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Added Apr 10 2012

Alderman Bob Fioretti (2nd Ward) will be answering questions from constituents live this Wednesday (4/11) starting at 7 p.m. on cable channel CAN TV21 and streaming online at Have a question about a local issue? Leave a comment on this post or watch and call in live.

Political Forum is every Wednesday at 7 p.m. on CAN TV21. For information on upcoming programs and videos of past guests visit

  • grandma 13-year Douglas resident

    Fioretti, what commercial development projects do you have planned for the 2nd ward portion in the Douglas community? About a year ago you claimed you were trying to solicit a grocery store and we really need additional options. Our police station around 29th & Calumet has been closed. A store somewhere in that vicinity would be a nice spot. This would be a great opportunity to use the Bronzeville TIF in a major way to support our families. Wouldn't you agree?


    Yes, that would be an excellent spot, there's a good amount of residential to support it. And please don't say they can all shop at Jewel.

    Look at Roosevelt Rd., they have Jewel, Dominick's Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and isn't a Marino's (sp)?) coming in too.

  • Nikon shooter Bronzeville Resident

    Alderman Fioretti,

    I also am concerned about the lack of retail in the Bronzeville community. What can be done to bring major retailers to the area and decrease the failed and unwanted trend of increasing low income housing? Many homeowners are ready to move if this trend persists.

  • Brian Trying to make Chicago a better place

    Have you seen this about camera 398:
    and the YouTube video that goes with:

    EGP must become safer before higher incomes will live here en masse... what can be done?

    Also why isn't the city keeping up with the trash on the streets of EGP? One thing I've noticed: more public garbage cans are needed on corners and they need to be emptied before they overflow.

    Thank you!

  • Alderman Fioretti,

    In what ways, positive or negative, do you think Bronzeville will be effected by the NATO Summit; since part of the area is located so closely to McCormick Place?

  • Fioretti, I agree with the other 2 residents regarding an additional store around 29th & Calumet. Jewel Foods has a monopoly and the produce is substandard. We also need the Gapco area to be policed. There are strangers pulling into the community to drug deal from cars. We keep seeing people who are not our neighbors, pull up in cars in from of our homes and runillegal businesses from their cars. These strangers showed up when the weather became warm. We did not see them last year at all!! The negative foot traffic from 35th appears to be spilling into our community. Please assist!! Thanks.

  • Sorry, I meant "in front of our homes."

  • Susan Long time resident

    Ald. Fioretti, what are your thoughts on the 625 W. Adams building? Can it be scaled back in size but more importantly can the ingress and egress be changed on the design to be on Adams. The alarms and lights warning of exiting cars will be disruptive to the neighbors having to live across, where on Adams it is across from a park with no disruption. Also there would not be the temptation to come down Quincy (a dead end street leading into a small alley behind the Edge to the expressway) We all know traffic will not want to go around the block to get onto the Kennedy Expressway. This design change would be most welcome by the community.

  • Please explain why it is better for us to have a lame duck alderman than to move on to our new one. Is it me or have we been hearing a lot more from you since you lost your ward?

  • CAN TV Chicago's Public Access network

    Thank you for all of your questions! You can tune in to Political Forum at 7 p.m. tonight on cable channel CAN TV21 or watch it online:

  • Susan Long time resident

    Wish he would have commented on this subject either on line or on TV

  • CAN TV Chicago's Public Access network

    Everyone- thank you for your questions. Here's a complete video of Ald. Fioretti's appearance on Political Forum:

  • I called the show and asked about illuminating the Bronzeville gateway sign at 25th and King Drive. Fioretti said he would call me with an up-date, and today (Friday) at 8:50AM he kept his promise. While the issue is not yet resolved, I was pleased that he kept his word, and appears to be working on the issue. The Aldermen are OUR employees, we should always receive the service we pay them to perform. My compliments to Ald. Fioretti, if I loose him I hope the next Alderman is as responsive, if not we should fire him/her.

  • grandma 13-year Douglas resident

    I do not think that the families in Douglas have much to loose when Fioretti leaves. What has Fioretti done to generate generate commercial business using the Bronseville TIF within Douglas. He also truncated my question and I felt like it was done in order to give a very weak answer. Fioretti initally touted himself as a civil rights attorney and used the face of an African American lawsuit that he was assisting with as a catalyst to gain the black vote in order to become alderman. However, after he became our alderman, he has used the fact that the southern portion of his ward (Douglas) is just a sliver, as if to justify not doing much for our area. Meanwhile our property taxes rise with every installment. Fioretti has done plenty to further enhance his downtown community and has done practically nothing to improve ours. I'm pretty sure that he will stall for the next three years in terms of addressing our need for a grocery store in Douglas. According to the Census the average family income in Douglas is around $150,000 and the average for a single person is around $80,000. ON this basis alone we should have a store. I never heard him say that nobody wanted to come or that he was soliciting grocery store vendors. I honestly do not know how he lives with himself, knowing that he is slighting our community on a daily basis. We need a return on our investment along with his cordial voice. "Actions speak louder than words."

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Fioretti is a good man. He rides his wards and calls for city service. This gives him a LONG day. He is a reasonable man trying to do the best he can for his constituents. His ward is very diverse and we can say he works very very hard on the west side to get rid of gang/drug activity.

  • grandma 13-year Douglas resident

    Our area generates millions upon millions in TIF funds but Fioretti onyl talks aboout thee 1,000,000 that was used to start upgrades to our park. The South Loop project area on paper was drawn to stretch all the way down to our community, even though their community is not near us. This was done to port our TIF funds outside of our community. We are all full aware of the wonderful things that Fioretti does for his community and the West side. It is all over the Chicago Journal. However I am speaking about Douglas, where he hasn done practically nothing. Any street work from the millions that is taken from the Bronzeville TIF. Our money is written off as surplus, abotut $5,000,0000 a year, then ported away from our community. This is just one example of how the funds are leaving.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Interesting. BUT in the is the MAYORS who decide where TIF is spent. The MAYORS are the ones who disinvest. The urban study word is investment.

    Worse than that...our sales tax dollars are collected by all the other wards we shop in. We have to shop in those other wards because there is essentially NO BUSINESS in the area/vicinity.

    we loose more in DISINVESTED sales tax dollars lost because they were spent somewhere else.

    It is CITY HALL who vets and makes it EASY OR HARD to get anything off the ground. They do that with RED TAPE and driving viable businesses out of certain neighborhoods.

    OMG Walmart and CityHall fighting for TEN years over opening a store in Chicago. Fight 10- years with the largest retailer in the US. Fight 10 years and loose the sales tax dollars and the JOBS for ten years. We were stunted for 10 years, an entire childhood for our youth.
    We lost about 10 mil a year in sales tax revenue x 10 yeras is ??? 1Bil? We lost a BILLION dollars while the fiddlers fiddled as Rome burned.

    The petty infighting between the incestuousness Democrats dividing up the spoils of the culprit

    The little lifeblood we have is drained out in dribbles.

  • grandma 13-year Douglas resident

    It was Fioretti who was tryiing to get South Loop school into the National Teachers Academy, a school that was built with $38,000,000 of the Bronzeville Tif, not Mayor Rahm! Like I said, you have a different experience with him than we do.

  • grandma 13-year Douglas resident

    Fiorett never answered my question about a store. He talked about the Michael Resse site and Mayor Rahm already said the City would not use our TIF for the development at Michael Resse. So why did Fioretti mention it along twith the histroy of our area. We need a store and have TIF funds for it!

  • grandma 13-year Douglas resident

    I meant Michael Reese not Michael Resse and with not "twith." I see my other typing errors as well. Experiencing a little brain fog.

  • Susan Long time resident

    I am also very disappointed in Ald. Fioretti, I have the always considered him an honest and hard working person for the common good of the people in the community. There was a question asked concerning the proposed building on Des Plaines and Adams, which was submit on line. He did NOT respond to the question, even tho there was time at the end of the show or on line. Why was it not answered? I would rather hear the truth then be ignored. This building will not go away but could not the design of the building be addressed? The truth is still the truth even if you can't stomach it. I would have rather heard the truth.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    Grandma, you should experience living in the 28th ward 11th police district!

    The police even protested having to work at Harrison/Kedzie! It is too dangerous they say. Egads...guys with guns, autofire weapons, bullet proof vests are AFRAID to punch the timeclock. They however do not car a diddle squat about US.

    The way it works in our great city is: there is not enough to go around. Then, factor in that there are preferred and non preferred neighborhoods/zip codes. Those preferred neighborhoods/zip codes are mostly within 2 miles of the lake and are TOURIST neighborhoods or high income earning neighborhoods. Then factor in Chicago corruption and all the elected officials who siphon off lucrative contracts to their friends or dole out things to their friends. Then factor in UNION inefficiencies. Oh, lets not forget infighting and vetting considerations.

    Those are all formidable obstacles that any Chicago alderman has to face EVERY DAY.

    There is no guarantee that a certain color alderman will bring better results than a different color alderman. In fact, if you think simplistically; you can see that certain color aldermen whose map territory are depositories for larger numbers of subsidized housing people...have the most deplorable conditions in their neighborhood. Where are the calls for CIVIL RIGHTS EQUALIZATION?

    Chicago is a tough nut...that is for sure.

  • gpblight 22 Yr East Garfield Resident

    The alderman is working with residents u nder camera 398. It is the POLICE who will not cooperate...and MAYOR.

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