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Added Apr 09 2018

Hi all. I need your collective advice. I am tearing down a 1 car garage&replacing w/a 20x20 double car. All new foundation etc. just got a quote of 16K. Is that a fair price? I paid 9K for the same thing just 4 yrs ago. Did I get a super deal then&is this a “normal”price?

  • How many quotes did you get??

  • Local Yocal Logan Square resident since 2000

    Sounds about right.

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    Kitty - only that one. They did my garage 4 years ago&I tend to go with the same people(until I don’t). A year ago they were bought out by a large window&siding company&my 9K garage went up to 17K. After I talked to the sales manager, he agreed to lower to 16K but that’s was it. I’m checking with you guys since maybe my 9K garage was an absolute steal&I shouldn’t expect anything lower than 16k.
    Otherwise, everything is pretty much apples-to-apples except for the 8K jump in 4 years time!

  • The only way to know is to get multiple quotes. It's worth the extra time. And be sure to compare building materials to ensure you are comparing like with like.

  • Sounds high to me. Get several quotes and let one know about the other and they will try and out do each other. Start a bidding war thats what happened to me

  • Still sounds high...and I'm with you about repeat hiring (however, they aren't the same company, are they?)...I would think for repeat customers they could do a 20% decrease....Good luck! (Are you sure you are getting the same work quality with the buy-out?)

  • Sounds reasonable. My 3 car brick garage was $15k 12 years ago when we built it. Just got a quote for a new 2 car brick and it was $15k

  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    That sounds high to me. We tore down an old 2-car garage (slab and all) and replaced it a little over a year ago and it was about $12,500. Basic, hipped-roof 2-car garage w/no frills.

  • Joining w/others who suggest getting at least two more quotes -- and with Kittyhop re they're no longer 'the same company'.
    I like to identify related businesses and ask if they have anyone to recommend for a quote. Like for a garage, fencing installers may have seen work that was good at a fair price. It costs nothing to inquire.

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    Boykin - will you pm me to give me that info? That sounds more in the ballpark of what I’m willing to pay. Kittyhop&NW-Sider - they are the “same” company by name but obviously, the W&S company that bought them out is probably pulling the strings on the price. Funny thing is, the W&S company I have used 2 times previous to completely re-window our house&a rental house we bought! I think customer loyalty/ service is pretty much dead. I have found when the economy is bad(4 years ago real estate/construction was down)the consumer is in the drivers seat. When the market is “hot” all bets are off&they jack up prices maybe because they can.

  • Sad but true H-F. With 20 years in procurement, was always interested to see how bids differed on exact same specs (and how small changes in specs can affect pricing). Cost largely depends on the service provider and how they do business; their materials/labor/insurance costs as well as whether they're swamped or hungry for work. Keep us posted.

  • Yes House-Frau, I can see how you would feel...but I still have 'companies' that value their customers and do discount to repeat...just not as plentiful as in the past...
    Finding them is the issue..

  • KPG Logan Square resident since 1987

    I've always had 10K in my mind re: garage replacement, but it depends upon how many bells and whistles you do, like garage door opener, windows, electricity/outlets, security, etc.
    I can't remember if this was the site I used, but I used something like this to estimate gutter repair in Chicago. There might be other sites that do it, too, so check it out to see if it comes close to your quote.

    I don't work for Home Advisor :)

  • Some one has to pay for 'Home Advisor' since it is free. Angie;s list is a huge scam!!! And the multi law suits prove it.......

  • Botkin,
    Could you post company that built your 2 car garage fir 12,000 or so? Thanks Beth
    New homeowner with no garage.

  • I'd get a couple more quotes ... seems a little high ... I eventually need to do mine and my GC said probably about 12k for the same scope (demo, new foundation, basic build out, simple framing, etc)

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    I love this site! Thanks everyone for your valuable input. I am taking all your advice.
    Ruby Red - was the 12K quote recent? Do you mind sharing info?
    And Boykin - yours too please&thank you:)

  • @House-Frau - The 12k wasn't a firm quote, just a guesstimate by my GC who did a ton of work on my 2 flat ... It could wind up more if he actually started bidding out the concrete, electrical and roofing subs :/ I just wanted to know for the future about what it' be since I eventually want to rebuild the garage.

  • also, get an itemized list of materials cost, are they same quality. ie 10 year roof vs a 20 year roof? type of concrete, reinforced with wire grid? gravel ? warranty? insulated garage door? extra outlets? etc.

    materials are important for the long term, make sure when comparing quotes review materials list, brands and warranty as well.

  • 8 years go we paid $11,000 to Danley for a 2 car garage with a new slab.

  • $16K doesn't seem bad to me with electric service and door opener, and if they are hauling away the old garage and old concrete. Does it include the apron (concrete incline leading from the alley to the garage which is built at a higher level)? I would expect it to include aluminum soffets, gutters and downspouts. And a window facing the house. Note that some of these builders are placing a 4-5 inch tall threshold (not the gas curb) below the human door which has to be stepped over. Don't let them do it or you will regret it if you ever need to haul anything into your garage. Also get a 36 inch wide door so you can actually get things in and out. A 30 or 32 inch will be what is quoted. Resist. It is imbecilic to install a narrow door in a utility location.

    Also, since it will take a month for your concrete foundation to cure, are they going to loan you some temporary security fencing or will you be left exposed?

  • wow!! You are GOOD, humboldtwriter!!!!!!!!

  • Good point on the 36 inch door, I would love that. I'm curious if there are actually options to get a slightly large garage door? It seems like every house garage I've ever used is just wide enough where you have to get your side mirrors an inch from getting shaved off.

  • @Blonde in Logan Square, could you provide a builder for the brick garage quote you received for 15K. That seems pretty good for a brick garage. When you say brick are you talking concrete block or actually brick? I would love to have an actual brick garage put up... too me they just look much nicer.

  • Botkin Kinch: the knife-blade

    Since several have asked, we used Chicagoland Garage Builders. I don't want to endorse them, exactly, because it wasn't a flawless experience (they screwed up requested door placement and electric has been slightly wonky). But the price was right.

  • For post long time lurker.

    @BurgerofHistory On a 20 ft. wide garage, we are getting an 18 ft. wide door. We are also pushing the garage back 1.5 ft. My wife is a terrible parker and we are hoping this lets us get in two cars easily.

  • I've been involved in a lot of small home improvement projects the last year and have witnessed -- and been told by contractors -- that prices are increasing basically due to supply and demand. The demand for labor is up because the economy is up. Witness all the new building going on in Logan Square: you can't walk down a residential street without noticing at least one home, if not more, per block being renovated in some way. As well, the cost of materials is skyrocketing, probably also taking advantage of the demand. Even my contractors are a bit in shock. Finally, prices tend to go up in spring for construction, as well, since the weather allows more projects to move forward, also increasing the demand. Just my observations.

  • Depending on the siding, number of windows, type & size of the new garage door, & garage door opener you selected that might be fair. If your garage is not heated there is no need for an insulated door. If your garage is detached, there is no need for a quiet motor on the garage door opener. I recommend a steel framed access door and a window through which you can see from the house (for a detached garage). I built a 21'x22' garage (tear down, removal, new foundation, etc.) for about $12,000 just three years ago. I have a single window, steel framed door, 18' uninsulated garage door, and a 1/2 horsepower chain & cable Chamberlain garage door opener. Steele & Loeber was the contractor. I only had to push them on the framing, but was in a hurry as winter was closing in quickly while they were building. Otherwise, the experience was positive.

  • I say it is about right. It is always a good idea to get multiple bids. I have used Home advisor when I couldn't get my regular guys cuz they were too busy. You can actual go on there and put in your zip code and it will give you an average for the area for certain projects. I have been satisfied with the people In have used from there.

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    Thanks everybody. I am getting some other bids(or trying to anyway)&am loving little tid-bits&pearls of wisdom from all of you! I loathe to admit it but from a(very)small time re-habber/investor, I find the up-turn in the RE market difficult&frustrating. I mean I get it, supply&demand, price increases etc, but feel sort of price gouged&ignored. It’s easier when things are slow, then prices are reasonable, phone calls are returned but that’s from a selfish perspective I realize.

  • I'm with you House-Frau... not selfish at all...sad actually. I'm going thru the same thing. Anyway, as they say "I feel your pain'..

  • @House-Frau. Plz touch back w/results. I'm inclined to think outfits specializing in garage installation will offer the most competitive price structure. Best of luck!!

  • For what it's worth, I had my garage demolished and rebuilt about 9 years ago and paid around $12K at that time. I had Danley, Garage King, Steele and Loeber and another outfit give me bids. I found Steele and Loeber to be the most professional, trustworthy and reasonably priced and went with them. I thought they did a nice job. So I would throw them in the mix of companies you may be getting bids from.

  • House-Frau Homemaker, mom, animal lover

    I guess most contractors are void of customer service skills. When things are flush it’s kindof a “screw you, I don’t need you”attitude. I get things go up, I really do but 9K to 17K?! That is almost 100%(Apples-to-Apples on materials&work&company)What they MUST remember is when things aren’t so great, all those folks they blew off are gone&as the saying goes “What goes up, must come down”.

  • @Blonde in Logan square - I'd like to know who you used as well and same question, actual brick or cinderblock?

    Question to everyone else too - has the city required drywalling the interiors?

    I got an estimate last year that I wasn't thilled with, but I think the $17k is outrageous. Might be time to 'not' use them anymore!


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