under control. I think a two-pronged attack is necessary: 1) police out in full force to deter violence & locking away anybody who contributes to the violence, and 2) as I mentioned above, more programs for kids at earlier ages to make sure they never go down this path (community/church/school/etc). As @NewToRP mentioned, maybe we could also look at what was successful in places like NYC.

  • Jessi J NOH, my other car is a lotus blossom.
  • Susan who loves RP Concerned Resident

    Really feeling outrage with sadness!!!! I have lived in different areas of this neighborhood most of my life. I have always loved the diversity and the fact that we have so many people speaking so many different languages and people of different races are living together in harmony. This where I raised my children. It is different now. I wouldn't raise children here and I do not want to grow old here. It is frightening at times and there seems to be no recourse for law abiding citizens, since laws only limit us and not criminals. You can debate about the issues and the remedy, but sadly this neighborhood is losing its charm, its median income, and its reputation as a nice place for all, including young and old. Crimes against people and their property, diminished city services, making taxpayers (including those with no pension) fund what has been misappropriated and stolen from the pension accounts of our first responders, teachers and others, and higher taxes (not to mention Pay to Park) and other ever increasing fees are making Rogers Park, Chicago, and even Illinois less desirable and less accountable to tax payers.

    (There are states that have no state income tax from wages. They are Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, and Wyoming.)

    Rogers Park is the only place I ever wanted to live but it feels like it is not a fit place for those of us who feel vulnerable. I am certainly happy that not everyone feels that way!

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Exactly, Tom, both codes of silence prevent the criminals from being brought to justice. Sometimes, as Apple Jaxx suggests, the criminals are those who are supposed to protect us.

  • Carl -- The stats you are providing for crime aren't real. They're a lie.

    Our elected officials in Chicago will not tell us the truth -- that the money is all gone and we can only afford to pay off debt for past City operations and make attempts to pay for pension promises that were never going to be sustainable. Core missions like public safety are hurting. Perhaps the CPD should consider deputizing people who are trained and licensed to carry a firearm -- just like the sheriffs did in the Wild West!

  • Bonzo Rogers Park Gorzonian Field Marshall

    Crime statistics are a lie? Elected officials do not tell the truth? Those are strong allegations with no support other than comments in a magazine article. It sounds like fear mongering to me for political purposes and not for providing credible information to the community.

  • Carl Good

    Suzanne, in the report you're citing, the reporter's exhaustive research found that 10 homicides in Chicago were recategorized last year. That's compared to a total of 415 homicides reported. Chicago Magazine is generally trustworthy, so I find the story credible and disturbing. But those 10 cases don't have much of an effect on the overall homicide rate, because they only represent 2% of all cases and therefore don't significantly affect larger trends.
    Also, since the larger concern in this thread has to do with gang-related shootings in the neighborhood, keep in mind that it's almost impossible that anyone one shot dead on the streets of Chicago last year had their case recategorized by the police. Every one of those incidents was widely reported in the media, so miscategorizing them would simply invite media scrutiny. The cases that were recategorized were those like Tiara Groves, where the circumstances of death (disappearance, drug use involved) provided some kind of pretext for the recategorizing act. It appears that the effort was to smudge the stats, not to turn them into a complete fiction.
    Again, the overriding concern in this thread is about people shot on our streets. The story you're citing from Chicago Magazine is more disturbing with regard to the reccategorization of other kinds of crime, not street shootings. So what exactly are you questioning here? If you want to suggest that any of the street shootings that have taken place in here Rogers Park are being recategorized as non-homicide cases, then you're going to have to back that up. We hear of those cases as they happen.

  • NewToRp Native New to RP.

    I read that article at lunch, while sad and disturbing (the deaths) much of it didn't make sense. 499 homicides are just as horrific as 500 in which the article's claims the Mayor forced/bullied (practically beat) the CPD to uncategorized (re) cases so the numbers would reflect a 2% decrease? That sounds like rubbish.

    It also alluded to criminals being let go or not prosecuted so the crime (homicide) rates would be fudged. Really? Well what's the reason for the overcrowded prison population?

    Some times the media crafts a perspective on an issue in an effort to skew reality. Political Propaganda...we see it all the time with media... racial profiling...stereotypes...these same witch hunts.

    Fact of the matter is other media outlets will report on the spot coverage. Reading Tiera's story didn't change my perspective because it was re-categorized. It was disgusting what her murderer did. A murder is a murder.

    The general public doesn't say "oh the man who was beaten to death, it was discovered he really died from a blood clot unrelated to his beating so what happened was not so bad, since his death wasn't classified as a homicide." We tend to judge by the action rather than the outcome. Someone being shot in the face but surviving doesn't diminish the act because he/she survived. The act of being shot is what plagues the mental. If Tiera had survived, I still would feel the same about the act...throw her attacker under the jail for his heinous cruelty.

    We aren't that docile. Get the homicide/crime rate to a single or no digit that's impressive!

  • Joe Lake Facebook, Twitter, Klout, EveryBlock, Yahoo Groups

    Rogers Park (49th Ward) Community Area ended up with 13 homicides for 2013 and 2014 and 64 shooting victims for 2013 and 2014 for a total of 77 homicides and shooting victims according to Chicago Tribune's homicides and shootings victims maps based on statistics from the Chicago Police Department.

  • FGFM What the Cappleman!

    Just the facts, Ma'am.

  • d3 NOH

    RP is a LOT better than a number of neighborhoods in Chicago, in terms of crime. It doesn't even tip the scale. Humboldt Park is worse for violent crime, yes.

    One of the bigger problems overall w/ crime is if you shoot a gun you are more than likely never going to be caught or even have someone attempting to look for you. They don't even track when people shoot guns in this city, actually. You shoot a gun, don't hit anyone, they move on. They barely pay attention to "shootings" which is what it's considered when you hit someone or property, but not kill ... and less than 30% of actual *murders* led to any arrests in any given year, year after year. And from those that were arrested for murder, the majority were not convicted.

    In a sense all of Chicago is the Wild, Wild, West in terms of your ability to get away w/ crimes... but, that shouldn't necessarily induce fear.

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  • Joe Lake (not 49th Ward) replies to a thread from April. Tweets pending.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    This ^ sounds like plain Becky. Who are you? And where is Becky who has been missing for a few days.

  • First I couldn't post, second I was quite busy. Trifecta Power!!!

  • Carl Good

    Shoot, do Helen and I have to change our names to UrHelen and UrCarl now? I like SubCarl better.

  • Joe L8ke Klout, Klout, Klout

    Joe Lake = UrFromDesPlaines?

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Why Ur, Becky? (I may be a little slow. If so, attribute it to my excessive age.)

  • I couldn't have my original name back so I used a German prefix to jazz it up.

  • RogersParkingSpot

    Gosh what happened to the original name?

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  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    Becky, I'm confused. You didn't lose your original name. Your account, dating back to 2009, is still active:

  • I know it's still active...I just can't use it. EveryBlock sends a confirmation email that has a link to click but....I don't get the email. I have sent it to myself, several email accounts, and it never comes through and isn't in Spam either. So...begin again.

  • Helen NoH North of Howard for 55 + years

    That's weird!

  • Tremaine NoH Not protector of cartoon cattle.

    I can't work my VEECHEEARRR!

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